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An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
An area control game with variable powers for 1 to 4 players, tribute to our favorite 80s cartoon characters!
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    1. Missing avatar

      on September 10

      Survey completed.

    2. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on September 10

      The email that was sent was an automated message from Kickstarter. You all have already filled out the survey, so you do not need to fill it out again. You can see what information you provided by doing the following: Click on the blue button "View Pledge" at the top of the campaign's page. In the popup window choose the second tab that is named "Survey". You will find there all the information you have provided. If something has changed, then please send us a Private Message.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael on September 10

      I have the same problem as the two below me. Got an email verifying my pledge, but the expansion I pledged to add on isn't there, but I don't think a survey was sent to verify the extra funds I pledged was for it.

    4. Ben Koeling
      on September 10

      I would like to fill out my survey. I've added a lot of extra funds for the addons had no chance to fill them out yet.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephen Iceton
      on September 10

      My pledge does appear to have any of the add ons? I never got a chance to add them.

    6. Missing avatar

      on September 8


      No worries here! Keep up the awesome work guys and gals!

    7. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on September 7

      Hi to all :) Sorry for not making a more frequent update, but preparing everything for all languages and making sure production is on time, is a really time-consuming process. The delivery of the project is going as planned, and you will get your copies in November. Right now everything is under construction

      - By the end of the month all 3 languages (English, Spanish and Brazilian will have finished).

      - The games will go on the boat start of October and they will reach distribution hubs start of November.

      - From then on it usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks for most of you to receive your package. Some remote locations might take a little longer. This time we will be delivering in US, Canada, EU (three hubs: UK, Spain, Germany), and Asia from local hubs, so waiting times should not vary.

      We have done 5 Kickstarter campaigns, and we are pretty good at delivering on time, so worry not :)

      We are waiting photos from our manufacturer and we will make another update as soon as we receive them.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer on September 7

      It's still almost 3 months before the end of November. A bit too early to complain about delays, don't you think?

    9. Missing avatar

      on September 7

      I wouldn't jump to any conclusions just yet, they seem to be doing monthly updates, give or take a few days. I would imagine the next update will confirm whether the schedule is on track or if there will be a delivery.

      Welcome to KS! You will experience some project creators to communicate on a vast spectrum. In general, I've seen monthly updates from most projects, the better ones have communicated weekly through updates and often daily through comments.

      As far as delays and general delivery, I reviewed the projects that I've been a part of as a backer

      Total Projects: (31)
      35% Estimated On Time (2017)
      23% Estimated in 2018, too far to est. delay
      19% Overdue / passed est. delivery
      16% Delivered on or before est. delivery
      6% Active projects, will be funded

      Kind of neat to see the data, I hope this helps and maybe sets some overall expectations. If you have any questions, send me a message!

    10. Missing avatar

      H.N on September 7

      I don't think you need to worry that something has gone awry, i just think its normal delays. I back their last project too and that was 1 month early but for november delivery the factory needs to ship the games this month.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kyle Zimmerman on September 6

      H.N, Is there any reason you think that? Fairly new to backing and dont know if there are any signs that somethings has gone awry.

    12. Missing avatar

      H.N on September 6

      I don't think they gonna make it for november delivery...

    13. Missing avatar

      HujosH on August 30

      So the GameCon is over I hope it was successful for Covil. So are there any news? The project was originaly placed with October delivery and as it is nearly September it would be great to have some news. So far only survey was sent (or I havent received pledge manager) and as I am really looking forward to play the game I want to know how the project stands.

    14. Missing avatar

      H.N on August 18

      I was a backer of dwar7s but still i like to hear that everything is peachy/gone to hell, or something in the middle.

    15. DuggieDee
      on August 18

      I can't speak directly for Vesuvius Media, but as a backer of 7 Dwarfs Fall, I can report that particular project was delivered a little under a month early. So I'm confident that this project is in good hands schedule-wise.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyle Zimmerman on August 11

      Yeah, Im curious too, is everything on schedule? Anything new to report?

    17. Missing avatar

      H.N on August 9

      Any news?

    18. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on July 26

      @Devin: Yes you need to fill out the survey. When we have all the surveys answered then we will go through them and contact you individually if what you pledged doesn't match the survey.

    19. Missing avatar

      Devin Catellier on July 24

      I made a comment earlier about Dwar7s Fall: Empire expansion not being on the survey even though I adjusted my pledge to include. You then replied you would contact me directly, that hasn't happened. I've received the survey twice in my email. Am I suppose to fill it out, when what I paid for isn't there?

    20. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on July 24

      @Devin: You should have received an email from Kickstarter about the survey. If not, log in to your Kickstarter account from the website and there should be at the TOP of the page a big banner telling you that you have a pending survey to fill out.

      @ALL: Fill out the survey questions as they are, if there are items that are missing, we will figure this out from your responses and then we will contact you individually to sort the difference out.

    21. Missing avatar

      Devin Catellier on July 23

      Still haven't been contacted, Am i expected to fill out a survey that doesn't have everything i payed for? Tried on app and pc

    22. Serge Darveau on July 23

      Did you add the "Dwar7s Fall Empires" Expansion?

      It was on my survey.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jacob Krag on July 23

      Added money for both expansions, but the survey says nothing about dwar7s fall: empires expansion?

    24. Randy "OldDude" Shadowman
      on July 21

      Survey done, getting exactly what I problems.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason Aschberger
      on July 21

      Survey completed. Hopefully I didn't overshoot with my pledge.

    26. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on July 21

      @Devin, @GutrotUK: we will contact you privately for any pledges that do not match.

      @Big Jerm: We will match the webshop orders with everyone's pledge. If we find any issues we will contact you directly.

    27. Missing avatar

      Devin Catellier on July 21

      I did the Mercenary pledge and then added money to be the Chaotic expansion and the Dwar7s Fall: Empires expansion. The survey says nothing about the Dwar7s Fall expansion.

    28. GutrotUK
      on July 21

      Pledged at Mercenary level and added the Chaotic Evil expansion plus 2 sets of sleeves for Covil. As I own a copy of Dwar7s Fall and expansions I also added funds for 2 sets of sleeves for Dwar7s. Pledge of $80 to cover including shipping. Problem is the survey doesn't seem to have anywhere where I can add the 2 Dwar7s Fall sleeves.

    29. Big Jerm on July 21

      I submitted my survey but didn't mark the add-on from your Vesuvius page in the last question, will this be a problem?

    30. Steven Crane
      on July 21

      Survey done :)

    31. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on July 21

      @David: We are sending the surveys today and we will ask you information on what you exactly pledged for. After that we will check each pledge, and if there are funds missing or you have overpaid we will contact you with a private message to find a solution to each case.

    32. Serge Darveau on July 20

      @David There's no refund after closing time on Kickstarter. You can only upgrade your pledge. So the difference with the overlord pledge (plus shipping) will be used for add-on.

    33. Missing avatar

      David Shepalo on July 19

      Hello, I've pledge the overlord level, the amount which I was charged is $93 and I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps I tried to add shipping and an expansion but I'm not sure. Long story short, it seems I've overpaid a bit so my question is, will I be get some money back?
      Looking forward to the game!

    34. Missing avatar

      Samantha Schirmer on July 16

      Thanks for the update! Kept coming back here wondering about when the surveys will be sent out as I had an add on and didn't want to miss it. So thanks again for the heads up.

    35. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on July 16

      Hi to all. The way Kickstarter works is the following: as soon as a campaign finishes, Kickstarter tries to charge the credit cards of all backers and collect the pledges. This process takes exactly 2 weeks from the end of the campaign.

      Unless this process finishes we do not know for sure what exactly everyone has paid. If Kickstarter fails to charge a backer, then his/her pledge is automatically dropped and removed from the list.

      Some companies choose to send out surveys immediately. In our experience it is more straight forward and less error-prone, if we wait Kickstarter to finish its collection process and then send specific surveys and follow ups to each backer.

      We should be getting the Kickstarter final backer report list probably tomorrow (Monday). As soon as we have it, we will send out the update and the surveys.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kyle Zimmerman on July 16

      I made sure to back early and add the funds to my wallet for all extra add ons, and after the campaign you told me to wait for the survey and the shop is only for those that missed out. That was a week and a half ago. With the limited quantities you described, Im worried that people who didnt prepare or didnt heed your warning are going to get the expansion and mean while ill miss out while waiting for the survey (even though I did it the way you asked). Wouldn't it have been better to take care of the backers first and than make the rest open to the people who missed out?

    37. Missing avatar

      H.N on July 16

      So...... Whats going on with the update?

    38. Missing avatar

      Kyle Zimmerman on July 14

      Will we get an update when the surveys are sent out?

    39. Missing avatar

      on July 13

      Thanks! I've got nearly 20 going and have been trying to track them all haha

      Thank you again

    40. Amarice on July 13

      @Alzarial, not yet.

    41. Missing avatar

      on July 13

      Silly question, Did the survey go out yet? I can't remember if I've done it yet or not, so many projects backed lol

    42. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on July 12

      @Jacob: Sorry for the delay, we finished the art on Sunday, but we kept it to send it along with the Surveys. We whope to send them out today, and we will make also a Kickstarter update (with the art of the Legendary 5)

    43. Jacob Fratus on July 8

      Are we still seeing the art for the remaining Legendary 5 by the end of the week? ��

    44. Missing avatar

      H.N on July 8

      Last days of the free ultimate games give away

    45. Missing avatar

      Paul Koumentakos on July 8

      Thank you! Can't wait for the game! Have a nice day

    46. Javi Leon on July 7

      @Jorge García, gracias por contestar �

    47. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on July 7

      @Paul: There is a BGG post about how you can use the Outposts of Covil in you Dwar7s game:

      @Kyle: We haven't sent out surveys yet. We plan to do it start of next week.

    48. Jorge García on July 7

      @Javi Leon Buenas. En la ultima actualización tienes instrucciones. En breve, recibirás una encuesta. Si tu contribución es la correcta para lo que quieres, en la encuesta seleccionaras lo que quieres con la aportación que has hecho. Si quisieras aumentar tu pedido añadiendo cosas, tienes que usar la tienda y ellos añadirán eso extra a tu pedido, pero hay algún ligero coste extra en ese caso.

    49. Javi Leon on July 7

      Sorry for speak un spanish now.

      ¿Alguien me puede decir que tengo que hacer o esperar para seleccionar lo que yo decidir pagar al contribuir?

      Muchísimas gracias.

    50. Missing avatar

      Paul Koumentakos on July 7

      Could you make an official guide for the crossover covil - dwar7s fall?? I don't know if it's been mentioned before..

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