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Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
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Hypershipping Begins! ^_^

Posted by Mike Myler (Creator)

Mike takes over the shipping!

Legendary Games has been and continues to be slammed with tasks so to get this done before November starts, we've asked DriveThruRPG to transfer some publishing permissions to me--and they did!

I'm in the middle of writing things (a fun little adventure called the Jaws of the Jhambizaur for the Skybourne PF setting from Drop Dead Studios) and I don't want to lose my proverbial place there so I'm not starting the ordering process until tomorrow (I'm one night away from finishing my copy for it) but I will have all of these filed by Sunday at the latest (if not sooner -- not sure how long it will take to do each one but I'm prepared to spend 14 hour days getting this done).

My apologies again for the delays but the wheel is back in my hands now so no worries!

Thank you again for backing Hypercorps 2099!

PS: A Little Something for Yins

We (myself and LG) genuinely feel bad about the wait you've all suffered here so we're figuring on giving physical copy backers something extra. Comment on which of these sounds best to you!

1) A discount on a physical and digital copy of the (highly rated!) An Undying Contract novel.
2) A discount on a physical and PDF bundle for FAMOTH (the hacker handbook -- check previous updates for more info).
3) A deeply discounted (thinking maybe $1 or even free? gotta negotiate with LG) PDF for FAMOTH. [Note that this is only available for Pathfinder as of right now, no idea when I'll get to translating it to 5E]
4) A free digital copy of An Undying Contract.

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    1. Mike Myler 8-time creator on

      After much screaming and head bashing, I treated *almost every* graphic and illustration in the book to avoid overdoing it on the ink coverage, fought with the cover files, and generally lost my mind (including a 24 hour work day wheeeee!) BUT the files are solid and on the way to the printer now. If they are not verified by tomorrow noon I'll poke DriveThruRPG and ask them to push it along, and I expect to spend tomorrow and Friday (blissfully!) processing orders. ^_^

    2. Mike Myler 8-time creator on

      Apparently I need to run every single image in the book through Photoshop to desaturate it and avoid "over-inking". It will be a few more days but we'll make the November 1st deadline -- if you check out the PDF you'll see there's an illustration on (almost) every other page and a ton of graphics, so I'm treating hundreds and hundreds of images (yet again!). :/
      *pulls out hair and cries*

    3. Mike Myler 8-time creator on

      Apparently it's easier to get a standard color print file across than it is a premium color file, so there are some things they are worried about. They also do not work on weekends, so over the next two days I'm going to address all these problems (likely with a bit of assistance from Richard Kunz, a more experienced layout artist that has already helped me considerably) and get a premium color file approved on Monday and start ordering then!

    4. Mike Myler 8-time creator on

      I went to go start fulfilling orders and there was no premium color option! I've e-mailed DTRPG and they'll do a special digital proofing of the file, but as the only difference is that some colors are brighter we'll be printing them without getting a gander at a physical proof. I'm confident there won't be any issues but felt that information was worth sharing with folks.

      It also occurs to me that I could tell you more about FAMOTH! It's not *all new content*, it is the Hacker Handbook -- it has content about the Hypernet and netjackers reprinted from the core book, intended for use by players. So if you're playing a game of Hypercorps and pop into the Hypernet, it will be their reference tool in the game (and probably get used quite a bit to that end!)
      Here's a blurb about the content within:
      ---Planar rules for the Hypernet and a dozen servers ranging from the old-timey frontier of Maliku to the endless oceans of Aquatica, sprawling forests of the Unyielding Green, curiously medieval Harsanath, and more
      ---Dangers of the Hypernet—whether it’s the dangers of being meat stripped or a viral infection, we’ve got you covered.
      ---Over a dozen creatures and netjackers from the Hypercorps 2099 core rulebook supplemented by new digital assets!
      ---The Netjacker base class for all your hacking, drone-controlling, proxy-possessing needs.
      ---Fourteen class archetypes for technoclerics, cybersurfing monks, digital detectives, and even the dreaded /\/008 |<|-u5h3|-!
      ---New digital feats, digital items (including nanosymbiotes!), and digital hypernaut powers!
      ---Hyper flaws not included in the Hypercorps 2099 core rulebook.
      ---Four pregenerated PCs with statblocks for use in the Hypernet.

    5. Kimberly Burgess

      1 and 2 are best for me.

    6. Chris Zank on

      Option 1 or 2 are my ideal choices.