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$63,790 pledged of $50,000 goal

Took a visit to Google's "Glass" HQ - at the secret GoogleX Labs!

We had the rare and exciting opportunity to visit Google's top secret labs, the GoogleX Labs -- found in a hidden alcove deep within Silicon Valley, the elite team doing R&D on projects such as the Ai powered autonomous Google Self Driving Car, and of course -- the home of Project Glass -- a project that is right up our alley!  

For those of you who only know about our Product and Company and haven't heard about Google's little project, Project Glass is an augmented reality device that displays information overlay into a single eyeball using a thick piece of glass that overhangs from your forehead and drops down in front of your eye.  It's pretty darn cool in fact, and you've likely heard of it since Google is particularly skilled at building buzz in new, exciting areas such as this.  

We're personally super excited about this project and all the buzz being built because it completely validates how HUGE the idea for our company is!  Especially considering we began product concept development and business planning before the GoogleX labs even existed, it is exciting to see this nascent market start to boom and explode with huge potential as other new entrants try to pick up steam and set up their sails to ship products for the bright and amazing horizon of the future.  The best thing about Google entering into this market is that they are doing it the right way, with a small agile team focus on a few core technologies that will fit well with the rest of the ecosystem being developed -- and they are super smart.  But my favorite part is "Don't Be Evil" -- this is Google's strongest asset for their future, and will help propel information science into a better, more intelligent, enhanced tomorrow for all of mankind if done well.

Google is a truly incredible company! 

So what was it like inside of the Glass "G-Laboratory" you ask?   Oh. We can't tell you that!  That's why they call it secret, silly.  But, to get some idea -- here is a horizontal meme showing what our hidden, mysterious and "dubious" (lol haha) journey to GoogleX Labs was sort of like!!!  Lol jk :)

The guys and gals at Google are so cool, way super great at keepin' it googley and serve up googliciously delicious food (at all of their campus locations).  You know we Vergence kids like our free lunch just as much as Google does, so it was awesome to visit.  

We had a fantastic conversation with one of the most epically cool scientists there, Babak Parviz.  Babak was incredibly cool.  Seriously intelligent.  This is the guy who literally is working on the contact lenses that will allow you to display data in your eyes!!!  This is like one of the coolest projects ever and it was amazing to have lunch w/ him.  

We chatted about everything, lots of great topics and brainstorming -- but one of the things that was really cool was that we both agreed on the huge potential that Augmented Reality can have on your education!  Imagine being able to see, think, and learn at the speed of thought while learning within a fully immersive data augmented environment?!  This is one of the goals for Vergence Labs and it was cool to hear one of the top scientists in the field at Google agree that he also sees this as a huge opportunity and great benefit to mankind.  

On our way out, we were brought by some of the Google Glass product testing, since it was outside of the building, not officially in the "no photos" zone, I snapped a quick pic -- considering this is already news that's been released and Sergey has been seen wearing the prototype in various places for some time now -- so posting this picture.  Look at the GoogleX lab secret building, it has a giant puppy on the top!  I heard Google lets employees bring dogs to work, but wow!  That's a giant puppy, I wonder if that shows up in Google Maps (or Bing maps for that matter).  It sure was a warm and beautiful day, the sun shining warmly and you could almost feel it through the clouds.

 So! Please help support our kickstarter project by sharing the main page with as many friends on facebook and twitter.  Thanks!  Stay tuned in for many more exciting updates, including TechCrunch Disrupt NYC and more. 


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