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Our toasted coconut chips are a healthy snack and versatile topping. Dang, that's good!
Our toasted coconut chips are a healthy snack and versatile topping. Dang, that's good!
317 backers pledged $9,712 to help bring this project to life.

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Dang launches second product line: Caramelized Onion Chips

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Our new babies!
Our new babies!

 Hey backers, it's been forever but I wanted to thank you all for helping launch Dang.  We've had such an outpouring of support for our coconut chip line that we went ahead and launched our second line of dang-worthy snacks: caramelized onion chips. 

They're available at Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods (partial distribution), and online at our Amazon page. So far the reviews have been fantastic and we know all the toasted coconut fans out there will also love the deep, rich flavor of caramelized onions. 

Thanks for being such an early supporter...we're forever in your debt. 

Have a dang good day!


Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @dangfoods

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Dang that's good! So much to update...


Hi everyone, we're super busy around here getting Dang into stores around the country. We just launched with Safeway nationwide, Sprouts, Raley's and Northeast and Southwest regions of Whole Foods! It's truly remarkable how much people have taken to our little company, and you were our very first fans!

Check out the sweet press hit below! Please share on Facebook and Twitter and you can tell your friends you were way ahead of the times by supporting our Kickstarter Campaign. 


The New York Times 

To Munch: Crispy Toasted Coconut For an Addictive Snack 

 Vincent Kitirattragarn, a 28-year-old engineer turned entrepreneur, was trying his mother’s recipe for a northern Thai snack wrapped in lettuce that called for toasted coconut. He wound up more taken with the coconut than the dish and is now in the business of producing and selling toasted coconut chips. The brand is Dang, named for his mother. The chips, which are made in Thailand, are subtly salted and sweetened and frankly addictive as a nibble, but can also be used as a topping or crushed to make a breading. We liked the plain better than the salty caramel style because the coconut flavor was more assertive: Dang Toasted Coconut Chips are about $3 for 1.43 ounces, $5 for 3.17 ounces at Whole Foods markets,

Dang on a roll!

Just a quick update...

Dang is growing fast! We have placements with Safeway, Wegmans, The Fresh Market, H-E-B in Texas and two regions of Whole Foods (Mid-Atlantic and Northern California).

My brother Andrew has recently joined as Dang as the Director of Operations. We're now the Dang brothers!

Thanks to you all for being such fervent early supporters. Keep in touch with us through out Facebook page: - we post updates and giveaways on it all the time. 


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Rewards - out and about!

Hi everyone,

All rewards have been shipped aside from a few in the SF area I will deliver and international shipments, which require additional paperwork but will go out this week. 

We're relying on backers to spread the word about Dang in their areas! Early adopters and brand ambassadors are super important to our success. We're making great progress in getting into new stores...if you think your store should carry Dang, bring them our packaging and let them know!

If you want to order more coconut chips for yourself, you can buy them online at or Spencer's Market

Our facebook page is already 500+ strong!


ps - Hope you like our promo video...we had a blast making it!

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Coconut chips arriving soon - info needed!

First off, I sent everyone request for mailing information and t-shirt size (if applicable to your reward tier). PLEASE SEND IT BACK before Nov. 13 so that we can start sending out rewards. 

Rewards will go out when everything needed is in stock, I expect everyone to get everything out by the end of November. Thanks for your patience!

Good news: we got accepted to 14 Whole Foods in Northern CA and a handful in the Mid Atlantic Region! 

Also, watch out for a little promotional vid we're working on...