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It's the novel you play. It's the book that's a game. VIDYA BOOKS presents... The book, as reimagined by video game makers.
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Call for Beta Testers... Crowded Fiction (aka Vidya Books) Hits beta! Yeh, and Phew!!!

Posted by Vidya Gamer, LLC (Creator)

(note: I'm dyslexic and I wasn't able to get anyone to proof read this prior to sending out - sorry!)

Crowded Fiction (aka Vidya Books) hits beta! 

I will follow up with a more detailed update soon - but, we've hit beta, yeh! (and phew!) and I wanted to get a shout out for some beta testers. We are behind schedule (boo) but the book is going super well (yeh!). And, we've added a few surprises that I walk talk about soon (ooh!). Every character in the book (bar Jackson) is a based on a backer! (this was fun, and a little challenging at times!!!)

We are looking for a few people to help test the beta. Specifically we need:

  • Honest feedback on the book quality and flow
  • Feedback on reading speed works best for you.
  • Testing and feedback on the social features
  • Catch Proof issues (spellings, style issues)

We are limited in the number of devices we can use (see below) so we will most likely add 5-6 for each beta revision.

What you need:

1) MUST - iPad running iOS6 (iPad 2 or later)
2) Ideally - Be a Backstage level or higher backer
3) Ideally - Have a Facebook account and be willing to 'friend' other beta testers.

How it works:

We use a service call TestFlight to help us manage testers. Once we send the invite, you register yourself AND your device with TestFlight. Then TestFlight notifies you when there is a new build which you download on your machine.

Apple only allows us to register 100 devices to cover development, testing, beta testing and preview builds.

How to Apply:

email with 'Beta Tester Request' and the following information:

  • Device: (you need iPad2 or later running iOS6)
  • Has you device been registered with us before: (just say NO if this makes no sense)
  • Are you a Backstage level backer:
  • Do you have access to kids to get their input too? What age:
  • Do you have time to read the whole book and give some meaningful feedback:


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    1. Jody Lemke on

      Whew! Same worries. Glad to hear that the final product will be compatible with my iPad/iPhone.

    2. Shawn Durington on

      Okay sweet I was super bummed if not, can't wait to see the final product thanks.

    3. Vidya Gamer, LLC Creator on

      Yes - I still intend to support iOS5 (i.e. iPad1) and phone / iPod format. It was proving to complex to maintain that many configs during in development so, for now I'm leading with iPad iOS6.

    4. Shawn Durington on

      I really hope that beta testers are the only ones required to have an iPad2 otherwise I'm gonna be rather disappointed that I will not be able to read the book.

      Thanks for any info,