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$63,790 pledged of $50,000 goal
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$63,790 pledged of $50,000 goal

Special Offer for Previous "Zion Eyez" Pledgers

Dear dedicated pledgers and kickstarter community,

It's recently been brought to our attention that a previous project, called Zion Eyez that offered some (but not nearly all) similar features as our product, failed to deliver it's product to it's donors.   We feel this is a real shame, and want to first reassure everyone that we are not affiliated with that project in any way, and that we guarantee we will deliver a superior product that is designed, manufactured and runs software of the highest quality.  We are absolutely certain that if in fact the Zion project is failing, it is due to the team's mismanagement of it's resources, rather than the product itself -- and want to make sure everyone understands that any team can fail or succeed.  You can rest assured that we are a team that will succeed, as we have with all previous endeavors.

Despite our complete lack of connection with the Zion project, it is giving kickstarter and in an indirect way as collateral damage, our project, a misplaced concern by some small percentage of the community.  Due to this issue, we have an exciting announcement:

We've decided to offer good will to the kickstarter community that we love so much by offering at "buy one, get one free" special offer to ANYONE WHO PLEDGED ANY AMOUNT TO THE ZION EYEZ PROJECT (even if you've already contributed just send us a note to let us know and we will confirm your pledge history).  All that you need to do to redeem this special offer, is:

1) Pledge for at least one single set of glasses (if you pledge for multiple glasses you will still get just one free set)

2) Have the Zion project in your pledge history, and send us a note letting us know about it after you pledge to our project.

We are doing this because we've calculated it all out and are 100% confident that we can deliver special offer this to those percentage of the community who are past Zion Eyez contributors who have lost hundreds of dollars to this project -- so we want to help kickstarter with a positive and good will effort and a show of faith to this amazing community of people who care about the future of computer enabled eyewear as kickstarter contributors and as future customers of Vergence Labs.

We hope everyone appreciates this and are super excited about the future of our project!  We also just chatted yesterday with another INCREDIBLE engineer that will be joining our team part time, and are in negotiations with one of the world experts in augmented reality to join our team.  The future couldn't be brighter!  Thanks again for your support and let's make this project even more successful moving forward, we're in the homestretch of the final two days of the project! 

Thank you!

The Vergence Labs Team


Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.