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An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Evan T.
      about 6 hours ago

      Anyone else that has received this attempted the meeple stickers yet? The stickers themselves are ever so slightly larger than the meeples.

    2. Nocture Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Nephastus We will check and get back to you.
      @Grant Morgan Thank you for your kind words. Once you play please share with the rest of community your experience and do not forget to put an honest rate at BGG ->

    3. Grant Morgan
      2 days ago

      @Vesuvius Media - Received my replacement cards today, thank you so much! Now I can play! Thanks so much for your assistance and pleasant correspondence. One of the reasons I continue to back your projects is your commitment to your backers and making things right when incorrect. Looking forward to backing even more of your projects. ^_^

    4. Nephastus 2 days ago

      Mandala status, please!

    5. Wiriyawatp, In the Mainstream Boardgame
      2 days ago

      @VM; I got problem, could you please help me? I sent message to you.

    6. Saodhar
      4 days ago

      Got my Covil and Dwar7s Fall games today (Kyiv, Ukraine). Will definitely give them a try this weekend.

    7. Nephastus 5 days ago

      Dwar7s Winter got more interesting to me than Covil...

    8. Nephastus 5 days ago

      Okay... When my copy arrives, I hope the Dwar7s promos be inside the package...
      Probably my Covil goes sealed to market or travel again to my sister's address as a gift to her.
      That said, I will continue to support the Dwar7s franchise projects only.

    9. Scott D
      on February 9

      Also, given the standard euro sizing for both the standard and mini cards, I think its safe to say that the sleeves are the right size. Its the mini cards that are the wrong size.

    10. Scott D
      on February 9

      Add me to the list of folks who got some dodgy sleeves too. Small ones wont fit properly with any mini euro sleeves i have. And i have several brands of mini euros. None work. Also the ones that came with the game are sealed together, IE the middle is seeming melted so that it is impossible to open the sleeve to get a card into it. The one sleeve that i managed to open was indeed too tight for the card to fit.

    11. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator on February 7

      @Nephastus: The games have finally cleared customs yesterday! Brazilian authorities killed us with numerous back and forth asking for a new piece of paper and invoice every other day. Hopefully this week the games will be processed and then Mandala can send them to you.

    12. Nephastus on February 7

      Sorry for constant annoyance, but how going Mandala's work to deliver Covil inside brazilian territory?

    13. Gabriel Hernández on February 5

      Any news about my failed order?

    14. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator on February 5

      @Billy: Promo Cards are being sent end of this week. Unfortunately the new mini sleeves have been stuck in EU customs for more than 3 weeks now. We are still trying to figure out what is happening.

    15. Billy
      on February 5

      @Creator - Hi Guys - Any news on those replacement mini sleeves yet? : - ) I can't see my Dwar7s Fall promo cards in there either : - s

    16. Missing avatar

      Jon S on February 3

      Mine came in yesterday. Looks like everything is there but the Dwar7s promo cards (would like to get these if possible), otherwise everything looks great. Looking forward to getting this to the table tomorrow, thank you!

    17. Robert Icanteleportoo Copeland on February 3

      Promos missing but otherwise it’s here thanks for a stellar game

    18. Wendy M
      on February 3

      @Vesuvius Media Thank you for reaching out to me after I posted about the missing promo cards.

    19. C-los R Gomez on February 3

      Yes, it did arrive thank you again. Sorry for being impatient. Haven't had a chance to look through it but I will try this weekend.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit
      on February 3

      Ps. I love that you have made the SG as mini expansions as it makes it much easier to get an overview and to check that you have got all you should get :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit
      on February 3

      Got my game today and it looks great, the only disappointing thing was the sleeves. For the biggest cards the sleeves were to big so I ended up using other sleeves and for the small cards they were a little bit too small so many got broken when I tried putting the cards in them and when they did not break the cards got a little bit bend (like a eyelashes). The small sleeves should have been 46x68 instead of 45x68.
      I personally did not like the stickers idea for the meeples, but the meeples itself are nice so it is not any loss lo use them as they are :-)
      All in all, a great piece of work and I`m looking forward to play it.

    22. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator on February 2

      @Sargoth: Yes the Royal Decrees expansion has the content of the SGs from the Dwar7s Fall campaign, just like the "Outposts" expansion has the SGs from this campaign.

    23. Sargoth
      on February 2

      Also, I probably forget, is the Royal Decrees expansion the stretch goals from the Dwar7s Fall ks?

    24. Sargoth
      on February 2

      I'm in the same boat as several others. No promo cards. The Covil sleeves are way too big for the cards. Fortunately, I have some Mayday 7078 (Chimera) sleeves lying around that fit perfectly. I hope Vesuvius makes good and sends us sleeves that fit the cards.

    25. Wendy M
      on February 2

      Received my Overlord pledge. Can't find the Dwar7s Fall Promo Cards anywhere in my package. Really disappointed that the 52x92mm sleeves are far to big for the cards, I ordered 2 sets. :( Otherwise really looking forward to getting the games to the table with my family tonight.

    26. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator on February 2

      @Jeremy: to our knowledge the problem is with the dragon meeples. Unfortunately the manufacturer did a last minute change to the model without coordinating with us. Fortunately enough this is not something a little bit of trimming with a pair of scissors can not fix :)

    27. Jeremy Berven
      on February 1

      Is anybody using the stickers on the meeples? They don't even fit right, is this a known issue and is it going to be resolved?

    28. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator on February 1

      @C-los R Gomez: our hub informed us that your game has been delivered yesterday. Can you please confirm?

      @Dice: If you are missing any kind of components, please send us a photo of the contents you received at and we will handle the issue ourselves. Unfortunately hubs may make mistakes, but that is why we are here to resolve them :)

      @Nephastus: Games are going through customs in Brazil as we speak.

    29. Danny D.
      on February 1

      @Patrick Stangier: You got unlucky re: Chaotic Evil Dark Overlords. I just checked mine, and I have all 6.

    30. Nephastus on January 31

      This mess to deliver Covil makes me worry about Dwar7s WINTER fulfillment. Any News from Mandala?

    31. Dice Wrangler on January 31

      (Nope. Stickers for all games missing)

    32. Dice Wrangler on January 31

      Also have the Covil Outposts and DF Royal decree but missing all stickers, unless they are in core boxes

    33. Dice Wrangler on January 31

      MA-USA here. Just received my Covil and DF stuff! I see the core, Chaotic Evil, DF core, DF Empires, DF game mat and sleeves. Will do detailed inspection later when I don't have family and work all simultaneously vying for my attention.

    34. C-los R Gomez on January 31

      ToT..... I'm a bit scared now since people with normal pledges are getting theirs late but still getting them I had placed multiple orders and haven't heard from either.... also since I did pay close too 200$

    35. Nephastus on January 31

      Any news from Mandala?

    36. Scott D
      on January 31

      Any Australians get any movements on their games. Mine is still sitting in Frankfurt and hasn’t moved in over a week.

    37. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator on January 30

      @ben: We send you a private message on the issue.

    38. Missing avatar

      ben burge on January 30

      @Vesuvius Got my game today in Ohio! Only issue is that it did not come with the Dwar7s Fall cards. I did back at the Mercenary level since I backed Dwar7s Fall and enjoy it . I also noticed that they were not listed on my invoice. Is it possible to still get them?

    39. Josh on January 30

      @nocture thanks

    40. Nocture Collaborator on January 30

      @Josh Enjoy the game with your family and should you need any help with the rules we are here to help you.

    41. Josh on January 30

      And finally my game arrives!!! Now I gotta wait for my kids to get out of school 😀

    42. Justin Maple on January 30

      @Josh agree, It is a form of passion even if it seems negitive. I still love Dwar7s Fall and most likely will enjoy this too.

    43. Josh on January 30

      On the upside you could look at all of us "yelling" at u as us being extremely passionate about the game. 😁

    44. Josh on January 30

      @vesuvius I wouldn't say you guys are entirely to blame. I think the weak link here was the fulfilment company. Most of the issues seemed to come through them. Everybody played a part even the carriers. I also think alot of the backlash is just alot of us venting our frustrations to the easiest outlet which was on here unfortunately directed towards you guys. Do I regret backing this and winter as I previously stated? Not entirely. My kids and I are still looking forward to receiving the games. I just hope that dwar7s winter runs alot smoother. You guys are definitely not fully to blame. Thanks for taking some responsibility though for whatever it's worth.

    45. Justin Maple on January 30

      @Vesuvius I understand and I still don't know where I stand. I appreciate all you do and all the hard work put into this and every project. One side of me knows how shipping works and how much it costs (not $30-40) as I own a business and I personally ship 200 packages a day around the world by myself (where each person gets a tracking number). If given the option I can easily send you a label to directly send a game to me as that is extremely easy. And the other side of me understands that I don't ship a massive amount of items to a company to then split up and send to the buyer (as I individually ship each item directly). I enjoy the transparency I am just not sure how much of it I believe.

    46. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator on January 30

      As we say in the shipping section of the campaign we do not provide individual tracking information. Some hubs do have it as a service to notify you with updates (e.g. Happyshops) but generally most of them do not. The US packages have all been delivered to FedEx last week (23rd) and they are all in transit. Unfortunately we are in control of everything until the end of the manufacturing process.

      From the moment the games are loaded on the ships until they reach their final destinations we are using multiple different companies to which we are just another customer. You yell at us, we yell at them but it has been proven that the more we push them to be faster, the more mistakes they make in the delivery.

      @Justin: Truth be told, we are to blame for everything! We do not pass the blame around, you supported our game not FedEx, Happyshop, GQ, etc It is our job to produce it and deliver it to you. We could have kept quite and inform you about nothing (like most campaigns do). We choose to have you involved every step of the way, inform you of our problems and keep you in the loop. This probably creates a little bit more frustration, but we prefer a transparent production/delivery process than anything else. We are also using certified companies that have successfully delivered several Kicktarters in the past. You will get your game one way or another at the lowest shipping rate we can get (because you always have a choice of spending an extra $30-$40 and have your game shipped immediately from the factory to your door and get it 2-3 months before anybody else).

    47. Justin Maple on January 30

      Also in the US with no notifications. Seems to be a different excuse every week. holiday delays, then wrong sleeves, then light labels, then wrong sleeves again, more delays. None in which they have taken blame for, always blamed someone else, wonder what excuse is next...

    48. Sargoth
      on January 30

      Whoever you're using for US fulfillment is terrible. No tracking number. No shipping notice. No joy :(

    49. Josh on January 30

      Mine has been sitting on a pallet at the post office for 2 days. I even went up there yesterday n they wouldn't give it to me because it's still on said pallet...I swear if it ain't one thing it's another.

    50. Wiriyawatp, In the Mainstream Boardgame
      on January 30

      Hi Vm
      I just send message to you about request tracking number, can you check for me?

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