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Posted by Mike Myler (Creator)
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You folks are amazing! With an entire week left to unlock more books we have reached (and surpassed!) the initial funding goal of $1,000!!! Thank you!!!

The Forever Dark

In addition to expanded rules for the weird leugho, another new player race--silicites--lurk in the endless caverns. In the next project update I'll dive a bit into what these two new character options will bring to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game table, but the Forever Dark's author Michael McCarthy has prepared a short preview of what else the book will entail. Enjoy!

I *really* want to order more artwork like this.
I *really* want to order more artwork like this.

The Forever Dark is a dangerous place, as ominous as it is lightless: and it hasn’t seen the light of the sun in all of its history. What few outposts of law and civilization exist do so at the end of a gun’s barrel - usually one salvaged from the long-ago fallen civilization of the Trekth.
Only one thing in the Forever Dark is certain - and that is that danger and madness lurks behind every corner. There is no “safe”, and there is no bottom. Not in the Forever Dark.  

This book focuses on the fifth major realm of Veranthea, connecting the three continents and in some places even the Veil: the Forever Dark. Here, in a cross between the lawless wild west and the call of cthulu, life is short, violent and chaotic. But life--and things that resemble life--finds a way. The Forever Dark discusses the six biggest factions in the Forever Dark, provides new monsters, traps and hazards, and a dramatic expansion of the dragonminded prestige class!  

The Shining Morlock Cities lay in a single titanic cavern beneath Grethadnis, where long-ago forgotten people worship the living god Yawvil in a silver city... as must outsiders, on fear of death. As far as the Forever Dark is concerned, these cities are an absolute paradise.  

The Dynasties of the Dead are a mirror of Urethiel above, though living creatures are forbidden (except, perhaps, as delicacies). It posesses the power of a thousand fallen armies, and is eternally locked in a struggle between a thousand immortal nobles.  

The Fleshmazes are the remains of the civilization of the dopplegangers, one that might have outshone the magesty of the Trekth... though certainly not it's military might. Now it lays in ruins, though great machines forever create monstrosities of all kinds that pour out into the tunnels, and Trectoyri above.  

The Horrid Caravans are bands of travelling mongrelfolk, traders through the deep. They claim that once they were fair folk from above, but long exposure to the energies of the deep has warped them into what they are today. In addition to salvage, they trade in all manner of information: including how to survive in the tunnels as they have for generations.  

The Cult of the Dragonminded are warriors from the surface, who have made it their holy mission to seal away the nightmare gods by any means necessary - using the powers and knowledge of the dragons who once did so themselves.

I can't speak for all of you, but I LOVE what Michael McCarthy has planned and cannot wait to start exploring the endless caverns of the Forever Dark!

Thank you again for backing the Veranthea Codex Collection! This Kickstarter is going wonderfully and it's all because of your support! Spread the word from on high and let people know that this project is hitting the gas and throttling to an exciting finish next week!

PS: Don't forget that when we get another 13 backers, the Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar goes to print as well! Let's make the supplements for Veranthea Codex as amazing and hefty as the core book!

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