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It's the novel you play. It's the book that's a game. VIDYA BOOKS presents... The book, as reimagined by video game makers.
350 backers pledged $15,175 to help bring this project to life.

Yeh, we did it! THANK YOU!!!

Posted by Vidya Gamer, LLC (Creator)

(sorry for dyslexic errors; typically I have my wife, Anna edit my posts, but we are both so busy and I felt it was better to get an update out)

We made our stretch goal - THANK YOU SO MUCH

I am so excited that we hit our stretch goal. Phew! This is going to be very COOL!

Speaking of cool, I just learned that the Fonz is dyslexic too!

What to expect in the next few days

Back Stage Club - I will send out the details on this very shortly. We have some things to take care of very quickly (like the book name).

Questionnaires for Co-stars, Redshirts, and Thespians. We should have these out within the next few days (I haven't seen the format, so max 7 days).

Secret Message and Customized Dedication. Will follow up shortly on this too.

How is the project going? Have you found time to do any development?

It's going great. I was hoping to spend 50% of my time on development and 50% on business and Kickstarter. It's probably been more like 30% / 70% but things are progressing well.  Chapter Two is on it's third draft. Chapter Three is on it's second draft. Chapter Four is in progress.

We figured out a new production methodology to help us between writing and design - I'm going to cover this in the BackStage club soon!

Thanks to you, we are...



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