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Thrilling adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intriguing story, based on REAL happenings.
Thrilling adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intriguing story, based on REAL happenings.
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Following the glitter of gold...

Posted by Visionaire Studio (Creator)

Dear adventure-gamers,

We have been digging away very hard, following the seem of gold. The ventilators are at maximum capacity, the generators are full of oil and there is promise in the stale air. Most promising of all is that loki is still alive and healthy... so there's no toxic air in the tunnel. He still sits on my shoulder and has the glimmer of gold in his eyes. We're pushing forward and have decided to come up for some fresh air and give you an update on our excavation.

1 year after kickstarting...

We started with our kickstarter campaign in May 2016, so it's about a year now. Let's take a look back... 

When you helped getting us funded (In June 2015), it was very relieving. We were so happy, glad and proud - not only because we had made it... but that we could find supporters like you to make this happen. So again... thank you very much for your patience, your support and all the nice words for our project. Together we made this happen.

After the kickstarter we were pretty exhausted from all the weeks of pr, writing news, fighting for every single pledge and every supporter. It was a hard and long rollercoaster ride. We needed some days to process the experience. 

A few days later, within the first meeting after the kickstarter, we started to feel the pressure and the high expectations. We sorted out criticisms and made a list. We wanted to do as much as we can, as a small indie team, to provide the best game possible and so we had to make some very tough decisions. What about our game characters? Do they have enough depth? What about the character movement? Does it feel natural? What about our sceneries? Are they detailled enough? All came under scrutiny. 

We created most characters from scratch, invented additional sceneries and redesigned the existing ones. It was a step back that took and still takes additional time - but it was also a step forward regarding the quality of the game.

Profound characters who are acting with soul.
Profound characters who are acting with soul.

Same for the story. Is the story believable? Is it fascinating enough? We changed and added things to improve it and it became larger and larger. After all the changes, the plan encompassed 70 scenes. That's where we are now.

Our current focus...

Currently we're completely focussing on the graphics - especially the rooms. We are working hard to get them finished as soon as possible. You already know that we want detailled and atmospheric sceneries and that's not always easy to achieve. It needs a lot of time, passion and experience, but we're very happy that we have great artists like joeydee in our team. All our artists are doing an excellent job here. Based on our descriptions joeydee then starts with a basic scribble that shows the architecture and sets rough lights.

Rough sketch
Rough sketch

Each single room should be atmospheric and unique, which is always hard to achieve and needs a lot work in the details, textures and of course a great deal of time and passion.  

Detailled concept room.
Detailled concept room.
Rough sketch
Rough sketch

Ongoing progress in the "third dimension"...

As you may know, we use these beautiful paintings and sketches as a draft for the creation of 3D rooms. Actually we love classic adventure games with 2D artworks, but it would be way too time consuming and as a result too expensive to create such rooms and animations in a high resolution. That's why work hard and intensively to achieve natural looking 3D rooms, using high resolution textures.

A big advantage is that we're always free to change the perspective, lights and the textures. We even can use these scenes for movie cutscenes which saves us a lot of time. 

News from the Visionaire Studio Engine...

Meanwhile the Visionaire Engine Team is working hard to extend the engine. We are happy that we could expand our cooperation with daedalic entertainment and have recently finished the support of consoles like Playstation 4 and XBOX One. So there is a good chance that Oak Island can also be released on consoles.

We're glad that our game engine "Visionaire Studio" will provide support for XBox One and Playstation 4.
We're glad that our game engine "Visionaire Studio" will provide support for XBox One and Playstation 4.

At the moment the team works on a brandnew Visionaire Game Editor that makes the development of adventure games much more easy and efficient. You can keep track of this development in the visionaire studio community on

Loki wants a cracker...

Dear friends, 
it's me - Loki. Being me, sitting on the shoulder of one of the developers most of the time, I for sure know what's going on at the moment. I know EVERYTHING about the Oak Island Mystery. I know every secret, every room, every dialogue. Ohhh.. It feels so good to be me... *brak*

After the latest update I got a lot of fan post, e-mails and many of you wanted to meet me in person. I feel very humbled and want to thank you for your kind words and all the cookie crumbles. Well, actually it was a nice try and you ALMOST got me giving you secret infos. Well please... don't bring me in that situation! Really!! I will not betray the team. I don't want to! Now give me that goddamn cracker!!!

Preorders via paypal

Additional preorders via paypal will enable us to add voice acting, further improvements and more content. You will find a selection of preorders on Every single dollar helps to add voice acting and improve the game!  

Thank you very much! :) 

We wish the very best to you and your familes,
The Oak Island Developers

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    1. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Loki is the coolest badass dev pet!!

    2. Visionaire Studio 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Paul :)

    3. Paul Muller

      Thanks for a great update and keep up the good work!