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A Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op, LEGACY adventure board game for 1 to 4 players.
A Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op, LEGACY adventure board game for 1 to 4 players.
A Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op, LEGACY adventure board game for 1 to 4 players.
1,238 backers pledged $94,163 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Olly - Expecting delays 1 day ago

      @ Creator - I appreciate that there is an unavoidable delay. I am glad you spotted the issue before dispatch.

      Given it is almost 3 weeks on from the unfortunate incident announcement, please can we have another update.

    2. Grant Morgan
      3 days ago

      Thanks! Excited to see some pics.

    3. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator 5 days ago

      The printing has finished, for all components. We are expecting more photos from our manufacturer to make an update.

    4. Grant Morgan
      5 days ago

      Any news or new pics?

    5. Missing avatar

      George G on November 5

      Thank you for the update. I always say "bring the bag need early".

    6. Olly - Expecting delays on November 4

      @Creator - Delays happen, and from a Consumer point of view, I glad you were able to identify and correct before you issued the entire KS. At least this way I don't have to faff about mailing this to and fro.

      To give this some credence; Unfortunately, I have read that my impeding KS game has issues where the counters aren't glued properly. So if I am unlucky and mine are also faulty I will have to contact the Creator and wait for the replacement parts to be shipped out; which isn't a quick task from China. So at least you have spotted it in time.

      Although, the delay is unfortunate, it will save me the pain in the a23e that I am going to have to do with the en-route (defective) KS.

      So kudos, but as always, keep those updates regular and timely.

    7. Dan Teh Chad
      on November 3

      Nobody is happy to find out about a delay, and I'm sure you(the creators) don't enjoy giving that had news.

      I just wanted to say that I appreciate the explanation, and that I think you made the right choice. Better to take a bit longer to produce something of a higher quality, rather than to rush it out the door and chalk it up to being a "first run" of the product. (I've seen a few Kickstarters do that to their backers, fixing subsequent retail manufacturing runs of the product without offering their backers any solutions.)
      I'm sure some people will whine, they always do, but thank you for making the RIGHT decision in this.

    8. Beejer on November 3

      Thanks for the update. At least the problems were spotted in time. Thanks for getting it right.

    9. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 30

      @ACGalaga: yes, we are using VFI for fulfilment in Asia and you will get the game first at about the end of November. After that EU will follow, then US/Canada and finally the rest of the world. We expect shipping to have finished in December.

    10. ACGalaga on October 29

      Think they’ll send it to Asia backers straight from China?

    11. Paolo
      on October 29

      Mumble mumble week loading , 5/6 weeks for the boat to reach destination ,2/3 weeks to clean customs and get to distribution , 4 weeks to deliver the box : January 2018 plausible ETA?

    12. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 26

      @JKP: if you backed the first campaign you already have the Arena Scenarios, there is nothing new for you in this expansion.

      @Vamireon: until end of the next week. The game will be loaded on the boats from China end of next week, at that point delivery times will change, and also shipping prices.

    13. JKP
      on October 26

      I discovered I haven't completed the survey yet so was doing so today. I'm sure this was discussed before but I missed it. The current 6 player expansion included something called The Arena. If we did the 6 player expansion in the first campaign did we get the Arena then? If not, I have to buy a second 6 player expansion just to get it?

    14. Missing avatar

      Vamireon on October 22

      When do people ordering from the website have to have an order in by to get delivery with backers in December?

    15. Trueflight Silverwing on October 20

      can't wait to see some of those completed production images (at least of the non spoiler stuff for the legacy things). Always get more excited as things get closer.

    16. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 18

      @Andrew: We are waiting more photos from the manufacturer, but as of now the production of all miniatures has finished. The production of the Upgrade Pack and the Core game will be done by the end of this week. By the end of the next week we will have Specials Ops, Arena Expansions and most of Legacy also done. The full production will be done by November 5th so that it leaves with the next ship from China. Our initial plan was to be done by the 28th of October, but so far it has been delayed for a week. We will still be able to deliver games in November in some countries, but US will get it first weeks of December.
      As soon as we get the photos and the update from our manufacturer we will make another update.

    17. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 18

      @BoardgameRevolution: Given the fact that the Arena Expansion is actually a "Team vs Team" expansion, it is designed for 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 sessions. So the 6-player is a big part of it it we want to keep this expansion solid and worthy.

    18. BoardGameRevolution
      on October 17

      We don't play with more than two why can't we purchase the arena expansion separately? Is anything else that's with the 5/6 player add on unique to the game?

    19. Olly - Expecting delays on October 17

      @VML, in the process of writing to another KS creator; Beast Masters I realised something important.

      Centauri Saga was one of the first 3 reasons for me to join kickstarter. You can see that from my KS profile page. Whilst talking about another KS campaign, this following message equally applies to you.

      Message is copied from my post…

      "Chris, I can tell from your response you are passionate about your game. I look forward to playing it with my son.

      I have clicked on [follow] so I can be appraised of your next venture.

      If it is any consolation, I was wanting to join KS for a long time, but fear of the unknown stopped me. I still regret not joining KS for my first desire, which was the original Pebble watch (campaign) back in 2015. But it was only when I found 3 items all campaigning at the same time did I pluck up the courage and decide to join KS this April (2017). In case you are wondering the 3 games I joined for, were Maximum Apocalypse, Beast Masters and Centauri Saga.

      This isn't me "blowing smoke up your arse" (an olde English saying), but easy proved

      So best of wishes on your next success.

      ...and whilst you are on my profile page, look how many other Kickstarters have benefited from you enticing me on Kickstarter. I would have not joined if it wasn't for those 3 games to entice me. Chris, surely that is something to be proud of, too.

      In fact, whilst it was your message to @Tim that prompted me to write this message. I just realised, I owe it to the creators of Centauri Saga and Maximum Apocalypse to inform them too.

      Olly "

      And the 3 of you were my 1st reasons to join. Since then I have supported (too many according to my Wife) several Kickstarters, so surely you must proud that by enticing me, you have helped many other campaigns.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Southern
      on October 17

      What is the current status on delivery? I'm assuming it's running late but how late?

    21. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 10

      @Joe: there are backers that had two copies of the core game, so they need two upgrade packs. Also some retailers from the first campaign that got 6 or more games.

    22. Missing avatar

      Till Blanckaert
      on October 10

      SPAM it was, i guess i wasnt the only one ^^

    23. Missing avatar

      Joe Fleming on October 10


      Could you advise on what the purpose of an extra 1.5 upgrade pack would be? I plan on finishing the pledge manager today, just decidin on addons. I want everything offered and was confused

    24. Trueflight Silverwing on October 10

      That makes sense. I never thought about the pledges that failed. Sucks to be so close to a goal and fall short though :-(

      Can't wait to get my hands on the expansion though. Been teaching a few new players the game in preparation so we have a full team of 4 to take on the new stuff when it arrives.

    25. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 8

      @Matthew, @benjebobs: We have send you the Pledge Manager URLs via a private message.

      @Trueflight: Actually it was more than 2K. Not all pledges go through, and Kickstarter doesn't change the amount or the backer count after it drops pledges because credit cards didn't go through. So, we didn't manage to unlock that SG. Late pledges (like yourself) were not enough to cover the difference. As you know we do keep track, just like we did in the previous campaign wehere we unlocked the XPMs after the end of the campaign.

    26. Matthew J Van Howe on October 8

      Could I also get a link to the pledge manager? Thanks!

    27. benjebobs
      on October 8

      Hi guys, could you send me the link to the Pledge Manager? I always keep the email confirmations that I've filled in PMs, but don't have one for Centauri Saga. Thanks!

    28. Trueflight Silverwing on October 8

      @VM Thanks, that worked.

      Out of curiosity, and in case I missed it somewhere, did we actually unlock that 11th stretch goal or were extra funds that became available due to people adding things in the Pledge manager not counted? I'm sure that $800 was added on somewhere. I added on $50+ myself and I'm sure others did as well.

    29. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 7

      @Trueflight: Problem has been resolved, you can now go through the Pledge Manager and see the add-ons too.

    30. Trueflight Silverwing on October 7

      Went to go and complete my pledge manager today and there is nothing showing up in the add on section. They were there when I looked at it the first time when I first received the mail about it. Can't add anything to my pledge if there is nothing there to add :(

    31. Missing avatar

      Alvin Tang on October 6

      Hay, I do not receive the link for PM, can you please resend it to me?

    32. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 4

      @Anthony: We have send you a private message with the URL.

    33. Missing avatar

      Anthony Dawson on October 4

      Not sure If I received a Pledge Manager link. Cannot find the email in my inbox or junk folder.
      Great job with this one, by the way.

    34. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 4

      You are looking good. You also should have received a confirmation email with your full final pledge information.

    35. IluvatarIrmo on October 4


      I think everything is ok on my end? Could you check to ease my mind�

    36. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 3

      @Tim: Yes, you are right.

      @Keith: We sent you the link to access our pledge manager via a private message.

    37. Missing avatar

      Keith on October 3

      I didn't seem to receive the pledge manager.....

    38. Tim Cox on October 3

      I take it Covil and Saga Legacy are no longer shipping together (even if both were backed)? Shipping to the UK and having backed all previous kickstarters, do I just need to add the special ops and pay $23?

    39. Paddy Heron
      on October 3

      @Vesuvius - think that's me now - thanks for the speedy reply!!!

    40. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 3

      @Paddy: we have sent you a private message to resolve the situation.

    41. Paddy Heron
      on October 3

      I can't get PayPal to work from your link on the backer page either. I've tried using a Edge on a Desktop PC and firefox too

    42. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 3

      @Grant: We do have a really big and cool story to tell about the world of Centauri Saga. With your support, the story has just began...

    43. Grant Morgan
      on October 2

      @creator Thanks for the reply. Did I understand correctly that there will be two more seasons? ^_^ How exciting!

    44. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 2

      @Becki: We would recommend not sleeving the Legacy cards until you are done playing it. After that, see what you are "left" with and then decide whether you need to sleeve it or not. You can see the number of cards in the core box of the Legacy in the last update we made. We can not give you any more information, for now.

    45. Becki Kaze on October 2

      How many sleeves do we need for the legacy addon?

    46. Olly - Expecting delays on October 2

      @ All - Thank you for all your comments on the ideal size of table for my impending Kickstarters. For those who are interested in the feedback I have had regarding my 12 pledges:

      - Gloomhaven
      - The 7th Continent
      - Star Realms Frontiers
      - Beast masters
      - Centauri Saga
      - One Deck Dungeon
      - Deep Space 6
      - Rise to Nobility
      - Dice born Heroes
      - Maximum Apocalypse
      - Sine Tempore

      The size I have most suggestions for the above titles is 4ft x 5ft or if I am struggling for space is 3ft x4 ft. Plus 6 inches extra round the edge for a rail / arm rest.

      Thanks again.

    47. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 2

      @Justin: Actually it was more than 2K. Not all pledges go through, and Kickstarter doesn't change the amount or the backer count after it drops pledges because credit cards didn't go through.

    48. Justin Boehm
      on October 2

      Aw man, $837 off, so close! Oh well :P

    49. Vesuvius Media Ltd 5-time creator on October 2

      @Olly: For 4 Players you would need about 1.5m x 1m. To be comfortable we would recommend 2m x 1.3m. The size of the table depends also on what you want to leave on the table while playing. You could be fishing components out of the box to save on space.

      @Justin: No we did not unlock the 95K stretch goal.

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