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The Videogame History Museum will house the world's most comprehensive videogame archive in the Silicon Valley area of California.
356 backers pledged $50,266 to help bring this project to life.

The National Videogame Museum is OPEN

Posted by Videogame History Museum (Creator)

Good day, revered backers!

We often tell our whole story to media people but the piece about Kickstarter is often left out of the detailed version. What you guys did for us was crucial in going from a traveling museum to a permanent one. For those of you who haven't been following, here's how it all went down.

The Kickstarter campaign goal was to better mobilize and protect the collection that was previously shown at just a couple of events a year. The money immediately went into funding a more widespread campaign that included exhibits at E3, Game Developer Conference, PAX East, South By Southwest, Comikaze, and so on. With the word out that we were looking for a permanent home, our agenda at each of these events was to find the right space and support to make that happen.

In February 2012 we set up an exhibit at an event that we never would have done had it not been for your Kickstarter support: the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, NV ( We had a small room set amidst the many conference rooms that year, and in that small room our typical arrangement of rare artifacts, arcade machines, and of course our signature "80s Living Room". The living room provided a great backdrop for many of the media outlets in attendance, and IGN hosted a series of webcast interviews in our space.

After one such interview, Gearbox co-founder and CEO Randy Pitchford looked around the exhibit and asked us: "Are you guys planning on opening a videogame museum? I want to open a videogame museum. I think I've got the place for you". That place was Frisco, TX. Randy was moving his company from Plano to Frisco and had already formed a relationship with the city. This was leveraged to gain us audience there and they loved our product. Frisco was (and still is) growing dramatically and was looking to expand on the cultural experience for its residents and visitors. In September 2014, the city approved the build-out of the National Videogame Museum ( to the tune of $1.2 million dollars.

If not for the $50k raised here on Kickstarter, that meeting at DICE 2012 would not have happened and who knows where we would be today. Thanks to you we are in the PERFECT home: a city that appreciates what we are doing, a beautiful facility with plenty of room for expansion, and a local community still booming with businesses of every kind. Frisco IS a destination. If you haven't already visited, do a little research and you'll discover that there is plenty to do for everyone here... after fully enjoying your museum of course!

We opened the doors to the public last weekend, April 2nd 2016, within five years and WELL ahead of our eight-year plan outlined here on Kickstarter. For those of you who pledged $10 or more here, your ticket is waiting for you! We've already had the chance to meet up with some of you on opening weekend and hope to see all of you soon.

On behalf of the National Videogame Museum founding team, THANK YOU for making this happen!

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    1. Sniderman

      Fantastic news! Joe, John, and Sean, I'm incredibly pleased to see this come to life. Congrats, guys!

    2. Ken Gagne

      WOW! Congratulations!! I now have a reason to visit Texas…