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Thrilling adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intriguing story, based on REAL happenings.
Thrilling adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intriguing story, based on REAL happenings.
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A story of tragic incidents

Posted by Visionaire Studio (Creator)

Dear Oak Island Supporters,

Do you remember how life was, when we were young? Our head was full of dreams. We built tree houses and were catching fish with our bare hands. We took frog spawn home and waited for it to turn into frogs. We were exploring dark forests and were climbing the highest trees. Back then we wouldn't have thought about the dangers - we just did things because we wanted to. We had an inner urge for exploring and adventure. And it was fun, being naive as a child...  

But then life changed. We became gown-ups and we lost - or just forgot - many of our dreams and much of our childish naivete. Life became harder, we needed to care for other people and things and with it, our dreams just passed. Maybe for the worse - because it feels so good to realize a childhood dream. Maybe for the better, because some dreams would turn out as true nightmares.

Oak Island - A story of lost dreams and ruined existences

When we take a look to the history of Oak Island we find many people who followed their "naive" dream and tried solving this great mystery.  

Think of the three teenage boys who found the strange depression in the ground in 1795. This is when their adventure started. They took their shovels, started to dig and became obsessed the moment they found layers of oak wood buried underground. Their eyes must have been filled with hope, gleamig like gold - like the gold they expected to find below ground. They believed in the story and in their dream. In the following years, some of them even moved to the island and the search for the treasure became the most important part of their lifes. 

But the hope, that kept them motivated, slowly died and the glimmer in their eyes disappeared – bit by bit after each bad incident and every frustrating moment. How would they have felt at the end of their life, not being able to solve this mystery!? It must have been somehow frustrating and tragic seeing their dream burst. They invested so much time and effort into this - and got almost nothing in return. Nothing more than a story - a weird story without a happy ending.  

But their story is quiet harmless compared with some of the other tragic fates. Many of you probably don't know it, but people got killed, families were torn apart, children lost their fathers and partners started to hate and fight each other.  

In 1965 a magazine called the "Readers Digest" released an article about the Oak Island Mystery. This was the start for another big wave of euphoria - and the start of even more tragic incidents.

Article in the Reader's Digest (1965) This story had a big impact, because for the very first time, people from all around the world learned about the wooden oak platforms, the flooded tunnels and the treasure - and many of them became persistently fascinated and obsessed. Some of these people became tragic victims of the island somewhat later...

A tragic family incident

Robert Restall had a happy life with his wife and children. He was a famous motorcycle artist; a brave man without any fear or doubts. One day he read about the oak island story and was immediately fascinated and convinced that he would be the man who would solve the mystery. He and his family decided to move to the island. In the next months, they drew many shafts in the ground and were convinced that they were very close to solving the entire mystery

Robert Restall with his family on Oak Island - probably early 1965.
Robert Restall with his family on Oak Island - probably early 1965.


But then, on Tuesday, August 17, 1965, a strange incident happened. Out of nowhere, a poisonous gas started to invade the shaft. Robert Restall lost consciousness and fell into the watery shaft. His oldest son Robert Restall Jr. ran after him and jumped into the shaft to try and save him, as well as a couple of nearby diggers. They all were killed from the poisonous gas inside the hole. 4 people died instantly. 

The island became a killer and tore apart the restall family. It was the darkest hour in the history of the treasure hunt.

When partners became enemies...

This is the story of Fred Nolan and Daniel Blankenship who moved to the island in the 1960th. 

Daniel Blankenship was a rich builder from the oil industry in texas who has coincidentally read the article in the readers digest. He had the equipment and the experience and the engineering problems presented by the money pit fascinated him. He began collecting articles and books on the oak island mystery and finally bought a house on the island.  

Frederik Nolan was a land surveyor. He secretly bought a piece of land on the island where he suspected the treasure to be. 

Both had different ideas how the mystery could be solved. First they teamed up and tried to work together as partners. But just somehow later the two partners became rivals. This rivalry lasted for more than four decades and finally ended with the death of Fred Nolan last year. Neither Fred Nolan nor Dan Blankenship succeeded in the very end. 

All of this is a big drama - the Island destroyed so many lifes. There are many people who believe in a curse - that haunts everyone who tries to find the treasure. Is it true? Nobody knows...


So, let's talk about the game and the current progress, as this is why you are reading this in the first place. As you may know we cannot use real persons or real names for the game because of legal reasons, so the people we just mentioned won't be part of the game. 

But what we can and will do is using some of these tragedies and the basic drama in our very own story. So there will be rivalry, pain and even murder. There are many people who have their very own agenda; some of them will accompany us, others will just fight us, like the men that you see in the lower picture.

Some people aren't nice guys...
Some people aren't nice guys...

Creating additional videos

At the moment we are very busy creating additional video sequences for the game. Unfortunately this is a very time consuming process and we also have MANY video sequences in the game. So this means a lot of work for us. We always start with a rough storyboard, followed by render works. After that we animate rooms and characters and finally (after half a dozen corrections) we add sounds and music. It's plenty of work. A single video needs some weeks of development. 

Why are we using videos in the game? 
We add video sequences because they allow us to show dramatic situations that we cannot show in the game, using 2D animations. 

Ryan Porter, sitting in a tavern, writing in his book..
Ryan Porter, sitting in a tavern, writing in his book..


We try to create interesting situations and use high detailed textures.
We try to create interesting situations and use high detailed textures.


Cinematique camera movement...
Cinematique camera movement...


Close up...
Close up...


Ryan walks out the tavern...
Ryan walks out the tavern...


Creating high detailed items

For many months we were working with placeholders. Now we started to create the final inventory items in high resolution. The items you see below are some of the more "general" items, because we don't want to reveal too much of the puzzles


Additional designer for the Mystery of Oak Island

A while ago we found an additional artist who was highly interested in our game development. Since then he is helping us to improve the quality of our room sceneries - Alexandr Elichev. We are very happy to have his support as our 3D rooms can be massivly improved with his help.

Alexandr lives in Ukraine, Odessa and works as a freelancer and specializes in several styles: sci-fi, cyberpunk and fantasy.
Alexandr lives in Ukraine, Odessa and works as a freelancer and specializes in several styles: sci-fi, cyberpunk and fantasy.

You can see his online profile on artstation right here:  We will show some of his arts in the next updates and also planning a design book for our game that will probably be part of the majestic Oak Island Box! :)

What about humor? 

Originally Oak Island was planned as a more serious game, and for sure it won't become a comedy adventure. But it will be a classic adventure game with the classic humor like we know it from movies like "Indiana Jones" or "Pirates of the Carribean". We think it's always good to have a bit of humor in every game. We hope it won't be cheesy in any way and we can put everyone into good mood with it. :D

Send us your picture for the game!  

You are a high tier supporter? Then we need your pictures now! Some of you guys already reached out for us and send us your image, but a few are still missing. So please get in touch with us. We need you to prepare a cool picture of yourself (maybe with some tools, a shovel or a pickax in your hands... or in front of some real drilling sites if possible). We do the rest...


Other guys supported with "Name and Note in the game". Please prepare a cool note or text of your choice and the name. It can be your REAL name OR an invented name. Feel free...  

About updates  

Usually we only make an update once a quarter. This gives us enough time to focus on the game development and collect enough stuff for the update, as we are not big fans of very short updates. When we inform you, we want to show you something of value. I hope that is okay for you all.  


You don't need to be afraid if the development stops, even when it always takes some time between the updates. And you are always free to ask things and write us an e-mail and in general we will answer quickly and honestly. 

About upcoming surveys 

A few guys have asked when the survey for the physical reward will be availabe. We're planning to send the surveys later this year, probably in the autumn.

Please preorder the game      


We are always greatful for additional pre-orders via Paypal on Pre-orders give us an additional budget, which we need to provide voices, further improvements, and more content.

You can also order this little gem


You receive the majestic boxed version of the game in an elaborately designed package, including the game on DVD, the extended orchestral soundtrack on a single CD, a printed game manual, prominent thanks in the game’s credits AND we will honor your amazing support by adding your NAME AND PICTURE to our game manual! Please support us, and tell your friends to pre-order the game via Thank you very much!! :) 

Yours sincerely, 

The Oak Island Team

P.S.: As other treasurehunters followed their dream to solve the mystery, we do pretty much the same. With very limited ressources and just a few people we try to realize our dream. We are getting closer each day and we hope we will succeed with this game and also fascinate you with the story we tell. Each day we learn and collect new experiences... and yes, we also make mistakes that we need to find and fix. It's a long and exhausting journey. Walking this way is much easier with your kind support!

Please accompany us on this great adventure by following our social channels:



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