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WE DID IT! So excited to make & do everything that you've made possible through this campaign. THANK YOU!
1,452 backers pledged $82,640 to help bring this project to life.

The Asia Pacific tour was epic. Thank you! (Also, rewards update...)

Posted by Vienna Teng (Creator)
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I'm going on tour in the Asia Pacific—starting next week!

Posted by Vienna Teng (Creator)

Hello dear friends!

Remember that Kickstarter you supported waaaay back this time last year? For that music video with dancing and moving walls and stuff? Remember how we hit every last stretch goal with plenty of time to spare? 

That was amazing. I'm still in awe every time I think about it.

So I'm thrilled to announce that, starting next week, I'll be performing in the Asia Pacific region for the first time, thanks to you!

Here's the itinerary:


6 Aug: Melbourne @ The Toff in Town - with Carsie Blanton
7 Aug: Sydney (Newtown) @ The Vanguard - with Carsie Blanton
9 Aug: Canberra @ Southern Cross Club - with Carsie Blanton


13 Aug: Singapore @ BluJaz Cafe
14 Aug: Kuala Lumpur @ No Black Tie


16 & 17 Aug: Tokyo (Kamakura) @ Cafe Goatee


18 Aug: Manila (Quezon City) @ Ka Freddie's
(check for updates on possible 2nd show on 19 Aug!)


20 Aug: Taipei @ Riverside Music Cafe
21 Aug: Taipei @ Riverside Live House


22 Aug: Shenzhen @ Idutang with The Bollands
23 Aug: Hong Kong @ Backstage Live with The Bollands
25 Aug: Beijing @ Yugongyishan
26 Aug: Shanghai @ QSW Culture Center 

Check for details on tickets, venue locations, and any additions to the itinerary. If you live anywhere near these tour stops, I hope to see you on my travels...and if you have friends there, please spread the word so I can meet them!

I'm touring in Asia Pacific Aug 6-26, thanks to YOU!
I'm touring in Asia Pacific Aug 6-26, thanks to YOU!


I've been steadily working throughout the year on individual rewards, which are both my favorite part of fulfilling this Kickstarter campaign and far, far more time-consuming than I anticipated. 

If you're one of the folks still waiting on your reward, thank you very very much for your patience and good humor. If you want an update on how yours is going, or have a specific deadline you'd like me to meet, please email me at Your contribution to this campaign means a lot to me, and I want to make sure you're happy with how it all turned out.

I'm pleased to report that:

  • All video- and album-related rewards have been sent (thanks Amy, Chip, Michele, Karen & the rest of the Kickstarter fulfillment team!)
  • All care packages have been picked, packaged & sent (thanks to friends & family for all the help on wrapping & post office runs!)
  • All but 3 phone calls are complete (postponed to convenient date for all involved)
  • All but 2 StageIt shows are complete (ditto)
  • I'm corresponding with everyone who opted for email feedback
  • I've recorded about half of the custom cover songs

Meanwhile, we've also finished the first cut of video edits and audio mixes for the Aims tour live trio recording. More on that soon!


presenting: Behind the Scenes on the Level Up shoot.

Posted by Vienna Teng (Creator)

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USA Today premieres the music video! Share away!

Posted by Vienna Teng (Creator)

Well, that was fast. USA Today just premiered the Level Up music video—so now you can share it with all your friends! Here's the link:

Music writer Brian Mansfield watched the video and immediately responded to my publicist (Jesse Cutler, who's awesome). "It's really rare for us to do two premieres for one artist," Brian told me over the phone yesterday, referring to the great preview piece of Aims he'd done in July. "But I watched this once and called Jesse right back with 'yes, we want this one too.'"

In the brief interview we had yesterday, he was clearly fascinated with the Kickstarter campaign and how much fun we had with it all, and I was happy to talk about it:

Teng funded the Level Up video via a Kickstarter campaign, asking her fans to help her raise $20,000 for the production. She ended up exceeding her goal by a factor of four. The experiment in crowd-funding took Teng completely by surprise — not only that she met her goal but that she met it so quickly.

"I launched the campaign as I was getting on a plane," she says. "It was a five-hour flight across the country. When I landed, it had been fully funded.

"It kind of kept going after that and became this fan [sic] game of giving fans things if we hit certain numbers." She eventually had 1,452 backers contribute $82,460, which not only funded the video but an international tour Teng has planned for 2014. "It ended up being this sort of love-letter correspondence between me and my fans."

Thank you, Brian, for another wonderful piece and for lending such great exposure to this video!

More soon (again),


Posted by Vienna Teng (Creator)

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