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An experiment in narrative using a concept album, a novel, and a real-time interactive story that YOU can be part of.
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Happy V-Day!

Posted by Matt MacCarthy (Creator)

Soooo it's V-Day and I made you a thing. 

And by a thing, I mean an album.

No, it's not the behemoth I initially intended, but let's be honest--my original vision would have probably taken till the end of time. These are the first 10 songs of something much larger. The other 22 songs ARE coming and they are amazeballs, but the recording process is HUGE and while some might say doing everything yourself with no help is "courageous," (to paraphrase Han Solo) it's actually more like suicide... and not the painless type they sing about in the MASH theme song. Even with these 10 songs, it's hard to let them go out into the world, build their own lives, make their own mistakes, find new homes in your precious little ears.

Anywho, here it is. It's dark, it's psychedelic, it's grungy, it's electric, it's epic, and it's FREE. 

Happy Valentine's Day!



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      Neta on

      Gorgeous--I love it! That piano solo at the beginning, with the thrumming behind, is such a lovely prelude to everything that follows. I think my favorites are "The Way I Burn" and "Goodbye Autumn," but every song seems so necessary to the whole that I hesitate to pull one out and set it apart from the rest. I like the narrative feel of it very much. Thank you for sharing--you made my night!