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An experiment in narrative using a concept album, a novel, and a real-time interactive story that YOU can be part of.
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Hello beautifuls,

Yes this is thursday. No there's no video. I fail. Last night I came home after school with determination to get some awesome progress done on mixing. Then I remembered I had a video to make. But if I videoed (is that a word?) what I actually do when I'm working on music, it would look like this:

and it would look like that for several hours at a time. I've successfully re-mixed 6 songs pre-vocals this week, but since there was no way I was going to try to record me doing that and I thought it would be boring to have two Q&A videos in a row, I decided I'd show how one particular song was progressing WITH vocals. My apologies for the lack of video, but I stayed up most of the night getting this to sound presentable. You saw me recording guitar for this a few weeks ago, here's a decent version of it all together.

Love you!


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