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An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
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Shipping Final Phase Starting!

Posted by Vesuvius Media Ltd (Creator)

We are happy to report that...

1) the games destined for the EU have cleared customs and were delivered yesterday to the distribution hubs in Spain, the UK and Germany. We are hoping they will start sending out your games this coming week!

2) the games destined for North America have cleared American customs and they are now being transferred to the distribution hubs in the US and Canada. They should arrive this Tuesday or Wednesday. After that, final destination shipping will start.

3) this week the games will also be delivered to the Asian hub and final destination shipping will start immediately!

With a little bit of holiday magic, backers should start receiving games the week before Christmas. Our shipping companies have warned us that there could be delays because of the high volume of packages being delivered at this time, but we booked our shipping slots well in advance so they are doing their best to get your games to you as soon as possible!

Thank you for your patience! Please keep sending us your comments and questions. We appreciate all feedback!

This is the final stage! Yay! We also can't wait to get the games!


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    1. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Steve: We expect shipping to start on Monday (that's the latest information we have from GQ)

      @Christian: For Argentina the package will come from UK (England, Europe)

    2. Missing avatar

      Cristian on

      Thanks for the reply, but to clear the customs on my country at least i would need to know from where the shipment is coming. For South America or Argentina backers do you know from where the games will be shipped?

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      Hi guys, can you confirm that the UK hub has started sending out our stuff?
      I just need to get an idea of when it is likely to arrive, to make sure there is someone around to accept the parcel :D

    4. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      As per our campaign's description we will not be providing tracking information to backers. If someone wants to have tracking then contact us with a private message so that we can tell how much the extra shipping cost will be.

      All countries outside US, EU, Canada and Asia are handled by our distribution hub in UK.

    5. Wiriyawatp, In the Mainstream Boardgame

      Hi how can we get the tracking number? do you inform us via email?
      Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cristian on

      Hi! I'm in Argentina, South America. I wonder from where are you sending the shipments for Argentina. Also, i have not received any tracking information yet, is there anywhere i can request that ?

    7. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Patrick: we will not be able to ship to the Canadian backers if we do not have your phone numbers. Please, send us at least a private message here in Kickstarter with your phone number so that we can update your shipping info.

    8. Patrick Whitaker on

      I had received an email, stating I had not given my phone number, will this screw up my shipping? I may have deleted it...

    9. Michael Boucher

      How exciting! But yes this is the holidays season so delays can and do happen.

    10. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Adam Fenerty: Australia backers will receive their games from UK. For our next campaign we plan to start having Australian-Friendly shipping too :)

      @KooLio: We will be releasing in the next couple of days all translations from our website. Ready for download.

    11. Kevin Chiasson on

      Thanks for the update, always appreciated
      Hope you make time for happy holidays.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kyle Zimmerman on

      Thank you for keeping us up to date every step of the way. I hate when KS are late and the companies go silent. You guys are doing great. I forget if its been answered but will there be tracking sent out?

    13. Adam Fenerty

      where are Australian orders shipping from?

    14. KooLio

      Hi! Is the PDF of mixed characters ready to download to print it? Thanks a lot!