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An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
1,091 backers pledged $77,128 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update and Sleeves Issue!

Posted by Vesuvius Media Ltd (Creator)

Shipping Update

The games have been delivered to the UK, German and US postal services/carriers. Some backers in UK have started receiving their games. US backers should start getting theirs this week too.

Packages for Asia have also been delivered to the carrier. We are still missing 5 phone numbers from Asian backers. We have contacted each one of those backers via Kickstarter private message and email. Please respond to these messages with your phone number so we can release your packages.

The Canadian fulfillment centers picked up the games on Monday. We are waiting for an update on their shipping process.

With the current rate of delivery, we expect some backers to have their games this week, but most of you will get it the next one. Some fulfillment centers notify the backers with an email or an sms (provided that you gave us your phone number), some do not.

For backers who are receiving their games from HappyShops, there was a small problem with their automatic notification system, BUT there is no need to panic! Their system mixed up the Dwar7s Fall Extra Stickers and the Sleeves, so the email you received may have had wrong information. Thankfully, this has been corrected so there should not be any issues with delivery. 

Sleeves... Saga!

There was a manufacturing problem with the Mini Sleeves. As such, the cards do not fit they way they should. Thank you to all the backers who let us know and sent photos! We are now working on acquiring the correct sleeves and we will mail them to you as soon as possible (likely mid- to late-January). 

As always, keep sending us your feedback and we'll do our best to keep you updated!


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    1. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      We will send them directly to your address.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marco Simon Gomez on

      About the mini sleeves, I acquired the game in Spain from Arrakis.
      Will you send the minislaves to Arrakis or direct to my address?

      Thanks a lot!

    3. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Nephastus: Mandala will start shipping out at the end of this week, so they told us that you should expect the packages to arrive mid to end of January. We will inform as soon as they give us more information.

      MINI SLEEVES: We expect to have the new correct batch of mini sleeves by the end of this week, so we will start sending replacements to all the backers.

    4. Nephastus on

      Any news from Mandala?

    5. Kevin Chiasson on

      Thank you for the update