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what i'm up to

i'm making an edition of 100 personalized birthday cards. 

how it will work

if you pledge to this project and it is successfully funded, i'll send you a few short questions to better understand who you are, when you were born, and what might be fun for you visually. then, i'll cut the paper, glue the ribbon, add the glitter, and ship the card directly to you, just in time for your birthday. each card will be unique and hand crafted in my home in new york city.


each card will be different, but below are a few examples of cards i've made.

say ahh
say ahh


in da club
in da club




about me

my name is victoria, and i'm kickstarter's director of arts. i like birthdays, and holidays in general. once i wrapped 42 gifts the day before christmas. 

Risks and challenges

what if there are multiple birthdays on the same day? that is a lot of crafting! i'll plan ahead and make it happen.

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    a card

    i will mail you a personalized, handcrafted card, delivered just in time for your birthday.

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