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Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
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Hyperprints and An Undying Contract

Posted by Mike Myler (Creator)
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Hey folks! It's been a while and I owe you all an update. :)

Print copies of the book

We had a solid print file which I improved upon, and it's getting rejected from the printer because they recently changed page weights. I'm altering the print file to match this (and their cover files) but we are very much on schedule to start shipping next month.

PLEASE pay attention to your Kickstarter e-mail account.
We will be doing a survey as soon as I am confident the print copies are in good order, and in that survey we will get your physical address for shipping your print copy of the book (something I would like to do as soon as possible, which requires prompt responses to the survey).

An Undying Contract

The core design team and I wrote a novel! This will also be available in print, but for the above reasons (and in the case of dreaded CreateSpace, other things) it isn't ready for physical copies just yet.

It is awesome! Check out this excerpt from the prologue and then go grab the PDF and ePub files for a thrilling adventure in the cutthroat future of Hypercorps 2099!


Five hundred and fifteen years after his destruction—one hundred and fifteen years after the tachyon flux forever changed the world and enabled his regeneration—the First Vampire emerged from the waters of the South China Sea and onto the shores of southwestern Thailand just after sunset, naked as the day he had been born and emaciated as a skeleton. More animal than man he had decimated a small fishing village (killing them down to the last soi dog) but as he stood up from the dried out and devoured remains of the settlement’s piled up corpses, a strange collection of mortals appeared in the distance. They were clearly natives of the area, but as alike to the villagers he had killed as a pup was to a wolf. One was pale blue of skin, with prominent gills, another hugely tall with a large maul over one shoulder. The third was covered in glowing tattoos, electricity crackling idly around her body, and the fourth looked to be half man and half beast. Vlad smiled, eyeing the coat that the fishy one wore; after he had amused himself with this lot it would fit him well. 

They seemed shocked at the sheer level of devastation Vlad had unleashed, but with no hesitation the one with the tattoos cried out in a language he didn’t understand and pointed, sending a bolt of lightning arcing through the air and straight towards him. In response the First Vampire calmly reached out a hand, absorbing the bolt and savoring its tingle as it flowed through him—a novel sensation to be sure, but nothing to fret over. Vlad rolled his shoulders as she yelled commands to her comrades. He had been strong before, yes; fast, of course; able to take punishment that would have killed a normal man. But all of that was nothing compared to what he was now. He could feel the wellspring of fell energies at his beck and call, throbbing underneath the surface of his skin—the darkness of the pool flowed through him, drawing from the power of every creature that walked the line between life and death. The greater their numbers, the greater his strength. And now it was time to use it. 

The towering woman with the maul rushed at him, the beast man coming from the opposite side. They were fast—amusingly so even—but he was faster. As the maul crashed down he was gone, behind the beast man and punching a clawed hand through flesh, through bone, and out the other side. As if that were not enough, everywhere he touched the tissue withered and died. The man howled in pain and died almost instantly as his companion whirled around but before she could charge, Vlad had lifted the beast man’s corpse one handed and flung it at her. 

It was truly glorious, this new power. What he had thought was the whole of it was only the beginning—every moment he existed more power flowed into him, unknowingly donated from his children across the world and so intense that it threatened to overwhelm his newly formed frame. Instead of mere speed he now stepped through the shadows, appearing behind the piscine mortal. Keeping in mind that he wanted the coat in the best condition possible, he merely reached out and snapped the unfortunate soul’s neck, deftly relieving them of the garment as his victim’s body went limp. 

 Before he could put it on however, the maul came crashing into his backside. It was an impressive blow to be sure—his arm, shoulder, and collarbone were undoubtedly smashed into grinding shards—but he felt almost nothing from it. Vlad turned and as he felt the muscles knitting together, the bones crunching into shape, he applauded politely. The woman stared dumbfounded, the same expression still on her face as he relieved her of the great weapon and crushed her ribcage with it. 

 There was a great whoosh behind him and on instinct Vlad flitted through the shadows again, just in time to see the blinding light of an enormous fireball engulf where he had been standing a moment ago. That must have meant that the coat would be burnt—a pity. Taking a moment to admire the beauty of the unleashed magic, he darted forward and took the mage by the throat, calmly waiting for the life to drain out of her before sinking his teeth into her neck; it wasn’t that he was hungry, but he did have an idle curiosity about whether or not her blood would taste of lightning. 

He wasn’t disappointed.


I apologize again about forgetting to do an update--my head is buried very deep into Mists of Akuma and I was caught off guard by the change to paper weight. No worries though: we are hitting our deadline. :D

Thank you again for backing Hypercorps 2099! You are awesome! :D

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