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Venture into the ruins of civilization! Fight nuclear fallout and wild warlords! Try to survive and thrive in Earth's atomic twilight!
Venture into the ruins of civilization! Fight nuclear fallout and wild warlords! Try to survive and thrive in Earth's atomic twilight! Now in PDF and Print for D&D 5E at !
Venture into the ruins of civilization! Fight nuclear fallout and wild warlords! Try to survive and thrive in Earth's atomic twilight! Now in PDF and Print for D&D 5E at !
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    1. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Seth: Sorry I didn't see this until now! I think I managed to stay on top of it. Those page reference typos slipped in because Hypercorps 2099 5e was a conversion (from the Pathfinder version) and not all of the text was properly updated. :/

      Ismael: I had a few reasons for the survey.
      1) To thank everybody again.
      2) Make sure everyone got their rewards (excepting BnT).
      3) Find out who pledged for the Bally 'N Tour add-on (as I promised in the project updates, I am opening up the working document to backers next month so I need a list of who to share it with).
      4) Inform folks that may not be getting updates about the next 5E Kickstarter (Book of Exalted Darkness)
      5) See what yins thought about the book!

      Sorry for any confusion! Also folks are really happy with how 2099 Wasteland came out and I am elated that yins like it. :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Ismael Alvarez on

      Did we get that extra survey because we are getting some kind of reward, or just because?

    3. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      Mike, please be careful with your page referencing while doing the layout since I've noticed that in Hypercorps 2099 5e pdf the page references after the table of contents are pretty much universally pointing to a page number 2 pages lower than what the context of the reference is referring towards. I think it had something to do with making those references before inserting the two page long table of contents that threw the numbers off.

      And your approach to the Bally N' Tour sounds good. I hope it goes well. I remember those Forgotten Realms country books from 3rd edition, they were useful and flexible. But not as humorous as some of the entries in the 2nd edition's encyclopedia magica... I still remember laughing at the Mini-onions of Set. (A joke entry playing off of a typo of minions.) Those were some evil veggies.

    4. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I have indeed started layout! As of right now I'm on page 106 of the book so I should have the rough draft of the PDF by Friday.

      Bally N' Tour is already underway and has been for some time. Right now I've got my Sunday group exploring the region (and therein building it -- so far the Bureau and Slaarsh have gotten involved). I'm still not sure what approach to take yet but I do have a plan: when the group is done with that region I'll take my (detailed) game summaries, distill out the bits that are vital for using the material to its maximum potential, and then choose whether it should be done as an adventure module or as a specific regional thing (like the country books from Forgotten Realms back in the days of D&D 3.0). If what I'm looking at is essentially a regional sourcebook, that's probably the tack I'll shoot for but if it's weird than that and requires a strong narrative thread to work, it'll be more like a standard module.

    5. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      Mike, if you've moved onto layout for the Wasteland book when will work on the Bally N' Tour stuff begin, if it hasn't already? Have you decided what approach you'll take with it? A scripted shorter adventure, something that is more of an open sandbox for players to wander around in, or something in between?

    6. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Peter: The Wasteland PDF isn't ready yet, we were just getting folks who had a Hypercorps 2099 5E PDF and/or voucher (from one of my previous kickstarters) their copy of that (already published) book. I should start layout for the Wasteland book this weekend (Savannah just turned over the last of her words! :D )

    7. Peter Engebos

      I did not get either the PDF link or the voucher

    8. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Sorry about that John! I've got a little number thingy for your fulfillment and I've e-mailed DTRPG about it.

    9. Missing avatar

      John A W Phillips

      I'm in the same situation as Donald: no print voucher.

    10. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      DriveThruRPG has these hiccups from time to time, Donald. :/
      It told us that you got sent one so make sure it's not in your spam folder or something, but I've e-mailed them about it with the little number they tag those things with and asked them to make certain it went through (and that if it did not yet, to make sure it does!)

    11. Donald A. Turner

      I received a link for a free download, but not the at-cost print voucher that I was supposed to receive.

    12. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Yup -- turns out he just missed the e-mail! Everyone should have their vouchers and/or PDFs for the original Hypercorps 2099 5e book. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      That is good news. :)

    14. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I've e-mailed him (reminding him he got the list 2 weeks ago and asking that he gets those sent out this week). Savannah should be turning in the last of her copy tomorrow/Wednesday so 2099 Wasteland will also be going to layout very soon! :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      Well it's now the 20th and I am not sure if anyone has received them yet. I know I haven't. Hopefully whatever has caused the delay will be resolved soon. I'm figuring he's been swamped with other things and just hasn't had time yet.

    16. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      He is a busy fellow, aye. I emailed him the lists on February 4th and generally he gets to this or that task inside 2 weeks. If he hasn't sent them by the 19th I'll poke him!

    17. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      Mike, Any idea when Jason Nelson will be distributing the Hypercorps 2099 5e pdfs since it's been almost a week since the time-frame you mentioned? (I'm guessing he's been busy but it would be good to know if something has changed resulting in a longer delay.)

    18. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      The Radio critters look interesting, I could see some of the more intelligent ones actually being willing to work with a settlement to some degree in exchange for being able to 'feed on 'surplus radio waves'' they would protect the settlement from other threats. If only to insure their meal ticket goes uninterrupted.
      I also like how can incorporate forms of the Hypernet Servers into Wastelands. I remember several shows of the line of Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone where survivor(s) of a nuclear war turned to virtual reality to avoid going insane from lack of a society to interact with.

    19. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      She's still preening all her copy, but aye the fission fiend is something like that. And aye, I am working as fast as I can. Adding on pages to the book that I didn't plan for delays things, but I assure you it is worth it (I am currently wrestling with myself as to whether or not we need radio elementals and radio ghosts -- I want them, I think the artwork I made for them is fitting, but it means a few more hours of writing and design, and I am already behind on things generally, but I would *love* to have the total number of statblocks in the book to pan out at 60...)

      As for the Hypercorps 2099 5E PDFs -- I just sent the e-mail lists upriver to Legendary Games. I suspect Jason Nelson will get around to sending them out this weekend or early next week! ^_^

    20. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      Fission Fiend sounds interesting, a warlock patroned by atomic energies or an atomic entity if my guess. I've figured your working on things as fast as humanly possible given your other responsibilities.
      Also any estimated delivery time for when people will receive the Hypercorps 2099 5e pdf if their backing level includes it?

    21. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I'm working on stuff as fast as I can and will swing back to 2099 Wasteland soon to get those done! I might get to jump in and get to the Warlord NPCs & Surviving Operators by the time February starts (by my count it's just those and a little bit of class fiction) but all the maps are done at this point I think, and Savannah's getting through her copy pretty quick (my favorite so far is the Warlock archetype I think: the Fission Fiend).

    22. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      Parts of it are shaping up nicely, other parts still need to be fleshed out more before I could give a definitive answer, but your getting to those things as the playtest progresses.

    23. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      You've had a solid look at the playtest -- what do you think so far? Will it live up to the hype? :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      I was hoping the book would have enough for that, planned on adapting a lot of aspects of the Wastelands to fit in Salt in Wounds campaign I'll be running (separate from the Wastelands campaign I'll be running with my group as we tend to decide are we in the mood for this campaign or that one... as that is a good way to avoid campaign burnout for the group even if it can slow down progress in a specific campaign.
      But the wastelands should only need minor alterations (mostly pertaining to how advanced technologies don't exist in Salt in Wounds and replacing things with more primitive counterparts, yet although running a future salt in wounds would be another matter) to represent the growing areas of land irrevocably tainted by the Tarrasque's blood as with how the Tarrasque resists magic, having its blood and flesh be somewhat radioactive (probably the majority of stuff taken from the Tarrasque would be level 1 or 2 prior to processing/'cooking' depending on what it is with the Tarrasque itself possibly being a bit more radioactive) would make sense and explain why mutations are so rampant in Salt in Wounds (plus the Mutant race and Freak classes just seems to belong (at least to me) in a city like Salt in Wounds.)

    25. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      There will definitely be an epilogue and every faction in Bally N' Tour will have repercussions depending on what happens with them, but aye a levels 1-15 adventure would be a Kickstarter in and of itself. I *will* however make the material I use for the Wasteland backer games available to folks at large (I keep summaries like this one from Hypercorps 2099's backer game: and the book itself will have more than enough content to facilitate a big campaign like that. :D

    26. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      Hmm then I'm guessing there will also be a sidebar about how to continue the campaign from there such as possible plot hooks for further adventuring either with another adventuring module (although any other Hypercorps 2099 module would probably need adaption for wastelands and I kind of doubt there will ever be a full adventure campaign covering levels 1 through 15 for wastelands) or just 'Here are things that a DM can use to continue the group's adventure without a campaign module.'

    27. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Good question! The adventure will assume 1-2 levels (so ending up around 3rd). 2099 Wasteland doesn't assume the PCs are alter sapiens (ie have hyper scores) but I'll include some sidebars to address that (in which case you're looking at getting hyper score 1 and increasing it to 2 by the end of the adventure's scope).

    28. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      I wonder if the adventure will be for levels 1-5 as normal characters or would it assume Hyper Characters and if so, to what Hyper Score?

    29. Missing avatar

      Doomedpaladin on

      Congratulations! Funded plus a small buffer for bad pledges.

    30. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I am looking forward to five minutes from now when I can finally stop being anxious >.<

      But awesome! I'll be making that into a proper adventure because of you, good sir. It was a capital idea!

    31. Missing avatar


      and I'm in for the adventure also :)

    32. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      WOOT! Thanks Russel, Jeff, and Ran!! This book is going to blow up some gaming tables thanks to you! :D

    33. Ran on

      I look forward to the final product :)

    34. Jeff Robinson

      Got me at the last min. just got home from work... tossed in the extra 10 for the adventure

    35. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      It was a good idea anyway Wanderer so I'm going with it. :D

      My thanks go out to you, Michael, Seth, and everyone else who pledged! I AM SO STOKED TO START ORDERING ARTWORK!! ^_^

    36. Missing avatar

      Seth Klein on

      Congrats on getting Wastelands funded at $3,011 with just under 50 minutes left.

    37. Michael Schell on

      OK, that was nerve wracking. Congratulations, you managed to squeak through to funding. Not gonna get any stretch goals but you got the basic funding at least.

    38. Missing avatar


      looks like we don't need it - someone just pushed us over the line :)

    39. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Let me do a little math -- I can try to get an adventure together, perhaps? How would a $10 add-on for a PDF and print voucher for that sound?

    40. Missing avatar


      I don't have the budget for the Warlord pledge - even lowered that much.

      Do you have anything that could entice about 12 of us to part with another $10 ?
      or 25 to part with another $5 ?

    41. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Oy! I dunno...hrm. What did you have in mind? I could lower one of the not-yet-taken pledge levels? Maybe drop the Wasteland Warlord pledge (where you get to decide on one of the Warlord organizations in the book, including an art order) from $250 toooo...$160?

    42. Missing avatar


      sooo close -
      hey - any last minute incentives?

    43. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Woo! Thanks Doomedpaladin and welcome to the Wasteland! I am EXTREMELY happy to know that the tumblr convinced you because getting that thing set up (with solid copy and so forth) and posting about it all the time was exhausting. We are SO CLOSE TO FUNDING and you have helped convince others to get on the train as its leaving the station so *thank you*!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Doomedpaladin on

      Endzeitgeist's review of the Doctor class and your tumblr posts finally pushed me over the edge Mike. I can't afford this so close to christmas, but you have my support now. If it doesn't fund, definately turn around and run another campaign for it.

    45. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I know! My fingernails are practically gone. >.<

      I think we're definitely on track to raise the rest of the funds for this Kickstarter, money that will by and large be spent on artwork (cover artwork from Indi is a few hundred well spent dollars, and then at least two dozen pieces from various other artists for the interior of the book).

      I'm glad to hear you got your Hypercorps 2099 book and love that you are digging it!!! I also appreciate that you've been a vocal supporter of that Kickstarter and this one -- keep making your voice heard! If we're going to fund it's because of you and all the other backers, so let's make damn sure that every person that might possibly hear about the 2099 Wasteland hears about it!!

    46. Michael Schell on

      This is so close it's not even funny. Will this make $400 it needs, OK $385 but still not what I would call a small amount to raise in 6 hours. I hope this funds honestly. I just got my copy of the Hardcover of the Pathfinder version of the main rules this buggers off of and it is fantastic. This sounds like it's already written up for the most part and we're just waiting for artwork to be commissioned and, I can't lie about this, art is probably one of the bigger expenses in getting something like this done. I will gladly pay the cost for print on demand for this and made my pledge reflect this. In this holiday season I can't pledge anymore but I hope to see this get funded. This one is so close to being done I can smell the asphalt. Here's hoping it actually funds.

    47. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Awww -- the rest change is one of my favorite parts about the Wasteland, although if you've got limited healing already going on that has a lot to do with it so good on ya.
      Woo! Another recommendation for the Irradiation rules! I really like adding on extra attributes (dude do not discount Luck, Luck is awesome) and the tone they put onto the game is wonderful. Hoorah for the Gaxian as well! Those graymen are popular indeed. :)
      Yeah the standard D&D starvation/dehydration rules are whack -- glad your grip digs mine. They may have skimmed past the freak class, but if you keep the "you must take a level in this after reaching an Irradiated score of 13" bit in the mix they might take a greater interest (and if they do, I'm always keen to hear feedback!)

      Sounds like you're doing what it's intended to do -- tweaking it and making your own Wasteland (or using it to color your existing world)! if you have a minute let us know what your game entails and if you get the chance, thwack them with a rad-drake or mordor (or heavens help them, introduce an atomic mutant).

    48. Missing avatar


      @Mike - we did not directly use it - we have a limited playing time window, and everyone wanted to move right into gaming. They all took it to read, and we may incorporate some of it. They voted down the 1 week long rest/1 day short rest right away -- we already have limited healing in the game world, and they did not want the current campaign's focus to change to the Survival/Settlement focus this uses.
      Your "Irradiation" rules are a good rules quantification of something we were already doing (currently with "DM hand-waving" as the mechanic...) - we may just adopt that almost as is.
      Got one "Oooh - I wanna play a Gaxian!"
      All seemed to just agree with Starvation/Dehydration without comment.
      They skimmed past the Freak class - maybe the picture put them off, or maybe because it would be redundant with this group :)

    49. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      I think so! Sometimes folks take a while to get their weekly Tome Show on (it is a fairly long podcast) but I reckon we're going to see some pledges coming in from it. There are still two free PDFs that are getting released on the distributor websites too, and that always brings us to the attention of people! :D

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