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An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
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Swamp Dweller Unlocked! Naming Competition Starts!

Posted by Vesuvius Media Ltd (Creator)

You managed to unlock the Swamp Dweller!

There are TWO references in this minion. Can you guess them both?


Coming up next the... Dream Catcher!

Can you guess the two references for this guy???


Naming Competition!

It is time to get you involved in the creation of this game. So, go back to your old-school favorite cartoons and come back with combinations of characters or shows that you would like to see.

Here is the way you can take part in the competition and how it will go down:

  • Each backer is allowed TWO entries in the competition.
  • Each entry has to be a COMBINATION of at least two characters or two different cartoon TV Shows of the 70s, 80s or 90s.
  • You need to post BOTH your entries in ONE comment in the MAIN campaign's comments section (NOT in this update's comments section)
  • Comments will be accepted until end of day (ADT) Monday the 19th.
  • We will choose 10 of the combinations and create a Poll to our BGG Fan Page where you will vote for the best.
  • Depending on how the campaign is going (and how fast we can draw :) ) we will choose at least the first two to be added as special characters in our game!
  • Whoever proposed the combinations we will end up using, will get either a Free upgrade to the Overlord Pledge, or if they are already pledging for Overlord then will get the Empires Expansion for Free! Also, their name will be included in our Credits Section of the rulebook!

Let the games begin!

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    1. Luis Brueh Collaborator on

      @Patrick, Kickstarter generally dislikes projects that offer luckily based rewards (like raffles, contests, etc) But, in our competition, we will be opening an open pool on bgg and you will vote in this (and the reward will go to all backers at the end). So it is slightly different. But thank you for your consideration, I will ask VM about that =).

    2. Patrick Stangier on

      And while I absolutely love the Naming Competition doesn't this violate Kickstarters "No Contests"-rule?

    3. Patrick Stangier on

      The Dream Catcher is Inspector Gadget mixed Ghostbusters.