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Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
158 backers pledged $8,073 to help bring this project to life.

Two dozen percent more and we'll fund! Pictures!

Posted by Mike Myler (Creator)
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We're accruing more momentum with each day and have gone past 3/4ths funding! 

Thank you all for backing the project and helping make Hypercorps 2099 a success!

Some backers are keen to spread the word further and I'm keen to help, so we've got seven different photos here all sized for Facebook profile pictures (that little square on the upper left hand part of the screen).

If you're not keen to do that but still want to let people know about Hypercorps 2099, there's also this one for a more direct approach, or the images after it for something a little lighter. :D

There's still over three weeks left to the campaign but I know we all want this to be as impressive as possible, so make sure your friends are aware of the awesome free stuff on the Kickstarter page and spread the word far and wide! 

And hey -- if you missed the Q&A on #RPGNetchat the other night, you can read the whole thing here!

That's it for now folks! Can't wait to unlock the cyberhand pledge level later this week! :D

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    1. Michael Schell on

      Yeah, depending on how things go, I may just try and run a scenario of this or the setting it inspired me to create next year at Anthrocon.

    2. Mike Myler 8-time creator on

      It was already well underway when I was a kid, but cyberpunk movies always stood out even then. It's just so vivid and alive and vibrant and gritty and *good*! Everything about Hypercorps 2099's creation has been sublime so far and I'm stoked folks are digging it. One of our writers (Savannah Broadway) is actually the editor for IZ 2.0 so we're looking forward to some good moments of confluence.

      Over the years I've had a few runners in the shadows (most notably "Decapitron"), but bringing in supers into cyberpunk fantasy has been even more exhilarating than expected and it definitely brings a new scope of play to the game that lends itself to the kind of tension cyberpunk generates.

      Woooot Pennsylvania ftw! :D

    3. Michael Schell on

      I was born in the summer of '72 so the 80s were my childhood and that's when cyberpunk first came into prominence. It's been with me ever since. This is one of the better hacks of the genre I have seen with the one being Interface Zero out of Gun Metal Games. From the look of what I see so far it seems this is closer to a d20 version of Shadowrun I have seen and Shadowrun was A LOT of fun to play with. I am reading the article now and kudos on making firearms simple weapons. And of course you're going to be doing something in PA, greetings from Philly.