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A dark themed Sci-Fi RPG with a huge story potential. Features a customizable real-time battle system.
A dark themed Sci-Fi RPG with a huge story potential. Features a customizable real-time battle system.
27 backers pledged $738 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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It's been awhile since the last update. Rest assured, I have been hard at work on the game! A good amount of the progress I have made is not ready to be shown, but I do have this cool area and boss I've been working on. 


Design logo - Well I settled on simply having my game logo be on the shirts and sweatshirts/hoodies. The sample I ordered came out like this:

The white was necessary because of the black color I chose, but if you were to ask me for a grey one, it would come out like so:

I created a Vita Umbra Iphone case a while back. If anyone would like to substitute their T-shirt for one I would be happy to get you one!

I'll email the respective backers about their preference.

New contact Email:


Our very own Dr. Nickidge has completed a playthrough of all I all I had publicly released at the time! Go check them out!

Ross approached me with his project, being created on the same engine! Actually, the newer one, but Vita Umbra was created before it came out! Not only does his game look great, but he created a great points system for backers. Not to mention my affinity for the .hack series. The link to his project is below:

If you have any questions, please contact me at the above adress,

A new demo, new music, and pledge updates.

I have created a new demo for everyone! I would like to apologize for my recent lack of activity. I made an alpha installer for everyone to test out!

The update fixes many game-crashing bugs.

The opening scene has been updated with all you backers. If anyone has a problem with how I ordered you, please tell me so I can get it resolved ASAP. 

I also added a new sound system that continues the background music after a battle. 

I tried my hand at graphics. I remade the SCII sprites I was using. The spire(that I found is not actually a spire) was the first thing I made, and was freedrawn, with the exception of the red diamond. The others were made with mostly shapes, save the top of the defense weapon. 

Note: The graphics are not yet aligned. I plan to make them fit naturally with the floor graphics. 

Let's give Jose some love for more great tracks. He has been uploading the tracks to youtube.

There are also some that have not been uploaded, but you will hear them in the demo!

Back to the subject of your rewards:


Everything $45 and below has been completed, save the actual game and t-shirts. 

All of the character sprites have also been completed. Just use the names you sent me on the survey, and use them at name input. Caps do matter. 

To do:

Put your characters somewhere in the game. Everything else I haven't mentioned.

Also, our own Dr. Nickidge has been making some very humorous Let's Play's on youtube! Be sure to drop by, subscribe, and leave a comment!

 I'll leave you with his first video:


For those of you who didn't get to back the kickstarter, I have added a paypal page. It will only have digital copies though, the high rewards will forever be a kickstarter exclusive.

My composer and I have been working on the music. He has already finished a few tracks. I will have those up when I have time.



For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Four hours to go!

I will be here for the next and last four hours of this project. We are $42 away from the first stretch goal, and $292 away from the $1,000 stretch goal. For all the new people reading this, the first stretch goal allows for more music, and the $1,000 will give everyone a free digital copy, regardless of their pledge amount. The $2,000 stretch goal will be a comprehensive game guide. 

Thank you to all my new supporters! The number of backers has more than doubled since the halfway mark! 

Go ahead and message with any questions, comments, or concerns.