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With Jodelle Ferland (Eclipse, Silent Hill). A high school rock band on the verge of breaking up gets locked in their garage for a day.
With Jodelle Ferland (Eclipse, Silent Hill). A high school rock band on the verge of breaking up gets locked in their garage for a day.
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Press, Auditions, Fundraising Part 2 and Workshop Love

I did an interview every day during the week following our successful kickstarter campaign (all thanks to YOU, our fabulous backers). It was crazy!  Jen kinda hates being on camera and I enjoy it so I end up doing the media side of things while Jen writes, re-writes, story boards and all 'round plans all the nitty-gritty Director details of our movie that I shy away from.

So, here's a list of media that you can check out about this kickstarter campaign and our feature film:

Me on the A Channel

Listen to the interview with me on CFAX - I'm at minute 7.

Karolina Karas wrote an article for UVic's newspaper called "Film Financed Through Social Media" that got picked up by CUPwire (Canadian University Press). That means other universities across Canada could pick it up too. Yay!

I was also interviewed for a business magazine, a Quebec cultural paper (Culture Libre) and a blog. Watch this space! I'll post the links that become available.


We sent the script to Breakdown Services, who then did character breakdowns for every single character in the script.  For those of you who don't know, those are the short blurbs about each character like "Richie, Male 18-20, manipulative guitar player who the band suspects locked them in the garage. Ladies man, sleeps with best friend's girlfriends..." and so on.  It's really fun to read their descriptions!

The breakdowns get sent to every talent agent in the Vancouver area, as well as some in LA and Toronto.  We've already had 400 submissions, and are creating our short list on April 4th. We're then auditioning the remaining lead parts (Richie, Scott, Laura-Kate and Abby) on April 9th and 10th and all other characters on May 7th and 8th.  I love the audition part of movie making!

Oh by the way, we've had to push the shoot back to June.  We're doing rehearsals June 1st-3rd and the actual shoot is June 6th -17th with the wrap party on June 18th.  The reason for the change is that we have stars becoming attached to the movie, which changes the scheduling as we work around their other projects.  We promise not to change the dates again!


Now that we've rocked the kickstarter campaign, I'm on to phase 2 of film fundraising - getting more $! No, it never ends.  Now I focus on corporate & business sponsors, as well as large backers that want a % of our profits in exchange for their support.  

Our amazing Production Manager, Emily Silver, is working on acquiring all the props we need for the garage - which surprisingly, is quite a bit.  I'll probably post the list here in an update soon so again, watch this space.  Maybe you'll have exactly what we're looking for? 


I'm leading a workshop called "Show me the Money! Crowdfunding your Indie Film with Victoria Westcott" at our local film cooperative, Cinevic.  Figure it's a good time to share what we learned in our campaign so other filmmakers can do the same for their movies.  17 people have already RSVP'ed on facebook, and we only have space for 20 so I'm pretty stoked about that. 

Wow, this was a long update.  Sorry - I can be a bit wordy!

Send us emails anytime - we love to hear from you!

And once again, THANK YOU! You ROCK!


PS) The photo below is of me with Canadian actor/screenwriter/filmmaker Don McKellar.  He wrote the Red Violin, amongst other amazing movies! LOVE him.  Just posted here because I can. :-)

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    1. maria adkins on March 20, 2011

      You are so adorable, and my hero! As soon as I get more $$$ you can have it! xoxo