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Ultra-flexible, antibacterial silicone instantly conforms to fit any ears perfectly. Seamlessly delivering superior sound quality.
Ultra-flexible, antibacterial silicone instantly conforms to fit any ears perfectly. Seamlessly delivering superior sound quality.
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April Update

Posted by Vie Style Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers;

<Issues with Specific Types of Phones Resolved>

After the last update about the issues related to the specific models of the phones, more backers reported their cases. We have investigated each case and we confirmed Qualcomm's firmware patch regarding the Left and Right Connectivity solved some of them, but not all of them. The issue reported as "lost audio on one side", "lost audio pairing while the data pairing (button) is able to control" seems more than just a connectivity issue.

We realized there was some additional issue and kept on investigating. Last week, we finally found the cause was the "Multipoint Functionality" implementation.

<Multipoint Function>

No Qualcomm chip supports multipoint function with true wireless earphones. Due to the strong request from backers, we made a special effort and developed a method to pair different devices on each side and be able to switch between them.

It worked well with some phones, but, unfortunately, it did not work with some other types of the phones. Because this function is to make pairing flexible between left and right, the connectivity was disrupted and caused frequent audio dropout or even complete audio loss.

We removed this functionality and tested it with the reported phones. The result was it solved the issue and Vie Fit performed much smoother on these phones.

We are really sorry for the backers who requested this function, but, unfortunately, we have to remove this function. The new firmware will only be able to pair with one device.

<Firmware Update>

For those backers who have issues, please accept our apology for the first experience with the earphones. Our earphones allow for firmware updates and your remedy is coming soon.

We are planning to release an Android app which is the fastest way to deliver this new firmware. The expected release will be in May 2018. Once we have released it, we will announce as soon as possible. You will be able to update the firmware using any Android phone (Android OS version later than 7.0). We will consider releasing an iOS version at a later date.

<Shipping to be Completed on April 30th>

The remainder of goods with the updated firmware will be shipped out of our factory on April 30th. The fulfillment warehouse will then process the goods and you will receive the tracking information within 7-10 days via your registered e-mail address. After that, you will get notices each time the goods reach shipping checking points.

Please note our fulfillment process is fully automated. After the fulfillment, the tracking information is the most reliable source of your shipping status. If you find a status of "Pending" or "Returned", please contact your courier described in your tracking information. This is the fastest and most efficient way to find out and solve your problem. 

Thank you to all of the backers for your support and patience. Your goods are on the way. If you have any support needs, please visit our support page or contact

Thank you
The Vie Team

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    1. Paul Suquet on

      Received mine yesterday. Finally. Sadly, even after the firmware update, if I move my head, the sound off of the 2nd earphone drops. If I yawn, the sound drops. If I scratch my head, the sound drops. If I fart the sound drops. I'm yet to be able to listen to one full song without having drops. Sound quality is quite good, but this audio drop issue renders these COMPLETELY useless.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bulkan Uun on

      I don't want to complain about sound quality. Still waiting for firmware update. I want to ask about microphone position, since several time when I used it for calling, the receiver didn't get my voice clearly. I try to rotate the headset hoping it will solve the problem.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jake Nelken on

      FYI on Shipping -- I got a shipping update email from Singapore on Apr 20th saying they've started the shipping process. I never received the USPS shipping code, and eventually found them in my mailbox about 20-25 days later.

    4. Missing avatar

      czjabarin on

      I have to say, just relieved mine and cannot get them to work consistently. I now see why. Unfortunatley removing functionality is a work-around, not ‘resolved’ as stated above. Dosapointed.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tomy Marques on

      Already three weeks I received the Vie Fit. But it is impossible to use them! When is an update ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ryu on

      Connectivity is unstable, and really need the firmware update for iOS.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sid Hill on

      Backer #2134. I received my shipment tracking number about 3 hours prior to this comment. I hope everyone else is getting their tracking numbers soon.

    8. Missing avatar

      rafael on

      As with others here, I also did not receive any tracking number,
      And i don't get any response from vie fit.
      What's going on?

    9. Missing avatar

      Judy on

      I also have never received a Vie Fit and have received no notification...I thought all shipments were supposed to be heading out by 4/30. When can I expect my shipment?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Zhang on

      Never got the confirmation. What is going on?

    11. Missing avatar

      Sid Hill on

      Can anyone comment if they received their vie fit but never received a tracking number?

    12. Missing avatar

      Henk65 on

      No, still no tracking info. :(

      In general, I'm not an impatient person, but in this case. :)

    13. Paul Suquet on

      I can't wait. I'm so excited to receive this.

    14. Missing avatar

      Leo Cheng on

      Just get the vie fit, the building quality is really good and easy connect to my android phone
      The sound is good, should be better after run in... worth to wait~

    15. Wilson Tsai on

      Hi, can you please update the firmware for iphone and apple watch. I have the apple watch series 3 and use the vie fit with the watch when working out and it is completely useless and EXTREMELY frustrating when trying to use the earphones. Please send out the fix immediately for the iOS platform.

    16. Missing avatar on

      Once again I am writing - I still have not received tracking number - backer 3189 from Lithuania.

    17. Missing avatar

      Roman on

      I hope the firmware is updated soon. These are completely unusable on Pixel 2, Ipad 2018, Window 10 and Iphone 7. I have tested them on all of these. When the sound is actually working, they do sounds great. If the multi-point function is the culprit, perhaps allow us to turn that off if some of us don't require it and never asked for it.

    18. Missing avatar


      Please you should also release the application for software version upgrade for Iphone in a hurry

    19. Missing avatar

      RandyHsieh on

      已經過了一個多月了,寄信給VIE FIT完全不回應,請問台灣的募資者們有何應對方式嗎?

    20. Missing avatar

      Chenxinxian on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tzu-ang Wang on

      Backer #815 ship to Taiwan still no shipping info

    22. Alexander Chan on

      I have not received my tracking # either, can you check on this please :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Garry Jaya Susanto on

      I have not received my tracking number, can u please send to my email?

      Thank you

    24. Missing avatar

      M on

      Initialement prévue pour une livraison fin mars
      Je trouve le 2 mai dans la boîte un avis de passage de la poste qui me réclame
      24,05€ pour récupérer mon colis !
      Bravo il faut maintenant que je paye des droits de douane !
      Pfff très déçu et échaudé

    25. Missing avatar

      Chenxinxian on

      The shipping company told me, they do told your team that my product had some problems of shipping on 20 April but until now I still saw the website have any change, and you don’t re-send my earbuds!
      This is worse then any team I’ve met.
      Shame on you VIE FIT and Japanese company!

    26. Missing avatar

      AC Liew on

      Still no tracking number? Backer 1794 in Australia.

    27. Missing avatar

      Pete Panos on

      I’ve had my pair for a few days now, and I have to say (for the price) they are pretty good. Connectivity has been about 90% so far. Sound has been good, with a nice bottom end.

      I’m impressed.

      Well done

    28. Missing avatar

      Tom D on

      Disappointing. My pair arrived a few days ago. They are a complete disappointment. I could have waited for the connection issues to be resolved. Right now, the two earbuds connect only sporadically and cut out constantly. The saddest part is that on those rare occasions when they do connect, the sound is not good. I was hopeful of getting good found over aptx, but the sound quality is not like what is expect from a cheap pair of wired headphones.

      I'm kind of done with Kickstarter at this point, at least for audio products.

    29. Mathias on

      Vie Fit, I don't have any email ajout ou tracking info and we are the 30 april

    30. David Yeh on

      What's going on with the Taiwanese shipments? You know that you have to go through different customs and processes to deliver to China and Taiwan right?

    31. Diar Ng on

      I am backer number 13. The tracking number shows the current location is in Germany. However, my shipping address is Macau (next to Hong Kong) in Asia. Please advice.


    32. Missing avatar

      Scott G

      I haven't received an email about shipping nor have I received my VieFit.

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rascon on

      So I recieved my pair yesterday without ever receiving a tracking number, and It was literally my birthday yesterday!!
      I had some minor audio dropout the first 30 minutes and then it has been fine ever since.

    34. Missing avatar

      RandyHsieh on

      i'm backer 3299, from taiwan.
      when will this shipment be shiped ?

    35. Missing avatar

      Buddhiwat on

      Just received the package, used it for the first day and have several feedback I like to share:

      1) The connectivity is still the issue as you already known.

      2) My use case for this earphone is in my bedroom when my wife is already sleeping, and the flickering light when the earphones are idle is really annoying and disturbing my wife. I wish the firmware update would include the functionality of turning off the flickering light.

      3) I found that the latency is almost 1 second which is longer than most of my Bluetooth phone I have. Maybe you could improve this.

      But anyway, I quite pleased with the comfort and the sound quality of this earphone. If these above issue would be fixed, then this pair would be my favorite earphone.

    36. Missing avatar


      Having to acquire an Android phone to update the firmware isn't acceptable. I, too, am having issues with connectivity that make them unusable for music on my iPhone. But I'm also having trouble getting them to fit into my ears, which I'm hoping will get easier with a little practice. I was very excited about the fit and comfort; it's why I chose this over other projects.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jenny on

      Just wondering if the firmware can be updated on the units that haven’t gone out yet? I haven’t received a tracking email yet but don’t mind waiting for longer. Like others I don’t have an android phone so don’t really want to have to buy one to get an app for the earphones to work!

    38. Judith Lautner on

      My address has changed and I can't find the way to change it here.

    39. Missing avatar

      Darryl Barney on

      Greetings. I have had the same message from SingPost since April 15 (Shipped to US). Any other way to get a status?

    40. Vie Style Inc. 2-time creator on

      @John de jong We understand your need and we are willing to release but we are aware of some issue of Qualcomm's iOS update functions. We are investigating now. Until then please find any android phone and update. We believe this is the fastest way to solve the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    41. Missing avatar

      Petra L. on

      I don’t own any android device. Nor does anyone in my vicinity. So I really would need an iOS app to be able to update firmware in the future.
      I still haven’t received my vie fits though.

    42. Missing avatar

      John de Jong on

      Hope you are not only “considering” an iOS app to update. I too have connectivity issues and I don’t owe an Android device. So desperately need an update through iOS app.

    43. Vie Style Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Samuel Tsy 1: we are allocating the Chinese backer goods now with our fulfilment partner. We will let you know as soon as we have done. 2: We think there was the risk to change the original design of the chip. 3: We recommend iOS user to use Android app for the quick remedy. We will notify once we have more information about iOS app.

    44. Vie Style Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Peter Now firmware is ready and we need more time to develop the app. We will release it as soon as ready. Sorry for your inconvenience.

      @Jeremiah Sechrist Please use any of the android phone (Android OS version later than 7.0) to update your firmware. This will remove the issue and improve your connectivity.

    45. Samuel Tsay on

      Glad to know the issue seems to have been resolved for now.

      A few questions:
      1. Does this final shipment on 4/30 include the ones blocked by the original carriers for Chinese backers due to the charging case problem?

      2. Would you guys try tackling this multipoint functionality again in the future, or try allowing it as an optional beta function in the app? Also it would be nice if a list of devices that MIGHT support multipoint could be shown.

      3. I think it would be really important to release an iOS app. Though I'm on Android, iOS still makes up a great amount of users. Also that would make good on the promise of firmware update for all backers and customers.

      Good luck on the rest of the delivery and roll out of updates.

    46. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      I’m on an iPhone 8 and I run into issues with left or right side not pairing sporadically. Could you please release the firmware to remove multipoint for us as well?

    47. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Glad you solved the problem, but why is this not noted with the tests? And why do we have to wait till 'may' while new shipping Vie Fits will have the updated firmware?

      I am very unhappy with this, regret buying it.

    48. Mathias on

      I wish i will recieve my viefit...