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A Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op, LEGACY adventure board game for 1 to 4 players.
A Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op, LEGACY adventure board game for 1 to 4 players.
A Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op, LEGACY adventure board game for 1 to 4 players.
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    1. Olly - Please Expect Delays just now

      @ UK backers - Anyone in the UK got their deliveries from GamesQuest yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Meganck about 4 hours ago

      Card list would be handy indeed

    3. Adrian Slade about 20 hours ago

      When are the Australian rewards being sent?

    4. William Braun 1 day ago

      Thank you!!

    5. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator 1 day ago

      @William: this is a typo. Remote Shift card is inside the Special Action Deck

    6. William Braun 1 day ago

      Trying out Campaign 2: Safe Passage. The set up instructs to remove the “Remote Shift” card from the Common Action Deck. I cant find that card anywhere. I assume it didn’t come with the game. Based on this and other missing items people have identified, is there a thorough listing of components online? Not just “10 of these cards and 10 of those”, but a complete listing of all components, including individually named cards? Seems like it’s needed here.

    7. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator 2 days ago

      We will be sending correct mini sleeves to all on Tuesday.

      @m: send us an email at and we will handle missing or damaged components.

    8. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator 2 days ago

      @Hamanu: total number of cards in Upgrade Pack is 18: 4 Commanders and 14 Standard cards

    9. Saodhar
      2 days ago

      Got my game yesterday (Kyiv, Ukraine). Spent almost a whole day counting, re-counting and organizing all the cards :)

    10. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      arena expansion cards count question:
      the component list says 4 leaders + 17 standard cards
      my copy has 4 leaders + 2 reference cards + 12 standard cards - error or I am missing something?

    11. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      can't locate dark times scenario
      where should I look for it? (core box, upgrade pack?)

    12. m
      3 days ago

      Received mine.
      Missing 1 Yellow Space Station. How do I go about receiving a new one?

      Also, not impressed the 5 blue XPM are not even close in color. Three are light blue, two are darker blue.
      I know it is a game, but it really is the little things that matter.

    13. Olly - Please Expect Delays 3 days ago

      @all - hopefully, now that I’ve just received my ‘Rise of Nobility’ KS vis GameQuest today, I’m hoping that ‘Centauri Saga’ KS, is next the dispatch queue at GameQuest
      or failing that my missing playmats from the ‘Max Apocalypse‘ KS will next in the GameQuest dispatch queue.
      GameQuest seems to be the bottleneck for quite a few KS shipments recently.

    14. Missing avatar

      Joe Fleming 3 days ago

      Shipment arrived, will be opening it on my next off day to see if everything is all well and good, but my thanks goes out to Vesuvius for the work you’ve done!

    15. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      Got mine in Germany.
      Sleeves also don't fit the cards.
      And the color matching from Base game to expansions is essentially.... not there :(
      Also I am dissappointed that I got that much waste material (4 small and 2 cardboard player boards...), couldn't there have been a cost saving in not printing those?

    16. Chris Watts
      4 days ago

      got mine in nz today! and have the same problems as @JeeWee, Sleeves way too tight for cards.

    17. JeeWee
      4 days ago

      @Vesuvius Media Ltd. : Got the game today (Netherlands) and it looks very nice. However, the mini sleeves are -very- tight. are these supposed to have such a tight fit? They can only be forced in the sleeves. I thought that this would have been solved for the european shipment?

    18. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      4 days ago

      Got mine in Sweden today.
      Looks fantastic!

    19. Umberto "Bumbi" Borredon 4 days ago

      Hi all, does anyone have updates on shipments to Italy? I have not received any shipping notification mail .... nothing at all!

    20. Jeremiah Sechrist 5 days ago

      Ah, there is a pdf but it’s not directly linked in the update for some reason. Here’s a direct link

    21. Jeremiah Sechrist 5 days ago

      The last update claims to link to PDFs but I’m just brought to forum posts on the company website.

    22. Jeremiah Sechrist 5 days ago

      Could we get an update about the missing tokens/miss-sized sleeves?

      There’s also a decent amount of errata that’s been introduced in the second printing and legacy editions; could you please provide a competent and printable pdf file that summarizes these issues? Searching various website forums and updates to find these issues is inconvenient for your customers.

    23. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      I see, that makes sense. Thank you.

    24. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator 5 days ago

      @darksurtur: You received a box that says "Centauri Saga v1.5". This box contains a fully upgraded game, it is not the "Upgrade Pack" and you will not receive an Upgrade Pack. So, you do have everything in your hands.

    25. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      Did anyone in the U.S. get their order split into two packages? I did not get a core game and was wondering if that was sent separately.

    26. IluvatarIrmo 5 days ago

      Well at least thats something. Thanks!

    27. Vincent van Beelen
      5 days ago

      Received in good order in the Netherlands. A shame about the color difference between the 1.5 upgrade pack and the original first edition.

    28. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator 5 days ago

      For any problems you have with missing or damaged components, send us an email at along with Photos of the game and your full shipping information.

      We will be shipping out the replacements along with the missing punchboard tokens and the correct mini sleeves by the end of this week.

    29. Becki Kaze 5 days ago

      @ IluvatarIrmo: Same question here. The sleeves are useless.

    30. Aranox
      5 days ago

      I have the same problem, my core box doesn't contain a single miniature...

    31. Missing avatar

      Mats Forsén 5 days ago

      I have checked everything now and looks like my only problem is the missing miniatures in the main box. Unfortuantely it is not a small error and makes the game unplayable for the months (?) until I get a replacement..

      I have to say I am not impressed with the quality control of the upgrade pack though, here is a comparison image of new and old cards. It isn't just a bit off, the gamma is way off and is especially noticeable on the Black Carrier card. The white text on the new cards isn't even white if you take a close look.

      Anyway I agree it doesn't make the game unplayable, but it does stick out and should've been caught in the PPC. The original cards are superior.

      Anyone have a 1.5 base box and could take some pictures of the cards for comparison?

    32. IluvatarIrmo 5 days ago

      Will there be something done for the sleeves that are too small or too big?
      Will we get a refund or suitable sleeves send to us?

    33. Missing avatar

      Mats Forsén 5 days ago

      I really really hope there isn't supposed to be anything that is supposed to be a surprise in the exploration of the legacy game, every color is different from the 1.0 game.. As it is I would not recommend anyone purchase this game unless they can get a 1.5 base game. Will that be available in retail soon?

      I wonder which sector is from the legacy game.. hmmmmmmm...

    34. Missing avatar

      Mats Forsén 5 days ago

      Hmm.. the colors don't really add up. The 6 player box shows a black and beige ship, the ships inside are black and white.. OK, I guess that's a misprint.. but the punchboard tokens are very different. Is there any difference between the yellow and orange or blue and purple tokens? My OCD is so triggered..

    35. Missing avatar

      Mats Forsén 5 days ago

      Nooooo.. I got my package today and just opened everything up. I started sorting stuff when I noticed there were no miniatures at all in the base box, just an empty square in the insert. I haven't checked that everything else is there but this means I can't play the game this weekend as planned.. sigh.. guess I'll look up how to report missing items.

    36. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator 6 days ago

      Gamequest started processing our games. We hope that they will start sending the games this week.

    37. Paolo
      6 days ago

      Any news for UK backers ?

    38. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator 7 days ago

      The US hub doesn't send notifications to each backer. All the packages are in transit. Most of them have already been delivered, we expect the rest to be delivered by the end of this week.

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Palm
      7 days ago

      Should I expect some sort of shipping information in the US? I haven't heard anything yet.

    40. Dennis Watson on February 12

      Wow, got an email from Vesuvius: My game is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Thanx, guys, you’re the best!

    41. IluvatarIrmo on February 12

      Its still on the move my package... Been 3 days now since it left Neuenstein in Germany :(

    42. ACGalaga on February 12

      @Becki - the beige cards are now white with a red tint behind the unit / power up symbol (Honestly, they do looks a bit nicer and more distinct than the original). So yeah, they don’t match, but are still playable. I’m not sure why you can’t have a sixth player. The player armada cards aren’t hidden information so the color of the back shouldn’t make a difference. Only hindrance is explaining to players that “uggh, newer print doesn’t match but it doesn’t really mess things up all that much”

    43. Becki Kaze on February 11

      The colours a not only darker. Especially the beige colour does not have fitting replacements.

      So for now I can only play with 5 players.

      The big sleeves are too big btw. So I use the mayday sleeves again. They fit so much Better. That is sad because I hoped for perfect fitting sleeves from the manufacturers themselves.

    44. Missing avatar

      on February 11

      I got mine yesterday here in Germany. The new cards are much darker and less glossy than the old ones. Also the sides are not that bright white anymore so you can recognize the new cards in the stack even from the side. Also the picture on the back of the commander cards is turned around by 180 dregrees.Why? I am surprised that this printing got the approval as an upgrade pack since usually everybody would avoid such obvious visible differences. I am a bit disappointed...

    45. Vesuvius Media Ltd 6-time creator on February 10

      @Steven: the change is correct.

    46. Steven Kadolph on February 10

      I am going thru the cards and replacing the original game cards with the cards in the 1.5 box. I just noticed that the original card had a 1 in the guns area but the replacement has a 1 in the shields area. Is this correct? It doesn't make sense unless the rail guns are doing something different than I expect.

    47. Aga Memnon
      on February 10

      @Gedracon: Thx a lot for the information...

    48. Gedracon on February 10

      @Aga: Question was answered before, also included in the updated errata document. >Vesuvius Media Ltd vor 6 Tagen
      There should be 4 Player Boards in the Core v1.5 game. Also 20 Blue activation Tokens, the “40” in the rulebook is unfortunately a typo :( <

    49. Aga Memnon
      on February 10

      Hello again,

      in the "Core Rules 1.5" you are talking in the section "Components" about 40 Blue Activation Tokens. My problem is, that I only have 20 Blue Activation Tokens. Please could you give me an answer in this case?!

    50. Dennis Watson on February 10

      😩😭 No game, no tracking info. Washington State.

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