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Ultra-flexible, antibacterial silicone instantly conforms to fit any ears perfectly. Seamlessly delivering superior sound quality.
Ultra-flexible, antibacterial silicone instantly conforms to fit any ears perfectly. Seamlessly delivering superior sound quality.
Ultra-flexible, antibacterial silicone instantly conforms to fit any ears perfectly. Seamlessly delivering superior sound quality.
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    1. Missing avatar

      David Bulbeck about 13 hours ago

      No sound at all from the right side - the light works and I can play / pause / turn off with the right ear bud but there's no noise at any point.

      As the left side spends more time dropped out than active, these are now wholly useless.

      I know we are backers rather than buyers but I'd expected them to last more than a few hours.

    2. Missing avatar

      EJM 2 days ago

      I'm having a heat issue with my unit. The right ear bud is hot to the touch after a few minutes of use. Is there anyway I can send mine in for a replacement?

    3. Andre Hernandez 3 days ago

      Hi I lost my wire and I’m not sure what kind of wire it is. Can anyone tell me what kind of wire i need or where to buy it?

    4. Missing avatar

      王智弘 5 days ago

      How long does it take to wait for the second update?

    5. Missing avatar

      Zacharyzell 6 days ago

      I got a problem with my right earbud. It can't play any sound suddenly but It still pair with my mobile phone. May I know what happening?

    6. Missing avatar

      Petra Luxen 6 days ago

      I still can't update my earbuds because there isn't an iOS app yet. I don't have access to an android phone.
      Can you please, please tell us when the iOS app will be available so we can update software of our earbuds.

    7. Missing avatar

      Margaret Piper

      I am backer 2598. I have not received my pledge items. When can I expect them?

    8. Mario Terra Neto on

      Just received my earbuds yesterday and did this and worked

      How to pair Left and Right
      1: Power on both sides of earphones
      2: Delete Vie Fit setting of the Bluetooth on your device.
      3: Click the button 4 times on one side (LED blinks fast Blue/Red)
      4: Click the button 5 times on the other side (LED blinks slowly Blue/Red)
      5: Wait for the left and right to be paired (LED blue)
      6: Pair one side of the earphone to your phone.

    9. Raymond Eric Spiess Jr. on

      I'm having a problem with these earbuds. When I connect one, the other one disconnected? Why? I'm following the instructions but each time I connect one, the other one disconnects...very frustrating

    10. Missing avatar

      Kin Chang

      I have the same issue as Bern, no sound from one of the earbud, any solution?

    11. Missing avatar

      Kin Chang

      I have th

    12. Missing avatar

      Loc Nguyen on

      Same here. I have not received the product yet. Comment and send messages to Viefit but no response for more than a month. This is really disappointed.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hader on

      I have not received my product yet
      Can you respond please

    14. Alex on

      Same issue as Bern Allan? Not happen and very poor service... Not a good representation for KS?

    15. Missing avatar

      Henry Mario Sardo on

      Please. Can you respond my message? . I have not received my contribution yet.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dicken on

      hi Vie, my vie earbuds does not charge. both earbuds does not have power anymore, but it does not charge after placing them in the case. Need help! Does anyone have the same issue?

    17. Steven Kim on

      I've got the same problem as Bern Allen except my left Vie has no sound except the power on sound and even that it sounds distorted. Seems like there are several of us judging by the comments here and the zendesk help site. Anyone know how we can trigger the warranty clause?

    18. Missing avatar

      Bern Allan on

      There is no longer any sound from my right earbud. The light still comes on and the left is working fine. What’s going on? I am primarily using it on iOS.
      If there is an easy fix please get back to me soon.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Nguyen on

      Hi there left you guys a email about my issue.

      Was working fine for the first few weeks. Accepted the one side pairing only, however now my right ear bud doesn’t have sound. For quite sometime.

      There’s power all controls work, however no sounds.

      What’s the go? Is this a defect, or am I not pairing this right?

    20. Missing avatar

      mobidutch on

      I don't understand why people think they can demand a refund. You did not BUY a product. You chose to invest in a startup project, and it was a risky investment at best. Do you ask your broker for a refund when a stock you invested in takes a dive?

      Mine are sitting in the box for now, and I'll probably end up throwing them away at some point. Oh well. I'll live.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andres Colyer on

      How do I get a refund. I have a set opened and a set unopened/brand new. The pairing and audio cutoff is unacceptable. A $30 pair off Amazon performs better than these.


      Due to financial costs and/or technical limitations, development may not be able to be completed.
      Based on technical specifications of pairing, the battery life may be affected adversely and specifications of battery life may change.
      The upgrade is intended to improve connectivity. Due to the technical limitations of Bluetooth, it may not be possible to eliminate all possibility of connection failure."

      So basically you made your money and are pulling out and not supporting the people who backed you?

    22. Missing avatar

      Loc Nguyen on

      I have not received the goods yet. So sad

    23. YJT on

      I have the same issues @fearlessleader. Please remove or improve the auto-on function when the earbuds are in the case. It’s annoying, I have to turn off Bluetooth on my phone the make sure that I won’t miss any sound from my phone.

    24. Missing avatar

      mobidutch on

      @Hampus Anwell: Log in to your account, then click on the top right circle icon and select "Backed projects". Open the project and you'll see a button "View Pledge". You'll find your backer number near the bottom of the screen that opens.

    25. Goh Su Mei on

      Hi, my right VIE FIT has stopped working awhile ago, no sound through the earpiece (even turning on and off).

      Thing is, i rarely use the right side as usually i only connect to the Left. Meaning i did not drop it or anything, but it just suddenly stopped working. Able to get a replacement ?

    26. Missing avatar

      Henry Mario Sardo on

      Hi guys. Any idea when I can receive my contribution?

    27. Missing avatar

      Hampus Awnell on

      Hi! I finally got hold of an android device to complete the update of my earphones this week. Still got cutouts from my left earbud though. :/ I would like to enter the vie fit update program. But I don’t know where to find which backer no I have? Could you help me with that, or have any further tips on the cutout issue?

    28. Missing avatar

      Kalipok on

      I prefer the auto On/Off to be completely removed rather than improved, for the same reasons as Fearlessleader.... And also because it is very annoying when you take the earbuds to never know when it's on or off (both of them or one or the other). Sometimes it drives me crazy, especially when I have pairing issues afterwards :/

      Another problem I have from times to times : the earbuds are on and paired, but I have no sound... I have to turn them off and on to get sound.

    29. Scott J Johns on

      How do you update the firmware on IOS?

    30. Missing avatar


      Does this firmware update stop it from turning on and pairing while in its charger? THAT has made these not only unusable, but effectively dangerous -- I lost a couple of calls because of it suddenly getting paired. BUT, since I'm on an iPhone, and Qualcomm has little if any incentive to fix this, a firmware update is going to be a long time coming. Label me: UPSET

    31. Missing avatar

      Ariel Zhu on

      I send you guys a email regarding my tracking info being stuck and my orden hasnt arrived and you wont give me any answers now i try my tracking number and it says that it doesnt even exist.
      So where is my package??? You said you delivered the decice to “all of us” where is my item? At least give me some reply.

    32. Missing avatar

      Carmelo Sgobio on

      Any news about a new update of the firmware? After last update, I can paired them but I still have annoying issues with brief disconnections while I'm moving my head, impossible to use them when my phone is in my pocket. I still have faith in you! You can fix it!

    33. Missing avatar

      Shahrul Nizam on

      What's with the charging groove??? I can't charge my left earpiece because the groove is loose. ARGHH

    34. Missing avatar

      Pete Panos on

      Does anybody know the procedure for repairing?

      Many thanks

    35. Missing avatar

      mobidutch on

      @Matt Soffstall: I'll sell you mine if you want another pair. Mine seem to work fine, but they don't fit my ears. I went with the Jabra Elite 65t instead, and am happy with those.

    36. Missing avatar

      Duyen on

      Those with positive feedback must be the extremely lucky 1%. I still have an unopened pair still in the box because I didn’t even want to bother with the frustration of pairing these. What a scam!!! Definitely 100% disappointed.

    37. Missing avatar


      Please, what is, or where did you see:

      “Had to try the procedure for re-pairing them a few times. ”

    38. Missing avatar

      Roman on

      It looks like mine were not paired properly to each other out of the box. Had to try the procedure for re-pairing them a few times. When it succeeded, I, by accident, first clicked the right one 5 times, then powered on and clicked the left one 4 times.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kyla on

      I never received mine in the mail! How can I get a refund? Thank you

    40. Missing avatar

      Matt Shoffstall on


      Mine are working great. I did have some trouble up front from what I thought was the firmware issue, but instead it turned out to be the two units weren't paired to one another at the factory. I've used the provide method of interfacing with the company and found their responses to to prompt and helpful. I am actually hoping that more units are made available for retail purchase soon. I'm an Apple guy, but even the no IOS updater wasn't really that big of a deal. I think what you are seeing on this website are a few folks that are really vocal about their particular problems.

    41. Bert Meendering on

      Anyone here with some sort of positivity?

    42. Missing avatar

      rohit garg on

      The fact is we are conned and ripped off in the most legitimate way. These guys knew very well that people allover globe trust Japanese for their business ethics and product quality and that why we ediots flooded on to this product like bees.. Just see amt of money they have extracted from us, whooping over $300k.
      The intentions weren't true from very 1st day hence the product wouldn't have been such a bitchy one... Not a single soul including me is feeling happy spent our money on this.. Apart from losing our time, patience and above all trust in Kickstarting projects.

      Better to cut this loss emotionally and be rational from now onwards.

      Thank you all

    43. Missing avatar

      王智弘 on

      I feel that almost all of the supporters have received flaws in the products they receive. Some are even unusable. But the VIE FIT team is not owing us an apology. We are like this, I believe that you support you!

    44. Missing avatar

      Champxxx on

      How can i get refund?
      It's not working.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Holgersson on

      This is a really shitty product. How can I contact you?

    46. Missing avatar

      Pete Panos on

      My first pair worked wonderful, for about 3 weeks. You sent me a replacement pair last week, and all seemed fine for a few days. Now they won’t pair. Each ear works independent of the other....but I can’t get them to pair. I went in and forgot the device a few times...still won’t pair. Any recommends?

      Thank you

    47. Missing avatar

      Valencourt Dixon on

      Do you really call these stereo earbuds. I have purchased cheaper and better stereo earbuds from Amazon what a ripoff. Yours don't work at least with my phones . No solution.

    48. Missing avatar

      Donny Adam Rahmatharun on

      I returned my earphone since 9th of May because of malfunction. They did return my delivery fee for about $5 and no news after that. @creator when are you going to send me the new product?

    49. Missing avatar

      Richard Keilson on

      Any news on the iOS firmware update yet? I do not have access to an Android phone and basically the earphones are useless until I at least attempt this update. Obviously it must be frustrating for the manufacturer, but I've paid them my pledge and I still have a non-workable product. I'd prefer not to ask for my money back as I think it could be a good product, but I'd like to find out how good it is what. What is the timeframe on the iOS app, please?

    50. Missing avatar

      Tom D on

      Unfortunately, terrible product. They can't stay connected to each other for more than a few seconds. Isn't this the point of using Bluetooth 5? The firmware update did nothing.

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