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Who doesn't like mail? Mail that isn't a bill. I look forward to sharing a handwritten postcard with some of my photography.

I love receiving mail that isn't a bill or spam. I thought why not take some of my photography, make postcards out of them, and write a personal message.

It doesn't have have to be for yourself. It can be as an unexpected gift or surprise for someone you know. If it is a gift I'll try and work in a note from you the backer. I could also pen a love poem/note for you. (warning: the image will be picked at random so I can't guarantee a sweet or romantic image should you choose that option.) I guess I could also break up for you over a postcard. That seems to have more personality than a text message or email.

I'm typically a portrait, children, and wedding photographer. I do take random photographs of things that interest me. Odd bits of beauty, and things that just caught my eye. Over the next 30 days I will be combing through my backstock of images for the postcards. These images will be gathered from close to 20 years of photography, if I can find a box of old 110 from ages ago. The images will come from digital cameras, cell phone, 35mm, 120mm, 110mm film, x-ray film, and photo paper.

I plan on having somewhere between 60 and 120 unique images. If I have more than 120 backers I might dig further, or I might recycle some of my more favorite images. I seriously doubt there will be repeats that anyone will notice.

The money will cover my production costs, and the extra will go toward those lovely school loans that seem to always be there.


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    You will receive a massive thanks and a link to a video of my daughter and I doing our secret handshake. Warning: it is awesome and nerdy. I LOVE IT!

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    You will receive, or can give me the address of someone else to send it to, a photopost card with one of my original photographs on one side, and a personal message, drawing, recipe, kiss or some other uplifting or goofball thing I can think of to write on the opposite side. You will also receive the link to our super-awesome secret handshake.

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    You will receive the above rewards as well as an additional postcard.

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    This gets all the above as well as one more additional postcard for a total of 3.

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