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Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
158 backers pledged $8,073 to help bring this project to life.

WE HAVE FUNDED!!! Thank you for being awesome! Have artwork!

Posted by Mike Myler (Creator)
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Earlier this evening we reached the initial funding goal of $6,000 thanks to a fantastic group of backers—you fine folks!

There are 2 WEEKS LEFT to the funding period and we've got a lot of ground to cover for stretch goals; on top of what you can see on the project page right now there are locales to be written by Thurston Hillman, Scott Gladstein, Jason Sonia, and Tim Hitchcock, parts of the world that we DEFINITELY want to see become integral to Hypercorps 2099!


To celebrate this seminal milestone I rapidly messaged all the artists currently at task and they sent over their Works-in-Progress.

First up: Adventures with Rollin Kunz

Rollin is in the concept stages for two pieces, one for each of the adventures that release when the funding period ends in two weeks (Chillville or Thrillville? and Specimens in Centralia). I met Rollin at Gen Con and was immediately hooked on his style—something I'm happy to report was an excellent instinct to follow up on! 

See for yourself in the two scenes below: operators fighting off some Giganotz bikers on the back roads of Pennsylvania and an unsuspecting group of hackers in a retro arcade on the Hypernet!

Nathanael's Visual Timeline

No matter what RPG book on superheroes you pick up, there's one irrefutable truth they all share: the timeline is very, very important. With that in mind one of Nathanael's full-page pieces is devoted to that section of the book, a way for us to visually tell the story of demigrants arriving on Earth and the rise of the hypercorporations in the centuries that followed. We had some tete-a-tete about the lighting but Nathanael's a dedicated artist who knows how to translate ideas to illustration—you can easily tell that by how ominous this hypercorp executive looks as he surveys the events of the distant past!


I can't even.




Let's make all of this amazing happen and unlock stretch goals like Claudio's cover artwork!!!

Scream about how awesome this project is on Twitter! Gush on Facebook over the incredible artwork coming along (LOOK AT THAT ROBODRAGON AUUUGH PLEASE PLEASE AUUUUUGH!) Spread the word on Tumblr if you..tumble! 

Let everyone know that this project is FUNDED and now we're making it even more awesome than it already is!

AND THANK YOU FOR BACKING! We would not be here without your support!

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    1. Mike Myler 8-time creator on

      Yes! I love Indi's work and she will just wreck some cyberpunk pieces, and what Michael has together for hyper magic so far is excellent!

    2. Michael Schell on

      Halle-freaking-leujah! I knew it would happen, now let's get cracking on some stretch goals!

    3. Mike Myler 8-time creator on

      Nathanael's sure to delete this off his imgur soon, but *right now* you can get a look at a cleaner shot of the Muzchiny Zhivotnykh vs. Donnerkrieger and the first effects of the tachyon flux over here: