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$63,790 pledged of $50,000 goal

Vergence Labs debuts Epiphany Eyewear at DEMO conference 2012!

Hi everyone!  We've been quite busy & have some really cool updates to share!  Vergence Labs debuted our product & glasses Epiphany Eyewear at the DEMO conference as an alpha pitch sponsored by Microsoft last week! Lot's of interest, my fav. product tester said "These guys are gonna conquer the world ...a revolution right here, baby." -- watch video :) The time to DO IT is coming soon!!!

The infamous DEMO conference 2012, the same conference where e*trade, VM Ware and Tivo, amongst many others, launched their products. It was incredible to debut our alpha pitch to such a captive audience comprised of industry and press veterans of such a wide breadth and scope in the PC industry. Thank you Microsoft for the full sponsorship of the alpha pitch program and for supporting Vergence Labs!

Look forward to another update, regarding Google tomorrow!  :)


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