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A stylish, waterproof, breathable and lightweight sneaker that keeps your feet cozy and dry no matter the weather.
A stylish, waterproof, breathable and lightweight sneaker that keeps your feet cozy and dry no matter the weather.
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Extended Survey Lock Down

Posted by Vessi Footwear (Creator)

Hi Vessi Family,

We wanted to take this update to let you know that our lockdown down date is now extended to this Friday, March 31st. 

We recently got a few inquiries about changing shipping addresses and orders and we wanted to give everyone an extended chance to finalize your information before we start shipping.

We expect to start shipping out your Vessi's by mid-April and will continue until all orders are processed and shipped. 

Please provide an address where you are able to accept the package from April-May 2018. 


We want to thank you all for your patience as we learned and worked through the different methods for you to find your perfect Vessi fit. Based on everyone's valuable feedback we've come up with a simple guide to let everyone choose or double check their sizing. 

We've modified a couple elements from our original design and strengthened our knit material to make sure that your Vessi will be able to keep up with you! 

If you need to make a change to your size, please do so by changing your pledge order directly on your surveys. If you are unable to do this, please leave us a message in our inbox and we will make sure to make the proper changes for you! 

Thank you, everyone! We are soooo excited to get your Vessi's to you! Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram @Vessifootwear as we head over to Taiwan to oversee production and delivery in the next couple of weeks! 

Till the next update, 

The Vessi Team 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Supruet Thavornyutikarn on

      I missed the survey on size and colour. How could I get those information to your team. Please advise.

    2. Vessi Footwear 2-time creator on

      @Jenevah Robello

      Hi Jenevah, pleasure to meet you.

      First and foremost, thank you very much for your support. We could not have done it without you!

      Based on your measurement results and your preference of having some wiggle room, I would still recommend you our US W 10. I think leaving your survey at US W 10 would be good.

      Have a great day : )

    3. Missing avatar

      Jenevah Robello on

      Hello Vessi,
      Sorry for the late notice, but I just got this update and think I mistaken my sizing. I ordered the black shoe in size women's US 10. But I redone my foot sizing and it came out to 26.3 cm. Which size would you recommend if I like a fit with some wiggle room? and if so, could you change my pledge to the correct size?
      Thank you!

    4. Vessi Footwear 2-time creator on

      @Ivan Kwok

      Firstly, thank you so much for your amazing support. Your help in bringing Vessi to life is incredible and we sincerely appreciate you!

      Please don't be sorry. Happy to help. Based on the information you have given me I would kindly suggest you try our US M 9. Our Flash Knit uppers are a bit tapering even though the length is slightly longer.

      Only if you like a more snug fit I would suggest our US M 8 to you. To be more certain you can try measuring your feet and if your feet length with the 0.5 cm addition stated in our measuring guide is a bit below 26.5 should you consider the US M 8.

      Hope this helps. Thank you very much! Have a great day Ivan : )

    5. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kwok on

      Hello Vessi Team,
      Sorry for my belated response. I have ordered 2 US M 9 Vessi Shoes at the very last minute.
      I usually wear US 9 for Nike or Adidas sneaker with relaxed wiggle room, however, I just found that their US 9 are in 27.0 JP/CM. Thus, I am worrying whether US 9 Vessi shoe is too large for me. Would you recommend US 8 in this case? If yes, could you give me a hand to change my order to US 8 for the male shoes? Thanks a lot.

    6. Vessi Footwear 2-time creator on

      @Robert MacKie

      Hello Robert, pleasure to meet you.

      Firstly, we sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you very much for the help you've given Vessi.

      Please do not apologize. It's my pleasure to help.

      Your actual feet length and the length of shoes you prefer to wear are not always the same. When there is a slightly bigger difference in length that means you enjoy a more relaxed fit with more wiggle room. On the contrary if the two lengths are very minimal in difference that means you like a fitted or snug fit.

      I believe based on your measurement and your usual size's shoe length you prefer a more relaxed/loose fit. Based on that I kindly suggest that you can try our US M 11 for a more standard Vessi fit that is not too tight and not too loose.

      If you still want a really loose fit then you can consider the US M 12.

      I messaged you privately regarding your question about visiting.

      Thank you so much Robert : )

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert MacKie on

      Hello Vessi,

      I apologize if I am behind on the deadline, but I'm unsure about the shoe size that I ordered. Currently I am set with size 12 in the black Vessi shoe. This is my usual mens shoe size. However, when I used the chart to measure my foot I came up with 28.0 CM. Even if I were to size up that makes me an 11 for Vessi. Is this accurate? What do you recommend?

      I live in Vancouver, so perhaps I could come in try on a test shoe? I want to make sure I get the right size.

      Thank you.

    8. Vessi Footwear 2-time creator on


      Nice to meet you!

      First of all, thank you for your amazing support. Your help in bringing Vessi to life is awesome and we sincerely appreciate you!

      Sorry that I replied a bit late. I checked your survey and it shows that you have selected grey US M 9.

      I have privately messaged a link to your survey for you to double check if you would like.

      Thank you!

    9. Vessi Footwear 2-time creator on

      @ Russell Glover

      Hi Russell, nice to hear from you. Thank you for pointing that out. We are so sorry about the typo.

      It should've said Saturday 31st.

      Sorry again for any confusion!

    10. Missing avatar on

      Based on the new sizing information, and the recommendation to order the standard US shoe size I need to change my order to a size 9. I can't get into the survey to make the change.

    11. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Just want to double check, Friday 30th March or Saturday 31st?

    12. Vessi Footwear 2-time creator on

      @Yves Holenstein

      Hi Yves, nice to meet you. First of all, thank you for your awesome support. Your help in bringing Vessi to life is amazing and we sincerely appreciate you!

      Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you would like to change anything please let me know and I can process your changes on our system.

      I will follow up with a message with more information.


    13. Yves Holenstein on

      Hi Vessi Team
      Looks like my Backerkit survey is locked and I can neither review my size nor add any products. Only shipping info seems to be editable.

    14. Vessi Footwear 2-time creator on

      @Patrick Gregorio

      Firstly, thank you for your amazing support. Your help in bringing Vessi to life is awesome and we sincerely appreciate you!

      We also really appreciate your suggestion of Vincere last time : )

      We noticed that people usually still prefer to order their sizes based on their normal size and shoe length preference. Even though we gave backers a method to do an accurate feet measurement to determine a fit, they still like to wear their normal shoe size even because some of them enjoyed extra room or a tighter fit etc.

      Therefore, this confirmation method better helps people determine their Vessi fit based on their usual US sizing. We realized that people still like their normal preference even though the measured result sizing may be a better fit. We'd rather cater to people's individual/unique fit preferences than telling them what their measured size should be.

      Sorry if this is a bit confusing or may have caused you any inconvenience.

      If you do not have wide feet and you normall wera US Men's 10.5 then I think our US 10 will give you a similar fit to the shoes you like wearing right now.

      You can still change your selection if you log into your Vessi backerkit survey right now. If you need more assistance please let me know.

      Thank you so much Patrick!

    15. Patrick Gregorio on

      So what changed? I believe your previous sizing guides said to size up for those with 1/2 sizing. I normally get US 10.5 sized shoes but ordered 11 because of your previous guide. Now it tells me to size down. Should I change my order?