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We make soft-bound, print-on-demand books out of personal archives of images, words and memories from the current wars.

Jan 31, with 15 hours to go, we reached our goal of $7,000. We're completely overwhelmed by the amount of support people have shown for the project and incredibly thankful. And there is still time to go. If you feel moved to contribute, please do. We can and will use every penny because the project has grown faster than our funds. Any additional money will help us sustain the current momentum in 2011.

With your help we can: run workshops where new interest has emerged; support old workshop sites where newly recruited bookmakers are waiting; and expand the library, which is critical to transforming our understanding of these wars.

The Veterans Book Project is a library of books authored collaboratively by artist Monica Haller and dozens of people who have been affected by, and have archives of, the current American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In their printed format, the books provide a place or “container” that slows down and materializes the great quantity of ephemeral image files that live on veterans’ hard drives and in their heads. Each book re-deploys volatile images with the aim of rearticulating and refashioning memories.

The Veterans Book Project facilitates bookmaking workshops around the country. In these workshops, combat and non-combat veterans, their families, and others are invited to edit and design their archives and stories into softbound, print-on-demand books. Using software specifically designed for this project, three to six participants compile their digital and handwritten archives into book format over the course of a week. These materials can include digital images, emails, and journal entries from combat, as well as writings generated at the workshop.

The completed digital manuscripts are published through Available as a free download or as a published, softbound book, each is a contained and tactile “object for deployment,” meant to be “deployed” to new audiences: family, friends, the art community, and the general public.

The Veterans Book Project is growing faster than our funds. Any additional money we raise beyond our $7k goal is crucial in sustaining our current momentum. Donations fund the Spring 2011 workshops: travel and lodging for project staff, food for participants, printing costs for published books, compensation for project staff, and computers for bookmaking. Any additional donations help us to reach more people and tell more stories.

To learn more, please visit our website:, or find us on Facebook: “Veterans Book Workshop.” You can view all completed books at our page:

Thank you in advance for your support of The Veterans Book Project!


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    Loads of gratitude and Kickstarter updates (don't worry, there will be less updates than gratitude).

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    Looking for a holiday gift idea? Consider donating to the Veterans Book Project on behalf of a loved one. We have added a holiday reward at the $20 level; a 8x10 print from project author Drew Cameron. When you donate, tell us the contact information of your gift recipient and we’ll mail them the reward.

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    A twenty-five dollar donation buys a spot on our website's donor list and an arm full of gratitude. Every bit helps!

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    A special reward just added to see us through to our goal! Donate $35 and receive a very special book co-authored by Nancy and Riley Sharbonno, mother and son.

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    A fifty dollar donation buys an original poem from a Project author. Frame it on your wall, read it at your book club, or show it off to your grandma. It's all yours! Your name will also be included on our website's donor list.

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    This is a limited-edition offer: a one hundred dollar donation buys a hand-thrown ceramic cup by Project authors, and ceramic artist, Ehren Tool, who writes, "cups are on the correct scale to talk about war" - at home and personal and potentially long-lasting. Or a ceramic piece by Project author and artist, Jesse Albrecht. Your name will also be included on our website's donor list.

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    A two hundred and fifty dollar donation buys you a book from the Veterans Book Project signed by its author and mailed to you with love and gratitude from all of us. Your name will also be included on our website's donor list.

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    A five hundred dollar donation buys you an original poem by a Project author, printed on handmade Combat Paper. It also buys you a book of your choice from the Veterans Book Project. Your name will also be included on our website's donor list.

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    A one thousand dollar donation buys a signed copy from the almost sold-out, first edition of "Riley and his story." The Veterans Book Project team will make up a jingle with your name in the first stanza... and second and third. Seriously, the book will be delivered with tremendous gratitude. Your name will also be included on our website's donor list.

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    A five thousand dollar donation not only fulfills over seventy percent of our goal, it helps us sustain the current forward momentum of the project. This gift is rewarded with all the exaltation and adoration we've got (and as grant-funded artists, we've got a lot!). Your name will be included on our website's donor list, as well as etched into the memories of all people who know and love this project. As a small token of appreciation, you'll receive a box set of five books (of your choice) from the collection.

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