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Enter a realm infused with the traditions of the East, a dying world where technology is heresy and the wounds of the past bleed still. New mega adventures project on Kickstarter now!
Enter a realm infused with the traditions of the East, a dying world where technology is heresy and the wounds of the past bleed still. New mega adventures project on Kickstarter now!
200 backers pledged $7,720 to help bring this project to life.

After taking a short rest, you find a dainamo omiryō and 7 new companions!

Posted by Mike Myler (Creator)

The first backer goal is unlocked! All 100 of you are awesome people!!!

Thank you for supporting Mists of Akuma! Together you've raised $2,599 for the project so far, and with the first backer goal behind us...

You can find all seven of the pre-generated PCs right here! 

Note that these are all freely available to anyone and you are welcome to share them around!

Dainamo Omiryō?

A lot of backers have asked about the Ancestral Weapon feat for the Samurai sacred oath in the Mists of Akuma: Primer, so I put together a preview with another two goodies (augmetics) for you to sink your teeth into!

Mists of Akuma Playtest

We've got a solid plan to produce an amazing book! In addition to having a proper Japanese cultural academic look over Mists of Akuma before it goes to layout (to make sure we get the right feel and properly embody the original myth and folklore many of the oni and prefectures utilize), anyone who backs to get the PDF will also get access to the Mists of Akuma playtest when the funding period ends.
We'll be keen on all your feedback for how to improve the mechanics before going to press, so be ready to start adventuring in Soburin—at the start of next month you'll get your first chance to brave the mists!

Backer Goal #2: 150 Backers for 5 More Pre-Gens!

When we reach 150 backers, 5 more pre-generated PCs will join the Google Drive folder:

  • Baizao the Oni-Touched Druid (Blight Circle)
  • Lai-Tzu the Steametic Rogue (Shinobibot Archetype)
  • Matzuri the Ropaeo Ranger (Tsukumogami Hunter)
  • Tetsujin the Umibo Cleric (Kami Domain)
  • Zai-Pho the Necroji Wizard (Mage Arcane Tradition)

Legendary Survivors of Soburin

Throughout the campaign we're not just going to update you on the status of the Kickstarter project—we're giving you a look into the world of Soburin as well through short stories written by the design team!

Today I'm introducing my character: Kanden the Necroji Ninja!

Kanden and the Innocuous Kanzashi

Situated a few miles from the walls of Sanbaoshi, Masama Nipyurēta’s home was like estates of any of the Masuto Imperial family’s prized bengoshi officials: a sprawling fortress, practically a miniature city unto itself. Tightening the fittings on his augmetics and waiting for the nearby guard to turn her attention elsewhere, Kanden made a crouching dash for the wall and dived into its moat after a rapid sprint just as she began walking away. Ignoring most of the virulent toxins within the water the undead ninja approached the far shore, fitting nekode onto his natural (albeit fleshless) hand before sliding the metal digits of his augmetic into the bamboo bulwark. Ascending in a bound and using a few punctuated strikes, Kanden crossed over the top of the wall—wincing in pain at the electrified razorwire on its outside edge but easily enduring a shock that would kill a human—and into Masama Nipyurēta’s estate before the sentry turned back around.

Leaping onto an adjacent rooftop and crouching against the inside of the wall, Kanden assessed the security of the estate. More samurai (many with augmetics replacing their eyes or ears) wandered about the grounds and with so many enhanced warriors at his disposal, the necroji ninja thought, the masters were sure to garner valuable information from Nipyurēta. Mentally recalling the maps he’d been given and orienting himself with the front gate of the manor, Kanden silently jumped across buildings, keen to avoid detection and carefully watching the perimeter wall for any signs of sentries. Listening for the hiss of escaping pressure from one of their augmetics he carefully circled the second floor of the main house, working towards the northeastern corner and the Masuto bengoshi’s private study. Carefully unlocking a window and sliding it to the side, he slipped into the building and approached a table holding a tray of combs, ointments, and salves.

Kanden reached into his pocket and produced the item the masters had spent thousands of imperial pieces crafting: a simple kanzashi. A casual observer would never notice it, but behind the comb’s sheen of lacquered wood were antennae and receivers, able to record sounds and transmit them across great distances. Most importantly the item looked absolutely identical to one of Bengoshi Nipyurēta’s personal items, something sure to be near many private discussions of import. Taking the original kanzashi and breaking it between the mechanical fingers of his hand augmetic, Kanden depressed a small imperfection on its replacement, activating the device before slipping back out the window.

Dropping back to the ground to avoid the wall sentries and running along the perimeter of the fortress, Kanden spotted an opening forming between the guards stalking atop the bulwark. Bounding up on piston-powered steam augmetics, the necroji landed deftly atop a building, exposed for only a moment. Crouching low and judging how far of a leap would be needed to pass entirely over the wall, the modulated voice of a samurai bellowed out and caused the ninja to stumble, falling forward and back to the estate’s grounds, “HALT!”

Thank you for backing the Kickstarter!

Keep spreading the word around! Email Kickstarter and make sure they take a look at Mists of Akuma (maybe we can be a featured project!), and definitely tell your Friendly Local Game Store! We've got an add-on perfect for retailers and with amazing cover art by Claudio Pozas (and with all the wonderful content inside!) they'll be hard pressed to keep copies on their shelves!

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