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Help us fund new artwork, killer designs, and crisp prints for the world's most radical Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign setting!
Help us fund new artwork, killer designs, and crisp prints for the world's most radical Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign setting!
64 backers pledged $2,532 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      :/ Dagnabbit! I've emailed you all to keep a wrangle on the last unfulfilled rewards and emailed Rogue Genius Games with a list of the stuff you're all due. We'll get this sorted eventually!

    2. Bruce Gray

      Hi! I don't believe I got mine.....
      This would be a great Xmas present!

      Veranthea Adventurer

      All the Veranthea PDFs, including the Veranthea Codex, with accompanying
      print vouchers.

      Bruce Gray (backer # 7)

    3. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      You are most welcome. Sorry again it became an Odyssey to fulfill these.

    4. Lewis Crown on

      I just got them, thank you very much for the help.

    5. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Sorry Lewis! I got your emails it's just been crazy over here. I've let Owen know that you and Chris need new vouchers for Into the Veil (and I gave him the gmail address you sent me) but honestly at this point you probably need to contact customer service and inform them that we've attempted to get these things to you four times now and we'd like them to intervene.

    6. Lewis Crown on

      I am still missing the POD version for Into the Veil. Can I get a timeline of when that might get sent to me please?

    7. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      My apologies, Lee! As long as your Kickstarter account's email address is correct, you should have six new emails from me with (most of) your voucher codes and PDFs. There are two vouchers I simply cannot generate and you'll have to poke Rogue Genius Games about them. Otherwise you *should* be set. :)

    8. Lee Boswell

      I cannot find that the PDFs got to me, and have not gotten a print voucher, thus not having gotten the physical books (which is my prefered version, I like holding it). Can this be sent (again, if I somehow missed it)?

    9. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Sorry Mark (and everyone else that's gotten errored rewards)--you have been Kickstarter messaged about your other print voucher and I've got you on the fixing list for PDFs!

    10. Mark Weiher on

      I received email with a link to get the book printed on demand, but did not receive the PDF, nor a link to get it.

    11. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Woo! Thank Owen. :D
      Expect a very excited update as soon as the last book proof comes in! :)

    12. Chris

      It's all good. I did get the email. Thanks.

    13. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I wasn't aware you didn't have a Veranthea Codex PDF yet! My apologies. The remainder of the PDFs haven't been sent yet because I wanted to fulfill the remainder of the books (which all got revisions) at the same time and The 5th World was holding things up. I will e-mail RGG and notify them that there's another Veranthea Codex PDF that didn't make it through the grinder. Sorry Chris!

    14. Chris

      I have checked my spam.

    15. Chris

      I still haven't seen an email for the PDFs.

    16. Patrick P.

      I'm honestly not worried about it. I know it will get done when it gets done. I'm hopeful that 2017 is a much better year for the Stephens clan. I appreciate you keeping on top of it but I do understand that life is one of the best screwball pitchers around and likes to mix it in when we least expect it.

    17. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I have not, no. I'm about to order the second-to-last proof (the Forever Dark book -- the 5th World is done and waiting on a map and the cover art) and I think they're waiting until I send over a huge batch of files before turning to this. I do feel genuinely sorry about all this, but Owen's got (no joke) four different jobs and Lj is just as pressed for time. The funding from this project that went to them was very much legitimate regarding their horrendous year too--their car died, Owen's fought off like half of the world's known sicknesses, and every time I'm like "oh god yes! They've caught their breath!" tragedy strikes again. If I can't get this resolved by middle of February I'll see if I can't get Meredith at DriveThru to send the orders (I have proof of payment and everything but that's a tricky gray area at best).

      I'm not unwilling to consider hounds.

    18. Patrick P.

      Thanks, Mike. Did you ever hear back from Rogue Genius? Do we need to send out the hounds to find Owen? (kidding!)

    19. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      The last time I e-mailed Rogue Genius Games was 3 days ago but I know they were at OrcaCon this weekend (which I did not know when sending the e-mail). If I don't hear anything from them by Friday I'll make a phone call.

    20. Patrick P.

      Any luck on getting us on the list, Mike? Thanks!

    21. Patrick P.

      Sounds good, Mike - thanks!

    22. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I'll add you to the list of folks that got left in the dust here Patrick -- I'm currently working with DriveThru and RGG to get co-publisher controls of the Veranthea products, but that has been stymied by the big retail weekend and I don't yet have access to them. I'll do a project update as soon as I've got my hands on the wheel though!

    23. Patrick P.

      @Mike Myler - I don't seem to have the email either for the PDFs. I'll double check again, just to make sure.

    24. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      It would be in an e-mail from DriveThruRPG -- I will check with Rogue Genius Games and make sure you are on the remedial list for the next round of rewards fulfillment. Sorry about the confusion!

    25. Lisa Kellogg

      what day were they sent on I cannot find them

    26. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      As a backer receiving all Veranthea PDFs you should have them sent to you already (only folks I needed to get responses from should be waiting). Have you checked your e-mail at the "" address listed with your Kickstarter profile?

    27. Lisa Kellogg

      Any news on when we are going to get the already released stuff or did I somehow miss it.

    28. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      You are most welcome Lewis, but I am not personally responsible for that change by the printer (I think they are just phasing out 50 lb). Good to know we won't have any weird bleed effects from the paper stock though! :D

    29. Lewis Crown on

      Thank you and thank you again for raising the paper weight. I have seen kickstarters try to save backers money be going for lesser paper & found the bleed though on the pages to be annoying.

    30. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I will try my hardest Lewis! If I can't they will definitely have some kind of color coding so each is at least distinct ("oh the eastern monsters book is the gold spine"). Recently they raised the minimum paper weight from 50 to 70 so it should be more feasible to get full titles on there but we'll see. :)

    31. Lewis Crown on

      If possible PLEASE consider having the name of the book on the spine for the print version. I know that at about 40 pages they will be thin & the words hard to read. But as someone who loves the physical copy & has bookcase for his gamin stuff I can say it ends up being much nicer to have the name on the spine. I find even a simple black strip with just the name to be very useful & end up being nicer than just a continuation of the artwork. So long as the spine is flat you can print the name there & I will love it.

    32. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Summer is the crunch season for the RPG Industry (Gen Con is next week and I am scrambling to prepare!) so at the earliest, mid-August. I am *slightly* hesitant to stagger rewards this way because folks change their Kickstarter emails and so on (which can be quite a jar of pickles), but unless this goes CRAZY in the last day I think we can reasonably handle under a 100 backers that way. :)

      Everything else that requires treatment in one way or another -- be that the extra pages for The Black Knight or the revised print layouts for Into the Veil, Radical Pantheon, and Lost Legends of Urethiel -- will be done before October. I do, however, routinely work unseasonably long days and I don't take off weekends so once these hit my work queue, I will hit them like a juggernaut and it might be sooner than that!

      The bulk of copy for The Fifth World has been prepped and ready for a while now and though I'm going to revise and expand what I've already got, it should be available before November (ideally in September, but the art and cartography commissions for it are going to be *quite complicated* and may take some time).
      The Forever Dark is slated with a soft deadline of October but really it's up to when Michael McCarthy turns his attentions on it after he's absorbed Ultimate Horror (my goal with that one is to get it out soon so folks can use it with UH and also enjoy some subterranean adventuring for the month of Halloween). :)

    33. Lisa Kellogg

      How soon will we get the pdf's and vouchers for the already existing products like the main book its self :)

    34. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Thanks Russell -- we're glad to have you! :D

      Lewis 40 pages or more. My goal is to have at least that many pages in all the Veranthea Codex supplements (save for the Black Knight, which will come in at about 24 after I finish making pre-gens for it).

    35. Russell Ventimeglia

      Joining in. Things are looking interesting!

    36. Lewis Crown on

      How many pages do you expect the Forever Dark book to be approximately?

    37. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Sounds like you've got it all in good order! :D

      I'm very about being hands-on and don't use Backerkit or any other Kickstarter services aside from this website and while I'm *normally* really good about late pledges, they will not be available for this (short, follow-up, only 2 week-long) Kickstarter.

      So yessir -- increase your pledge now, tomorrow, or Friday to get everything!

    38. Chris Zank on

      If I want to purchase an add-on, do I update my pledge amount now?

      For example, I am currently pledging for 4 pdfs at $20.00, but I want 5 pdfs (3 from the main starter deal, and 2 from the stretch goals), so should I just up my pledge the additional $5.00?

      I am also thinking about the cards and map pack too. So all together, should be at $46.00 ($20.00 original pledge, $5.00 additional pdf, $21.00 for the cards and map pack) Does this look right Mike?

      Up my pledge, or should I wait and use a backer kit or something? Thanks for the help.

    39. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Hell yes we did! :D

    40. Lisa Kellogg

      we made it to $2000 :)

    41. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Excellent questions Chris! :D

      MAP PACK
      This is a PDF product that includes larger digital files for every map that appears in the Veranthea Codex, Into the Veil, Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar, Clockwork Wonders of Brandlehill, and Spring of Disorder (and while I am not certain yet because I do not have them, likely the Forever Dark and The Fifth World as well).

      I cover shipping on this guy because I do not think it will be covered in compiled shipping, but it's only a few dollars if you live in the USA (sorry international folks, I'm spooked about getting on the hook for mailing something to Sweden). :)

      I really should have mentioned it somewhere else already and failed to (my bad!), but if you order all your Veranthea books at once the printer will package (and thus significantly reduce) your shipping costs!

      Thanks again for the solid queries and for backing the Kickstarter, Chris! :D

    42. Chris Zank on

      I need some clearing up.

      $9 - Cartography Map Pack covering over 20 different regions, settlements, encounters, and dungeons!

      Is this map pack a print product or is it a pdf product?

      If I were to order this and the card deck, how would shipping work? Do I need to pay additional shipping or would it be included. I hope if I choose to print 4 of the books it will be the printing cost and they will compile the shipping costs.

    43. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I know!!! I am beside myself! :D

      ON TO THE FIFTH WORLD!!!!!!!

    44. Lisa Kellogg

      WOW some nice person got us up to $1,500 just like that :)

    45. Mike Myler 7-time creator on


    46. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Any pledge at $5 or above gets The Clockwork Wonders of Brandlehill and Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar PDFs (since we passed the first backer goal!) and there are currently 4 PDFs available otherwise (The Black Knight, Into the Veil, Radical Pantheon, and Lost Legends of Urethiel).
      We expect to break through the Forever Dark stretch goal and TMPoB Print backer goal before the project ends, which will bring the total up to 6 supplements available in print that you can choose from for your rewards.

      The Veranthea Codex core book is only available at the $30 pledge level and above.

      Converting Veranthea to 5E isn't in the cards. The design team and I discussed it at length, and ultimately the scarcity of the rules in 5E doesn't lend itself to the kind of comprehensive world we want to build with this project (though I have other 5E settings you are encouraged to check out :D). All told I think there are something like 600 hyperlinks/references to the PRD/core Pathfinder line providing statistics for NPCs and other bits of pieces so the actual data value of the Veranthea Codex is much, much, much higher than most books its size -- the infrastructure just isn't there to do that in 5E.

    47. Churchill

      How many PDF's are available? The 4 PDF pack can we also get the main Codex? Are there plans to convert the books to 5e?

      Please let me know so I can change my pledge level accordingly.

    48. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      We'll make some good ground yet Lewis -- I've already got Michael McCarthy preparing some fun previews of the Forever Dark for when get past initial funding goal. If we can find another dozen Veranthea Adventurers we'll be golden! :D

    49. Lewis Crown on

      Yay! we are at 25 backers. Now we need to triple that (as well as the current funding level).

    50. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Good question Lewis!
      We'll weigh it out when we get there but for most folks not pledging at the Veranthea Adventurer level a $5 add-on will probably be the way to go -- the pledge levels don't lock you into *which* Veranthea PDF/vouchers you get, that's something you'll choose during fulfillment (and with the way things are going, you might have quite a few titles to choose from!!)

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