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Buddhist Geeks Conference 2012's video poster

Following the success of the first Buddhist Geeks Conference in 2011, this is a chance to support the 2012 event & secure your place! Read more

Boulder, CO Technology
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This project was successfully funded on October 21, 2011.

Following the success of the first Buddhist Geeks Conference in 2011, this is a chance to support the 2012 event & secure your place!

Boulder, CO Technology
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Buddhist Geeks Conference 2012 - Boulder, CO | August 9 - 11th

UPDATE #1:  Conference Venue: The University Memorial Center

UPDATE #2:  Stephen Batchelor Confirmed as Keynote Speaker

“Everyone at Buddhist Geeks have opened a door to a different kind of conversation about Buddhism in the West.” - Ken McLeod

Following the success of the inaugural Buddhist Geeks | The Conference this summer, this is an opportunity for you to help take the event to the next level as well as reserve your spot at The Buddhist Geeks Conference 2012!

We're keeping attendance limited in 2012, so that we can maintain the sense of intimacy and close-knit community that made this year's event so special.  As a result, we anticipate that tickets will go quickly, so this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and enjoy a big discount.  And even if you can’t attend in person, your support will also be incredibly valuable in making it happen, and then sharing the media and learning from the event with the wider world. 

Not Your Normal Buddhist Conference

“It's clear that the electronic virtual interconnected web and online world is the wild way the Dharma stream is flowing, and the Geeks have their minds dialed into the revolutionary next generation.” - Jack Kornfield

While planning the first Conference which took place in Los Angeles in July 2011, we recognized that some Buddhist events can be boring, predictable, and tend to draw on the same group of speakers, again and again.  Instead, we wanted to curate an event which had a completely fresh and innovative format, in which we could explore new topics with enthusiasm.  And it worked.  And we knew it worked because participants left thrilled and exhilarated with feedback saying:

"The inaugural conference had incredible energy: the energy of potent potential. It's like being a kid: your whole life is still ahead of you." 

"After spending over 35 years in the business world and often attending various conferences, I'd say the Buddhist Geeks Conference was once of best I've ever attended as far as flow, organization, welcoming feeling, motivation, etc." 

"Stunned, floored, amazed by how wonderful it was especially for a first-time event." 

And not only that but the event ended up being featured by several major newspapers and magazines, including:

This is clearly a different kind of event to most Buddhist conferences.

Next year’s event will build on everything we learned this year, while adding some exciting new elements.  There will be keynote speakers, mini-presentations, musical and artistic performances, time to practice together, and plenty of opportunity to get to know fellow conference goers.  In many ways it's the people that make this such a wonderful opportunity.  And this will all happen, nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. 

What We're Using the Money For

Many don't know that last year’s conference was completely self-funded.  We raised all the money for the conference as we went along!  We had no idea if we would make it work, or even if Buddhist Geeks would survive the process.  If it weren’t for our most dedicated community members, and the generosity of many organizations and people who helped us make this happen, we wouldn’t have been able to pull it of.  But fortunately we did, and we were able to break even financially last year.  The risk was definitely worth the payoff! 

This year we are committed to improving on last year, and in order to do that we need to be able to have a more robust conference budget, having access to the needed up-front funds to make it happen.  The shoestring approach worked once, but it's definitely not a sustainable strategy! 

Some of the biggest costs in putting on a conference of this size include the cost of the conference venue (wireless internet is a must!), the costs associated with presenter travel, lodging, and payment, and all the technological, material, and logistical costs (we were surprised to see how these things could add up).  In total, a conference like this costs between $50,000 - $75,000 to put on. 

So in this Kickstarter campaign we need at least $20,000 in this campaign in order to make sure we can sustainably handle the upfront costs of organizing next year’s event, making Buddhist Geeks Conference 2012 a reality.  Anything above that will go a huge way in helping mitigate the financial risks that we’re taking as an organization, and allow us to make this a yearly event that is well attended and can help move forward a very important conversation about the development of Buddhist practice in the modern world.  We think it’s well worth the risk, and are happy to put everything on the line to make it happen.  Please join us in investing in this incredibly important conversation.  We couldn't do it without you. 


  • The Kickstarter drive is now over, but early bird tickets will go on sale for the conference in early December. Please go to and sign-up for the newsletter there, for news on when tickets go back on sale.

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  • Yes. All tickets at the $250 and above level of support can be allocated to whomever you wish. This however does not apply to the scholarship tickets at $1250 level which will be allocated by the conference organizers.

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  • The color and design of the t-shirt will be set since it is being specially designed for this campaign. The style of the t-shirt is unisex, and we will add size dimensions here asap.

    Also, we initially said that t-shirts would be available in two styles, men and womens, but we were not able to find an easy way to get both in bulk, and had to switch to a unisex design. We apologize, profusely, for changing that after the fact. Fortunately, the quality of the t-shirts we're ordering are very high quality. :)

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  • Buddhist Geeks | The Conference 2012 will be held from August 9th - 11th in Boulder, Colorado. It will be held at the University Memorial Center on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. More details on the schedule and speakers will be released in the coming months.

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  • $75 admin fee charged for cancellations before April 30th, 2012

    $125 admin fee charged for cancellations between April 30th and May 31st

    $200 admin fee charged for cancellations between May 31st to July 22nd

    No refund after July 22nd

    If the event is canceled, we will refund all tickets. We will not, however, be able to refund flight, hotel, or other purchases people may make.

    You will be able to transfer the registration name at any time at no charge avoiding cancellation fees.

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    Sign-up at this level and get a limited edition custom designed Buddhist Geeks t-shirt. (Add $5 for shipping outside the United States.)

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    All of the above + Early access to the Full HD Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011 conference videos (includes all keynotes, panels, live talks, and practice sessions).

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    All of the above + a kickstarter early bird ticket to Buddhist Geeks Conference 2012

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    All of the above + An extra kickstarter early bird ticket for a guest of your choosing

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    All of the above + reserved VIP seating for you and your guest

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    All of the above + you make available 2 scholarship tickets for young geeks that might not otherwise be able to attend

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    All of the above + dinner with a small group of conference organizers and keynote presenters during the event.

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