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We make soft-bound, print-on-demand books out of personal archives of images, words and memories from the current wars.
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Monica Haller

124 backers pledged $7,630 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Flashlight Photorental Minneapolis on April 26, 2011

      I got my prize today, the E. Tool cup.. Ohh wow. I feel so lucky!!

      Monica, I hope I can help you more in the future. --Raoul

    2. Creator Vicki O'Shea on February 2, 2011

      Congratulations, so happy that you reached your goal.

    3. Creator margaret baranowski on January 30, 2011

      This is a wonderful project and I hope you exceed your goal.

    4. Creator Patricia Briggs on January 27, 2011

      I think this project is one of the most important projects of the decade. It has the potential to transform the way we civilians understand war.

    5. Creator Mary-Ann Rich on January 23, 2011

      This was the most powerful thing that I have done in my healing journey. All the Veteran Hospital programs do not compare to the validation that I have received from writing my book.

    6. Creator Monica Haller on November 28, 2010

      Vicki, Thank you so much for reading. Please feel free to share some of your thoughts. I know many of bookmakers and I would like to hear and to start a conversation.

    7. Creator Vicki O'Shea on November 21, 2010

      I wish you every success, this is such a worthwhile project...I have read many of the books on your website and have been deeply moved by them.