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A series of vignettes chronicling a few lonely people in Duluth, MN searching for a connection in a bleak winter. It's a comedy. Sorta.
A series of vignettes chronicling a few lonely people in Duluth, MN searching for a connection in a bleak winter. It's a comedy. Sorta.
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Duluth Is Horrible Screening In San Francisco 2/8 & 2/11 & More!

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Pleased to announce that "Duluth" has been selected for the San Francisco Independent Film Festival and will playing February 8 at 2:30 & February 11 at 7:00 as part of a shorts program all about love (or lack thereof). Tickets are here: I will be there spouting off anecdotes about the movie and answering your tough relationship questions. (Communication, compromise, & compassion people!)

Now say you only enjoy watching my movies. In that case, you're invited to a 90 minute Vincent Gargiulo Retrospective at the Alameda Main Library on Feb. 25, 2014. Address is 1550 Oak St. , Alameda, CA. It starts at 5:30p and is FREE. We'll be showing a bunch of my shorts and getting a sneak preview of my upcoming film, "Fantastic" (a parody of Disney's Fantasia).

Now say you hate comedy, like real-life animal stories, and live in Grass Valley, CA, then you should come to the Animal Film Festival where my short experimental doc, "Bimbo" will play on Mar. 1, 2014.

Big things coming up and I couldn't have done it with you. So thanks and I hope to see some of you at these various exotic locales. 

- Vincent Gargiulo


Ok, so I'm one day late. But I did pick up the DVDs yesterday and will start sending them out (along with any other rewards) today. This means the film is absolutely finished and I want to thank everyone big time for contributing to my Kickstarter to make it happen. I hope you'll enjoy the finished product. I'm pretty happy with it. Some have said it's my best yet.

So what happens now with the film? Well I'll be sending it out to film festivals and it exists on a DVD that people can purchase. The film will have it's public premiere Jun. 11 at the Zinema in Duluth, MN. Two screenings: one at 7:00p and one at 8:30p. They'll be showing a few of my other shorts all leading up to the big horrible one. I will be making my grand return to Minnesota. They tell me it's nice there in June. I'll see when I believe it. The screenings are being run by the Zinema so all ticketing is going through them. I encourage you to come out, see the film on the big screen, and say hello to me. Or punch me in the face. There may be a local Bay Area screening but nothing has been setup just yet.

As Duluth does it's thing, I've already started working on the next project - a live-action Fantasia. I'm sure they'll be some sort of Kickstarter for that when I get a little more organized. I'll continue to write in the ol' duluth blog every now & then and do some updates here too if anything very exciting happens. Thank you again, enjoy the swag, and have a horrible day!

- Vincent Gargiulo

A Taste Of Horrible

Here's the trailer. Watch it in HD for a truer cinematic experience. It plays up the melancholic side of the film but I figured it was better to go in as a drama and get a few laughs, then expect a comedy and not laugh very much. Erik Satie makes it all gloomy. The film itself is about one or two sound mixes away from completion, then over to the DVD printing company for Kickstarter send-offs! People not involved with the film can pre-order a DVD too if they're so inclined. DVD will be autographed, thank you noted, have commentary and a never before seen bonus film about a whale! Hot dog! Really hope to get them in your hands by Apr. 31. If not, very very early May. You want quality product dontcha?

I'll start sending to film festivals and trying to organize a screening in Duluth too. I look forward to another round of public outcry! Can you dig it man? Thanks again for your continued support in making this film. I hope you will like it.


It's March and things are underway. I've edited all but two scenes. The pacing of the vignettes needs to be finessed, but it's looking good. About 20 minutes seems to be right. Probably a little less. I added a new song to the film which I'll be recording this week. It's a nice faux 60s Lesley Gore-esque tune. After the edit, I'll give it to someone to work on the post sound and some small visual effects. And it's done! I'd love to do a screening in Duluth at that time. I mean I've been going through serious interview withdrawal since coming back. That said, I did do a 30 min. podcast interview discussing all my stuff here

I'm working on the credits list. As you may remember, anyone who submitted $10 & more gets credits. I'm using your mailing name unless you want to tell me otherwise. Also, a few of you selected "no reward" meaning no credits, not even a copy of the finished film. If you did select $10 or more and want to change that selection, let me know. Why bank on it's festival premiere at Cannes? Get the DVD now!

Back to work friends! More exciting stuff soon.

I've Done My Crime And Did My Time

I will never take the Super Shuttle again from the airport on account of "Today's Modern Club Hits" blasting from the radio. After waking up at 3:30a and taking a 9 hour flight (yes, I bought the cheap one that goes everywhere), I was going through an internal crisis listening to this repetitive arcade music, mixed with the observations of a couple from Idaho Falls on what parts of SF they will and won't walk in. I got home, ordered a pizza, and slept for 12 hours. Happy Valentine's Day.

I am back in San Francisco after 18 days of Minnesota and to be honest, I will miss it. I will miss the people, the adventure, the celebrity, and geez, it's hotter than I remembered here. Today marks the first day of taking off my long-johns in a while. We got so very close. My cat seems unexcited about my return. I'm unexcited about him too. Our relationship works best this way.

So many interviews were done in Duluth. Here are just the ones I have access to:

This week I want to get a roughcut together. I'm really excited about the footage. Given the quick nature of everything, I think the film will be way better than it has any right to be. It looks great and the performances are solid in my opinion. The film should be a strange beautiful bummer.

My excursion to Duluth was a fascinating wonderful experience and one I'll always remember. I want to go back when the movie is complete and do a screening. If people are going crazy before it's even filmed, think of the shitstorm when they can actually watch it. I wrote daily in my blog about adventures. Check it out for more specifics on my day to day filming life including car breakdowns, large strippers, fashion shows, angry owls, and more. 

Here I am in front of a famous Duluth ship:

And here I am with a local drunk:

It's not the photo. He was that blurry in real life. Well now it's onto stage 3: Post-Production - where the film really gets made. Thanks for all your support!

- Vincent