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Ultra-flexible, antibacterial silicone instantly conforms to fit any ears perfectly. Seamlessly delivering superior sound quality.
Ultra-flexible, antibacterial silicone instantly conforms to fit any ears perfectly. Seamlessly delivering superior sound quality.
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Second Firmware Update Released

Posted by Vie Style Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers

Thank you for your support.
We would like to inform you that we have released the second firmware update. 
Here are the improved items.

Second Firmware Update

 1: Improvement in Automatic On/Off
Vie Fit powers on automatically when it takes out of the case. However, if the earphones continue touching the electrode while in the case, Vie Fit turns off again due to the security reason. This sometimes results in the unit not powering on. The update will improve the automatic on/off functionality.

2: Microphone Volume
Raising the volume sensitivity of the microphone for better call experience.

3: Play/FF fix with the specific phones
Fixes a bug when the music player stops after playing each song with Huawei phones.

4: Qualcomm’s patch for the iOS Update functions
Deploy the Qualcomm’s Patch to fix a bug when updating via iOS app.

Google Play Store

iTunes Store (*note)
We have completed the development and now testing.
We will release it when it is ready.

 (*Note) Please note due to the bug of Qualcomm’s iOS update function, the current firmware version may encounter the error while iOS upgrade process. We recommend to use the Android app and upgrade to the latest firmware before using it.

Upgrade Program

As we have announced in the last update, we have completed the test of our upgrade version and confirm the improvement of connectivity. We are now upgrading the production and planning to offer an upgrade path for the new design soon. We will inform those who have registered to the program how to proceed with the upgrade via the registered e-mail. 

Notes :
The upgrade is intended to improve connectivity. Due to the technical limitations of Bluetooth, it may not be possible to eliminate all possibility of connection failure. 

Lost and Returned Parcels 

Those who claimed the lost and returned parcel, thank you for contacting Vie support. As we replied back to you, we will organize the final re-shipping to you once we have completed the latest production and planning to ship out the new units to you.

Thank you for your support. 

The Vie Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gregor Sandford on

      Still waiting on the iOS app

    2. Alexander Efimov on

      Does the company still exist?
      Two months ago, my return with cancer came to the manufacturer in Japan.
      Since then, I have not received any tracking numbers with sending replacements and no messages. Where can I complain?

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      I have sent email to you, as well as submitted query on your helpdesk website more than 3 weeks ago... requesting for replacement as my earphones have suddenly stopped working!

      I’ve not received any reply.
      My email subject line stated I’m backer 3510

      Could you respond? Or you are not honoring your 2-year warranty?

    4. Missing avatar

      Gregor Sandford on

      Please leave a new update when the iOS app is ready. Would really like to update my headphones at some point. Also want to mention I have gotten very good use out of the headphones very comfortable! But I have noticed issues between connection between right and left buds, didn’t occur until a month or so of use. Worth looking into.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mauro Meinberg on

      I sent you a message more than 2 months ago about one my earphones that ceased to turn on or charge.
      A quick response was given that told me that you were going to send me a new pair, my backer name and number were asked and provided, but since that no further feedback.
      Any news?

    6. Missing avatar

      Louis guigoz on

      I would like to know about when I will receive my parcel!
      I am on your list of "returned parcels".
      Thank you
      PS: I never used your earphones yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Hiroyuki Sako on

      I sent the goods 2 weeks ago by the upgrade program, but have you sent it back yet?

    8. Vie Style Inc. 2-time creator on

      Backers, as we stated in the update, this firmware update is to address the other issues than the connectivity. Please apply to the upgrade program if you wish to improve the connectivity (check update # 17). We also see some comments about the functions that have never been changed. Please refer to the update #18 about what has been updated.

      Thank you
      The Vie Team

    9. Missing avatar

      Petra L. on

      After reading comments made by people who were able to update (android app) the buds, I'm actually happy that there isn't an iOS app yet.... it seems that update made the buds totally useless.
      I know we were 'only' the people who funded you, but you might consider better customer relations if you ever want to be funded for an adventure again. Not listening to us isn't helping you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Petra L. on

      As I commented previously, I don't have access to an android phone. In this update you are (again) referring to the iOS app. Please please provide a link to this app, so I can finally try to update my buds.

    11. Rábel, István on

      I hope automatic power on patch will solve the issue where during the day travelling causes units automatically power on, and drain battery so when I actually want to use it it is dry :S Who had this outstanding idea for automatic powe on anyway? You are pushing the thing to your ear, how hard is it to turn it on in the mean time? Most useless and annoying feature ever, for an otherwise cool product. Please consider removing this auto power on thing in an upcoming patch, it does far more harm then help.

    12. Missing avatar

      Guru on

      Sorry. Not working. Frustrated. Need a refund.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Kelley on

      Keeps erroring and says to abort on the left one. Since it says you need the firmware update on both so they'll work, that's... really irritating.

    14. Pus Pus on

      @Vie Style Inc.
      After second firmware update I have two suggestion:
      1. As you might already heard from other backers, the connectivity between left and right earbud is not good when used outdoor. This problem makes Vie Fit cannot be used when jogging outdoor.

      2. On 2nd firmware update, you mentioned that you improve auto ON/OFF function, which is working. But it becomes a double edge sword to the device. When the case's battery is empty, the earbuds "think" that it is out of the case and turn itself ON, it keeps turned on until the battery empty. So every time I did not use vie fit for a long time, I always found that the battery in the earbuds and the case are always empty
      My thinking is: You use electric current between the case to earbud as a sign for the earbud to turn on/off (if there is electric current then turn off, if not then turn on). This way every time the case have no battery, earbuds will turned ON until the battery dies

    15. Missing avatar

      Roman on

      Second firmware is actually working. Thank you for the continued efforts to fix the issues. Where do we register to upgrade?

    16. Vie Style Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Vivienne Ong: please contact for your help. Our support team will help you solve the issue.

    17. Vivienne Ong on

      I wanted to install the second software update that just came out. Unpaired. Installed app via Google Playstore. Opened app .... and nothing. Can't do a thing. Now my buds won't pair. Please help.

    18. Missing avatar

      C on

      No responses to my multiple requests for refund due to the connectivity issue. Nor a response to my credit card company chargeback.

      You all are just digging the hole deeper.

    19. Missing avatar

      Hyunsuk Chung on

      @Andres Colyer, My units are unusable as it doesn’t get charged up and Vie Style support is not responding to my inquiry. How much is the shipping to Canada? Thanks in advance.

    20. Missing avatar

      Hanspeter Jochmann on

      Is there a way to check the firmware version that is on the device?
      The Android app do not show th current firmware number of the device and not the version it will be updated to.
      So no chance to check if it is the latest version or not.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andres Colyer on

      I want a refund. I have one opened pair and one unopened pair. I'll give my opened pair away free to anyone who pays shipping.

    22. Felix Fong on

      3: Play/FF fix with the specific phones
      Fixes a bug when the music player stops after playing each song with Huawei phones.

      It is not fix. Huawei mate 9

    23. Missing avatar

      Spitzley on

      I am still waiting for my delivery,so I can’t say anything ti the quality

    24. Missing avatar

      rohit garg on

      It seems to be working better and no drop in connection between two earpieces. However, charging them does still remains a challenge.