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An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
1,091 backers pledged $77,128 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update & Replacements

Posted by Vesuvius Media Ltd (Creator)

Status Update

On Friday, our shipping partners told us that approximately 150 packages were returned to the US hub and about 60 to the German hub. The carriers said the packages could not be delivered because the labels had been misprinted (ink was to light).

We are now trying to get a full list of those packages so that we can notify each one of you with an email. The plan is for those packages to be re-shipped as soon as possible this week.


We had a couple of backers report that when they opened their Expansions they found Spanish or Portuguese cards instead of English. If this happens to you, please take a photo of the box and the content, and send it to us so that we can send you the correct cards.

The Mini Sleeves Saga continues. The US hub messed up a couple of orders and, instead of adding the new sleeves, added the small ones that do not fit the cards. If this happens to you, please take a photo of the small sleeves (one with a card in it), and send it to us so that we can arrange for you to get replacements.

If you want to report an issue, please send us an email to Remember to include photos and your FULL shipping information in case we need to send you a replacement.

Thank you all for your support and your patience. We are working hard and around the clock to resolve all issues as soon as possible and get the games to you.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Cristian on

      I have received half my pledge. i'm missing Covil Dark Overlords Base Game, 7 Dwarves Base Game and a few other things, where can i request the missing things?

    2. Robert Taylor

      Just chiming in. I haven't received my copy yet. USA, Pennsylvania.

    3. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      All backers with mini sleeves will receive a replacement. You do not need to request it.

    4. Kevin Chiasson on

      Are we getting a default shipment of replacement small sleeves or do we have to do the whole picture thing from the start?
      Meaning is the statement above for the replacement or original shipment of sleeves?

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Seeley on

      I have not received mine yet if all other have been delivered expect it is in this batch. Thanks for the update I was starting to worry.

    6. Jennifer Chuin Lee on

      Omg omg... i'm so excited, I can't wait to get my game. I hope it will be soon :D

    7. Mark Jonny Konrath

      Thats why I seal the labels waterproof when its raining and snowing and blizzarding and hurricaning like it currently dues :-D I guess my packet belongs to those as well. have not received it yet. I´m happy to get the game soon, so I dont mind

    8. Billy

      Same as previous comments. I know you guys said you knew who needed what, but just checking.

      Also, if you haven't sent them out yet, can we work out charging me for a single pack of of standard size sleeves please? Our previous calculations weren't quite right it seems.

    9. Nad Akpeh

      I haven't received mine yet.

    10. Francois Perreault on

      At update 25, pick-up were expected by end of week (26 Dec).
      Do you have a better idea when they will be available?