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$63,790 pledged of $50,000 goal

Singularity Hub just posted a way EPIC article about us! WOW! Thank you Singularity Hub!!!

Vergence Labs: First Steps Towards Merging Man and Machine

"Vergence Labs, recently accepted into Stanford’s prestigious StartX program, is looking to create commercially available devices which will bridge the space between augmented reality, biometric data, computer vision, and digital information in the next few years. They’ve already produced demos for an augmented reality visor that will tell you the names of your friends as you look at them (see video below). Their first real product, however, will be a pair of glasses that allow users to capture video and share it socially, and they’ve just launched a Kickstarter project to help start production. Soon thereafter they’ll be integrating biometric data from wearable sensors, and moving on to bigger, better ways to merge humans and machines."

Singularity Hub is so cool!! Read full article here:


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