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Thrilling adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intriguing story, based on REAL happenings.
Thrilling adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intriguing story, based on REAL happenings.
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Digging Deeper, Drilling Faster ...

Posted by Visionaire Studio (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter Backers,

mankind has been waiting for more than two hundred years, but still "The Mystery of Oak Island" has not been solved. There are so many unanswered questions. What the heck has happened in the period BEFORE 1795 when some small boys found the place that is today known as "THE MONEY PIT"? Who built the manmade tunnels and for what purpose? And last but not least: What's hiding in the mysterious treasure chest, probably buried deep below? 

This story and all the rumors keep inspiring our imagination.

Our developers do their very best to combine all these bread crumbs to create something delicious. We are more confident then ever before that it will be a thrilling and entertaining game that instills the spirit of classic point and click adventure games. 

o, what is our progress? A lot has happened...

New member in the Excavation Team

As you may know we've planned many, maybe too many, rooms for the game. Regarding the fact that we are a pretty small team, we've recently decided to look for additional graphic artists and designers. More manpower would enable us to speed up things and improve the quality.

The good news: We are happy that our search was successful. YES, we have another man on board: Jochen aka "Joey Dee". He is a great designer with many many years of experience in creating and visualizing ideas. 

As you can see he works with a genious piece of hardware - a 22'' Cintiq. It is a professional pen tablet with the ability to work directly on the screen. Just fabulous.

We say a warm and heartly WELCOME ON BOARD, JOEY DEE. We're looking forward to more great illustrations and are very excited that you have joined the team.

What Joey did so far looks very intriguing and beautiful. In the following pictures you can see some of the concept and development process:

It all starts with a rough conceptional sketch that sets the perspective.
It all starts with a rough conceptional sketch that sets the perspective.
Followed by a rough colorization.
Followed by a rough colorization.
At the end of the process the concept is complete and gives us the visual reference we need to work with.
At the end of the process the concept is complete and gives us the visual reference we need to work with.

Here's another room, showing an office situation. It's from of a funny part of the game. We love the colors and the modern architecture. What do you think?

Character Sketches

We all know how important it is to create believable and in depth characters. We want you to feel as connected to our characters as you would to the story. Characters that make you laugh, cry and everything inbetween. We will do our best to breath life and complexity into them, through dialogue and animation. We hope you will come away, after completing the game, with an abundance of thoughts and feelings for every character in oak island. 

Character Sketches
Character Sketches
Character Sketches
Character Sketches

With a little help of my friends...

Many people help "behind the curtain", like good friends, family or members of the adventure game community. We are very blessed to know all these warmly people. One of these guys is Mr. Dean North from London. He has become a great friend and an enthusiastic supporter of the project. So, let's give him the word...

"Greetings treasure hunters,

I have had the great honour and pleasure of working with the Oak Island team, helping design some of the many puzzles you will see in the game. My love and passion for adventure games has grown throughout the years. Since the days of MUD right up to modern day. 

I have seen and experienced how adventure games have evolved, from pixel hunting, fiendish excruciatingly hard puzzles, created from the depths of insanity, right up to gentle journey's through narratives and all in between. I have been lost in the story and majesty of many adventure games and there is nothing that comes close to this extremely enriching experience. Where we can all leave our world behind and feel rewarded for our clever intuition and moved by the roller coaster of emotions, adventure and mystery this genre brings. 

Most importantly however, is that I am owned by an extremely intelligent and beautiful parrot, who will peck me quite thoroughly if I slow down or not work hard enough. 

He tells me every detail of each puzzle and he would write them himself if he had opposable thumbs. Rest assured, Loki is standing alert day and night so that your journey through oak island has nothing but the best puzzles! 

Loki's number one priority is to make backers happy and will listen to any feedback you have about puzzles! Now if you would please excuse me. I have not worked on any puzzles for the last 20 minutes and Loki has a dangerous look in his eyes.

Preorder the game on

We are still providing a way for others to support Oak Island on our website via paypal, this will enable us to add voice acting, further improvements and hopefully more content. You will find a selection of preorders on the following homepage Please tell your friends and support us here. 

Every single dollar helps to add voice acting and improve the game!

Well, what's more to say? Just one thing: We will continue working hard and we will keep digging, until we have finally reached the treasure we have all been looking for. We already see something glittering at the far end of the tunnel. ;)

The Oak Island Developers

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    1. Niagara on

      In dem Projekt steckt viel Liebe zum Detail, viel Blut, Schweiß und Tränen auch, wie ich vermute... bin total gespannt auf das Spiel. Mir kommt die Wartezeit EWIG vor :-))

    2. Howard Kistler

      Thanks for the update, really like the new art previews!