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Thrilling adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intriguing story, based on REAL happenings.
Thrilling adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intriguing story, based on REAL happenings.
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Saints and Sinners

Posted by Visionaire Studio (Creator)
Diary entry by Ryan Porter

"I could not sleep again, so I climbed onto the mast, into the eagle's nest of the ship and looked out onto the dark horizon. Nobody except me was there ...

What is going on? For days no wind blows. It seems like we are at anchor, but our sails are stretched wide. And yet they hang like lifeless bodies from the tall masts.


The sea lies unreal before us; as smooth as a mirror in which the light of the stars is reflected time and time again. An unreal, light-flooded horizon lies before me, and the longer I look, the more I'm sure I'll see a way. Where does it lead? And as my gaze goes out to the open sea, I realize how melancholy my heart becomes. I left everything behind. Only for what? To strand and starve on the open ocean?

Maybe my friends have been right with the thought that only death awaits us outside, on the ocean. Every day my foreboding becomes stronger, I find myself on a journey of no return.


But as smooth as the sea is on the surface, it is also deadly within it's depths. I can see it: The sharks around us are getting wilder and wilder. They are slowly circling the ship, waiting for the favor of the hour. Anyone who disembarks will be mangled without mercy.

Meanwhile, the morale of the crew continues to drop. The doldrums make some of the men aggressive. Just yesterday Steve struck our mate with a wooden hook. His eyeball was still on the hook when I cleaned the blood off the railing. Our captain had no choice - he let Steven walk the plank. The sea turned red as the starving sharks tore up his raw flesh.


I am scared ... but I can not go back. I feel ... a storm is coming up.

Ebb and Flow

Dear Oak Island community,  

We know that you been waiting for an update for a long time, but this waiting time is over now. Welcome to a new update to the "Mystery of Oak Island". As on every ship, there has been a lot of movement.  

A game development is like ebb and flow ... or in other words: sometimes there is a lot of wind and you make really good progress, sometimes there is no wind and the sea pulls you back a few meters. This is normal and you should not be disturbed by it.


When different game content has to be developed first before you can build them into the game. Then it is often a difficult wait. You can go backwards if game content does not fit as planned and, of course, there are situations outside of game development that you simply can not schedule; Diseases, private events ... or just Christmas and New Year's Eve, which you use to recover and recharge your batteries. As sailing costs a lot of energy and sleep. We hope that you have had a great new year and could spend wonderful hours with your families.

Rested and strengthened, we now take a mighty ride ... carried by the wind, the tide and the waves. And it's really a flood of new game content that has come pouring on us in the last few days.

The sails are full, the motivation is high .... 2018 shall be our year!

Saints and sinners

Many things happen around us. In our Oak Island story, there are so many things, situations, and dangers that we, as characters, are beginning to uncover.


Ryan will meet strange people who have dubious goals and are ruthless in their actions. So Ryan is more and more in danger himself and becomes a target.


Peculiar people have even more peculiar objects, whose meaning and meanings we will learn only in the course of the game. There is much to show, to discover and to tell.


Sail ahead for a perfect staging

We can only explain and stage many situations in the game more precisely through videos ... for this reason, more and more video content finds its way into the game - and we make every effort to implement it optimally. We are not Pixar or any other Hollywood studio, but we do what we can to achieve the best. We also often work with unusual perspectives that are supposed to create tension - of course supported by suitable music and rousing sounds.


Here is a very small excerpt from one of the many video sequences of the game, which we have already designed acoustically and musically. Furthermore, we have already installed test recordings to provide the later dubbing of an optimal template.  

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with


Working on the Outro  

How far we have progressed with the game content, is shown by the fact that we have already begun the work on the outro video (the finale). Most of the Oak Island game is complete. The tasks are now getting smaller ... but also more complicated.

Just a small part of a complicated room that we need for the long outro sequence. ;)
Just a small part of a complicated room that we need for the long outro sequence. ;)


More close-ups

We continue to implement various graphics for key sections of the game. Various new locations and close-ups will invite closer examination and provide exciting background information.


Scheduling: Rough Plans and Goals for Oak Island.
Support us with your voice!

Our goal is to complete Oak Island in 2018. If we look at what we have already done, this goal should be realistic. Unfortunately, it is still very difficult for us to estimate time around the voice recordings, because of course, these should also be on a nearly professional level. 


If you have a great voice and equipment, you can apply for a language role with us.

Send us a well-accented sound recording with the following text :
"The ship left the harbor and headed for the ocean. I'm scared ... but I can not go back. I feel that this is my very last trip." 

If you are german, please send the following line :
"Das Schiff verließ den Hafen und steuerte auf den Ozean zu. Ich habe Angst... doch ich kann nicht mehr zurück. Ich spüre, dass dieses meine letze Reise wird."

Based on the recording we are able to assess your voice, the technique and the emphasis :) Please don't hesitate and send a regular e-mail with your test recording to

Thank you very much in advance !! 

Still missing supporter pictures  

Most of you guys already sent us your pictures and some of you were very creative. If you are a high animal supporter and did not send us your picture yet, please do it now as we really need it.  

You are not a high animal supporter but want to become part of the Oak Island Museum? No Problem!

It's easy to join our VIP supporter group by raising your pledge via Paypal. Please contact us our and we will manage this together. Or just use the payment offers that you find in the foot of this update. Thank you! :)

You can expect a great place at the "Oak Island Museum", including your name and your picture. We want to use your pictures and some editing, transition them into the game. All these pictures will be shown in the Oak Island Museum. 

Please support us, and tell your friends to pre-order the game. Thank you very much!! :)


Price: 15€ / 17$ /~13£  

Get the game as a digital download, DRM free on PC, Mac or Linux (+ Steam key).



Price: 25€ / 29$ / 22£  

Get the game as a digital download, DRM free on PC, Mac or Linux (+ Steam key), including the awesome orchestral soundtrack, several digital add-ons (posters, T-shirt files and 3 great wallpapers) and an extended digital game manual.


Price: 95€ / 108$ / 93£  

You receive the majestic boxed version of the game in an elaborately designed package, including the game on DVD, the extended orchestral soundtrack on a single CD, a printed game manual, prominent thanks in the game’s credits AND we will honor your amazing support by adding your NAME AND PICTURE to our game manual!


Whatever we do, we do our best to make Oak Island the game we are looking for. Thank you very much for your patience and your fantastic support. :)

Yours sincerely,   
The Oak Island Team   

P.S.: You can always contact us by sending an e-mail to

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