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Geoff and his Two Dads: Interactive Children's iPad Book App's video poster

Tomato Trouble is the first book in the "Geoff and his Two Dads" series, starring Geoff, an adorable terrier with wheels for back legs. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 10, 2012.

Tomato Trouble is the first book in the "Geoff and his Two Dads" series, starring Geoff, an adorable terrier with wheels for back legs.

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About this project

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

We did it! With your help we have raised enough money to fund the iPad and iPhone versions of Tomato Trouble. We still have just one more hour to raise extra funds to make this app come out faster and also work towards Android, PC, and Mac versions. We can still use more support in these final moments to release for more platforms. 

After Kickstarter: Get the remaining Kickstarter rewards or just Donate to help continue animation, development, and testing on Tomato Trouble.

Follow Geoff and his Two Dads: on their Blog, Twitter, and Facebook Page.

Follow the Production: on the Developer's Blog and Producer's Library Page.

The Final 24 Hours!

My oh my, time is being measured in hours now. We must be close! Animation and interactivity development will begin in full force once we raise the last tiny bit of money. Please help tip us over the top today!

Remember that you can donate as little as $1 to continue to receive development updates after the fundraising period is over. We love all the Facebook Likes, but if each person who liked this project also donated $1 we'd be in amazing shape right now. How cool would that be?

The more money we raise before the deadline, the more animations and interactivity we can put on each of the 24 beautifully illustrated book pages. With enough money we'd also be able to release for Android, Mac, and PC. The sky is the limit, so please help in any way you can!

Media Coverage

See what the web is saying about Geoff and his Two Dads:

“We at GSN are charmed by the illustrations and the story and think children everywhere should see it.”
– Gay Star News

“A Kickstarter campaign worth supporting!”
– Gay Marriage USA

“Check out this project that Dad and Daddy think has great value and
relevance for Two Dad and Two Mom Families like ours.”
– Dad Loves Daddy

“We think this sounds like a wonderful project... Let's show our support for
projects like this that feature same-sex families.”
– Gay Marriage Oregon

And finally, the real Geoff's two dads were interviewed last week by their local newspaper, the Newcastle Post. You can read the article online at .

We're two thirds of the way to our funding goal, and with your continued support I know we can make it by June 9th. A new video will be posted very soon showing some app progress. Stay tuned and keep sharing!

Video Update #1

We've got 500 likes and are now 23% of the way towards our goal. Here's a special thank you video from Geoff and Adam in Australia:

About This Project

Welcome to the adventures of Geoff and his Two Dads. We intend for this interactive children's book app, "Tomato Trouble," to be the first in a series of animated stories about a small dog and the two men who love and care for him.

Geoff and his Two Dads

Geoff is based on a real Jack Russel Terrier who lives in New South Wales, Australia, and just happens to have two dads. One of them, Adam Davies, is the writer of these stories. Despite a small handicap, Geoff has a very full and exciting life.

Like many girls and boys, Geoff has same-sex parents who are in a loving, committed relationship. Together, Geoff and his Two Dads make a wonderful family who share many fun and exciting adventures.

Tomato Trouble

Occasionally, Geoff gets into a bit of mischief, as is the case in "Tomato Trouble." While playing on a warm Summer's day, Geoff and his best friend, Sam, accidentally cause more than a little trouble for their neighbors. Happily, Geoff's dads are nearby and race to the rescue. The day ends with a lovely treat for dinner.

Our lovingly hand-crafted book will be released for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and will include:

  • 24 pages of original, full-color illustrations
  • Beautiful symphonic score
  • Charming voice narration
  • Highlighted read-along text
  • Ambient sound and effects
  • Animated characters and scenery
  • Interactive objects with movement and sound
  • Adjustable volume levels

About Wompi Studios and the Geoff Team

Jeff Wannberg and Victor Andersen started developing a little over nine months ago, from an original story written by Adam Davies. The goal is to establish a strong platform from which to continue developing Book Apps with inclusive stories that hopefully all children and their families can love and enjoy.

The Book App is being lovingly handcrafted by an international group of very talented artists and professionals that include:

  • Tanya Cooper – Illustrator
  • Diane de Zylva – Narrator
  • Phillip J Faddoul – Music Composer
  • Heather Hamann – Marketing and Social Media


So far, the project has been self-funded with no budget. Yet, we have managed to beautifully illustrate, narrate, and score the Book App. We have almost all the code written, but there is still a ways to go.

We've run out of cash and we need more resources. We need more time to get all of this beautiful art moving, animating, and responding to your touch on the screen. We're so close to submitting our app to Apple, we can taste it. We ask for your help and generosity to make it down the final stretch.

Where the Funds Will Go


In order to publish to the app store, and to make sure the art looks beautiful on an iPad Retina Screen, we will need to purchase a newer computer and iPad for development and testing. Our current development computer is a six-year-old MacBook which can't run Apple's latest tools, and can't build for our iPad which is a slower, first generation model.


We have been working for tomatoes so far, and we need to pay our artist, animator, producer, programmer, and the rest of our team for their hard work. While our interactive sound cues are being edited in Australia, pages are being animated and programmed in California, and art for the next book is being illustrated in Vietnam. Your support will help us all keep working to deliver you a quality series of Book Apps.


We know that Geoff is so adorable, people will want to share his story in all sorts of ways. We want to be able to produce color poster prints, stuffed plush dolls, and other items which celebrate Geoff as a character and showcase the book's lovely art.

Our Goals

Our goals aren't overly lofty, but we do hope they matter; We hope that we can be a part of making stories like "Geoff and his Two Dads" more commonplace in the market. We want to keep producing beautiful and quality Book Apps for children based on the work of incredible new writers and artists.

If we reach our goal of $5,500, we will be able to buy the hardware we need and keep our programmer housed and fed long enough to finish the app with basic features. We would like to be in the app store this Summer, but it will be hard to reach that goal without some support, and there may be unforeseen hurdles in our way.

With $10,000, we could hire additional animation and programming staff to make the app come out faster, plus make our tools better so producing the next book becomes easier. We could also place some small ads to help more of Geoff's fans find out about his story once the app is available.

With even more money, we could add additional features such as:

  • More interactive objects
  • More animations and sound effects
  • Additional language support
  • Interactive playback controls

With enough support, we can also start production on other projects such as:

  • The Adventures of Geoff and his Two Dads – Books 2 and 3
  • Android and E-book formats of our book apps
  • Geoff video games for mobile and web
  • Geoff choose-your-own-adventure stories

Closing Thoughts

We thank you for taking the time to look at our project. We hope you see the same potential in our little friend Geoff that we do, and that you are able to help in whatever way you can, even if it's just by sharing our web site and Facebook page with your friends.

Plush Doll Photo Campaign

As part of an early promotional campaign, we sent four hand-made Geoff dolls out into the world to help spread the word. Below are some of the photos we've gotten back from people who have taken their Geoff doll to some far-off places. You can see them all and more on Geoff's Facebook page.

If you support us at the $150 level or above, you will get your own hand-made, limited edition, plush Geoff doll just like the ones in these pictures.

For more photos and stories of the real Geoff, visit his gallery and blog.

Geoff says, "Thanks for visiting! Please share this page with your friends! Woof!"


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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