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A Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op, LEGACY adventure board game for 1 to 4 players.
A Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op, LEGACY adventure board game for 1 to 4 players.
1,238 backers pledged $94,163 to help bring this project to life.

Pledge Manager (please read!) and Production Update

Posted by Vesuvius Media Ltd (Creator)

VM Pledge Manager

We decided to create and implement our own Pledge Manager tool. Why? Given the fact that we plan to run more Kickstarter campaigns in the future, it just made sense. Our goal is always to get our backers the best shipping rate possible so, by cutting out a 3rd party pledge manager, we cut out their processing fee... which is normally added to the shipping cost. 

That said, this is the first project that will use our pledge manager, so please, if you have any issues, or even ideas on how to enhance the experience, send us a private message or post your comments in this thread. We'd appreciate it!

If for any reason your pledge doesn't look as it should, or the shipping can not be calculated, please do NOT complete the pledge manager and simply notify us to address any issues.

For backers who added extra funds using our Webshop, you should see those funds on your Pledge Manager screen. If you added add-ons from our Webshop and you do not see them in our pledge manager, do not complete the process and notify us to resolve the situation.

You should start receiving invitations tomorrow (Friday, September 29th). The email will include a URL, which when you click will send you inside our Pledge Manager. Everything runs in our "Hive Portal", so if you already have an account with us and your email is the same as the one you use in Kickstarter, then the pledge will be added to your current account. If you do not have an account a new one will be automatically created for you.

In our pledge manager you will be able to select your add-ons and make adjustments.

If you didn't pledge through Kickstarter and you late-pledged through our Webshop, you will not receive an invitation since you already paid for shipping and we have everything we need to deliver you the games. This pledge manager is only for Kickstarter backers.

Production Update

The mold for the new Boss' miniatures has finally finished. It took a little longer but the result of the end product is the one we wanted. Here are some photos of the new Bosses.


 Also, here are some production images of the Legacy Expansion:

Legacy Expansion Box Cover
Legacy Expansion Box Cover


Legacy Expansion Rulebook Cover
Legacy Expansion Rulebook Cover

And until we have final production photos of the components, here is a graphical representation of the contents of the Legacy Box:

Legacy Expansion Box Components
Legacy Expansion Box Components

Updated timetable

Our manufacturer has informed us that the entire production for Centauri Saga (due to Chinese Holidays at the beginning of October) will finish by the 25th of October. 

This means that:

  • Unfortunately, we can not ship Covil and Centauri Saga at the same time. Covil will ship earlier on its own. So, backers who have pledged for both games, will receive two separate packages. One with Covil's components, and one for Centauri Saga.
  • Also, we expect the games to reach the distribution hubs of EU, US and Canada during the last week of November. Our goal is to ship out from the hubs to backers at the end of November. The games should be delivered to most of you during the first 10 days of December. The Asian hub will get the games earlier and, as such, backers should get their games towards the end of November.

Please remember, our current shipping solution does NOT offer tracking for remote locations (outside US, EU, Canada and China). If you would like to get tracking, please contact us to give you options.

Thank you for your patience, input and support!

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    1. Nigel Hopkins

      Found the pledge manager invitation with html tags. Didn't recognise it for what it was.

    2. Nigel Hopkins

      I have not received any pledge manager link and no updates sent to my e-mail since #14. Just came across this update on KS itself.

    3. Michael "erzengel" Probst

      Perfect, thanks. Got it and access was succesfully.
      You got my additional money, I'm waiting for my "legacy" to come...

    4. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Michael: we send you a private message through Kickstarter to resolve this.

    5. Michael "erzengel" Probst

      You sent me an invitation to your pm BUT the link is not working...
      And I could NOT reply to your invitation mail, as you asked for inside...

      Please send me another invitation.

    6. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Barry: We sent you a private message with the Pledge Manager's URL.

    7. Missing avatar

      Barry Miller

      Count me as another who's yet to receive the PM email.


    8. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Craig: Your case is unique since you bought the Core game from our Webshop. You do have a couple of options. We will send you a private message with them shortly.

    9. Craig J. Brain on

      @Versuvius Media,

      Does this mean that I have to redo all the info that I previously provided?

      What does this mean about the core box that I ordered and already paid for that you were holding for me, to ship with the expansion?

      I note you talk about the Asian hub, does that include Australia?

      Will I see the core game and expansions arrive together before Christmas if this is shipping in November?



    10. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @John: Yes, you did it right :) You paid using the "eCheck" payment feature of Paypal so that might take 3-5 business days to process. When it does you will get a notification.

    11. Missing avatar

      John Breckenridge

      Ok, I think that did it. I tried a different browser and switched the setting, and now it says payment is pending.

    12. Kirkstarter

      Thank you for the explanation. It is appreciated.

    13. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Gero: We sent you the PM URL with a private Kickstarter message. Let us know if you need any more help.

      @John: It seems that you have some "Popup Blocker" enabled. Please de-activate any pop-up blockerto be able to complete the process.

      @Kirkstarter: there were two factors that affected the price. First there was a small increase in the shipping rates that the company applied in August. We calculated the shipping rates with a price list we got in February, and that changed for the second half of 2017. Second, it has been proven that the 2KG is some kind of a "threshold". There is a special price for anything below 2KG because it is classified differently when shipped. Anything from 2KG uses a different price range, and everything goes in steps of 1KG. So, from 2.001 up to 3KG the shipping rate is the same. And to that you also get a "dimensional weight" factor, which means that if the dimensions of a package are bigger then it is pushed to a higher weight category.
      That and a lot more, unfortunately became apparent during the last two months and that is why we delayed the PM so much. Truth be told we managed to get some good deals with all other destinations except US. For everyone but US backers of the Astral Explorer pledge, we managed to get the shipping rates spot on. With US backers of the Astral Explorer pledge we didn't have enough volume to get there. We were hoping that the game will ship out along with Covil, and that would have helped the shipping rates, but unfortunately it will not be fair for Covil backers to delay them because of production delays with CS.
      It is a never ending struggle running a Kickstarter campaign, and this was the first time we had big packages (even the first Kickstarter was less than 2KGs with everything included). Now we have a full range of services and agreements and next time our shipping rates will be on the spot for everyone.

    14. Kirkstarter

      @creator- You seem pretty knowledgeable about shipping, especially since you took a bath on the first project ($20K! - ouch) so I find it hard to understand how you again failed to get close on this project. How do you explain that. And that's not even considering the "savings" allotted from using your own pledge manager. By now you should be able to pinpoint shipping much closer. As you suggested, I can just look it up for myself.

      Besides the 25‰ increase in weight, why are you so far off... again?

    15. Missing avatar

      John Breckenridge

      I just tried to use your pledge manager and something went wrong with paying my shipping charges via PayPal. I could get to the window that let me log into PayPal and okay the charge, but when I hit the "Pay Now" button the window would disappear, show a lock icon, and then come back to the same window with the Pay Now button on it so I hit it again, figuring that meant it hadn't gone through, but it never got to the step that told me my payment went through, and if I log into PayPal it isn't showing any payment to you in my transaction history.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gero Niemeyer

      Hello, it seems I did not get a pledge manager mail :(.
      Can that be? Is there a different way to get to the webpage? Regards Gero

    17. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Kirkstarter: That price was a huge mistake for us. Being our first Kickstarter campaign we tried to follow what everyone else was doing, and we paid for it by going under almost $20K!
      Smaller companies can not get the crazy good rates that bigger companies can. Volume is a huge decisive factor as far as shipping rates are concerned, and we simply do not have the numbers to compete. Try some FedEx calculators to see how much a package 13'x13'x6' with a weight of 2.5KGs costs to ship within the US, then add to that the cost of handling the package, and shipping it from China (plus paying customs fees). If you can help us get it lower than we currently have it, please let us know how, and we will immediately adapt our shipping solution.

    18. Grant Morgan

      @creator Thanks for the quick response!

    19. Kirkstarter

      Yes...the CORE game; the Original; the one required to play the expansion.

    20. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Kirkstarter: the $13 world wide you are mentioning is from the first Centauri Saga Kickstarter campaign right?

    21. Kirkstarter

      Just for the missed your shipping estimate for the core game as well. But the CORE game was $13 for shipping and that was WORLD WIDE!

      Something doesn't seem right at all.

    22. Kirkstarter

      Not happy about the rise in shipping charges. Not happy at all. Thank God you managed to reduce the cost of shipping..."by cutting out a 3rd party pledge manager, we cut out their processing fee... which is normally added to the shipping cost." *eyeroll*

      Come on. You estimated shipping for Explorer (2KG) at 9-12 and the Guardian (4KG) at 13-18. Okay, so the Explorer increased by .5KG and you jumped the price all the way to the TOP of the 4KG scale. (?!) What about the savings you are getting from using your own pledge manager? Where's that "savings" coming in? Was it going to be $25 for shipping with a regular pledge manager?

      This isn't your first Kickstarter. Not even your second. Yet you completely missed the shipping charges by up to 50%! I strongly suggest you sharpen that pencil and re-figure your shipping costs or let us know how we can get a refund. I can handle the delay but you are basically holding the games ransom with these inflated shipping charges.

    23. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Grant: we will keep it open until end of next week (October 8th). After that we need to create packing lists and split boxes to prepare for shipment.

    24. Grant Morgan

      @creator When is the closing date for the PM? Thanks!

    25. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      The shipping rates were estimates for a 2KG package, but because of the many stretch goals we unlocked the final weight was pushed to 2.5KG. This changed the package's shipping rates.

    26. Kavien

      What happened to the shipping charges? Pledge Manager is charging $18 for the Astral Explorer pledge. That was the max amount listed for Astral Guardian Pledge Level.


      USA: $9 - $12 most states

    27. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      We started sending out Pledge Manager Invitations. The process will take about 3 hours to complete. Keep an eye on your Spam Folder, just in case the email ends up there.

    28. Tony De Francisco

      @Russonc, you are the first person I have seen on Kickstarter who also completed their profile pinwheel of colors. Congrats! :)

    29. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @ Russonc - Long time no type. How you doin’?

      My frustration has overflowed on this one. Ironically this campaign was the one that finally convinced me I needed to join kickstarter.

      In order of annoyance; My anger is the combination of
      1) another pledge manager I have to manage.
      2) Covil
      3) General delay.

      I am getting used to delayed KS campaigns but the 3 items above combined, made me get red mist.

      To calm myself down I have just backed 7th Continent. It looks like a board game of the Steve Jackson - pick your own adventure books.

      And yes I am prepared. 7th Continent will be late (probably)

    30. Russonc

      @Olly; glad to see you're not calling yourself a n00b anymore! You need to go with the flow and keep it all fun! We're talking board games! You've got a bunch of great looking games coming your way!

    31. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Glaucio: As far as Brazil is concerned, we will try to deliver through "Mandala Jogos" to avoid surprises. Last time it took almost 5 months for packages to be delivered in Brazil(!!!) because of local post office issues. All packages will have a custom declaration form so you do not have to worry about that part, and the fee declared will not be the pledge amount. It is usually a flat fee of about $20 to avoid extra custom fees.

      @Trueflight: The main problem with using a 3rd party pledge manager is not the sharing of profit, rather than the 10% commission they will get on your shipping fees. So, if a package has a cost of $15 to be sent, we need to charge $17 to include their fee. We are already absorbing shipping costs to keep prices as low as we can, and $2 times thousands of backers makes a huge difference.

    32. Trueflight Silverwing on

      People complain about a small company having a single month and a half delay on one Kickstarter, yet huge companies like CMoN run 12 to 18 months behind on almost every single project and that's apparently fine...

      Everything's looking good. Don't worry about the delays, it happens. Most of us understand and even expect it. Honestly, getting this before the end of the year is a welcome surprise. I can't wait.

      I will say that I'm not happy about having to use yet another pledge manager system though. So annoying that every single company feels the need to make their own now. I understand not wanting to share some profit with the big names, but it gets annoying when there is a different system on every single Kickstarter.

    33. Glaucio Santos dos Reis on

      No tracking. Will there be at least a Customs tag (which is the same as the tracking code), so that the package can be located in case of a problem? I think a Customs declaration form is required and it should contain this code.

    34. Grant Morgan

      The models turned out great! Can't wait to play. ^_^ Thanks for the awesome update and I'm excited to get Covil soon as well. So many awesome games arriving in the next couple months, but Centauri Saga is my #1 anticipated game on the list. Guess I'll squeeze in a few more sessions of Twilight Imperium before launching into the Centauri goodness to make the time go faster. Keep up the great work!

    35. Vesuvius Media Ltd 8-time creator on

      @Olly: We can understand your frustration about a project being delayed, but there are always factors that might affect delivery times. In our case, the production of Covil had nothing to do with Centauri Saga. The reasons Centauri Saga has been delayed more than our initial estimate were:

      a) The game unlocked more bosses than we calculated. We started creating the Ravager even before the Kickstarter campaign, that is why we have given a faster delivery time. From the moment that we unlocked two extra bosses, we had to start the creation of new molds. This has proven to be a lengthier process than the first time.

      b) The Legacy game is way more complicated in its assembly, and needs more time to make sure (as much as it is humanly possible) that mistakes in the packaging will not happen. This is the first time we do a Legacy game and we didn't know about this issues.

      All in all, the delivery has been delayed about 1.5 months. From the initial October to early December. It is certainly a delay (although very small by Kickstarter standards), and we would like to be able to avoid it, but we believe it is more important to deliver a good product than anything else.

    36. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      •Unfortunately, we can not ship Covil and Centauri Saga at the same time. Covil will ship earlier on its own. So, backers who have pledged for both games, will receive two separate packages. One with Covil's components, and one for Centauri Saga.

    37. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      So let me get this straight.

      I have now got to mess about about using yet another pledge manager tool for a game

      However, the most annoying fact I can see is that according to your update 14 - "Production Update: Scenario Rulebook, New Boss Cards and Events! ". So we have had to wait for your other project - Covil to be kick-started, which will be delivered on time at the expense of Centauri Saga.

      I have included the actual comments from the main section for Centauri Saga. And I am flabbergasted. I shan't be pledging on your other projects again, given the way you have handled this one.

      These comments are genuinely taken from the main comments section.

      "Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on May 23

      We are trying to get the best shipping prices, so we are still bargaining with fulfillment companies. There is a chance we will be able to combine this fulfillment with our next small game that we will run next month, and save shipping costs for everyone. We believe that we will finalize this process in the next week or so."


      "Olly the n00b (1of14 Rec'd so far) on May 25

      @ vesuviusmedia - I am a little concerned with your comment 4 days ago about waiting for another "small game" to ship.

      Please can you elaborate?

      Whilst I am new to kickstarter I am expecting delivery in October 2017 (just in time for my Eldest son's birthday)."

      Your response --------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on May 26

      @Olly, Keith: Well, we are proud (at least so far) to deliver almost on time, or even earlier (!!!) Our first Kickstarter (Centauri Saga 1st Edition) was delivered with only 1 month of delay. Cosmic Pioneer was delivered on time, and Dwar7s Fall was delivered one month earlier! So, our average until now is: on time! :)

      Of course games like Centauri Saga, because of the miniatures and the legacy components (which are way more complicated than simple meeples and cards) usually come with surprises during production. That said, we hope that we have the experience now to overcome such surprises, but we will keep you posted on anything that happens during our production phases. So far we are on schedule with our production and we will be making an update really soon.

      In July, we will run another Kickstarter for a new game by Luis Brueh (the designer of Dwar7s Fall). Our goal will be to deliver both games at the same time in October. That way we will save on shipping costs for everyone, since we will manufacture at the same time and ship at the same time.

      @Paul: The new game is from the same designer as Dwar7s Fall (our previous Kickstarter) and it is an area control game. We plan to start the campaign on June 10th. We will be posting teasers shortly ;)