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Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
Hypercorps 2099 takes your Pathfinder RPG or 5th Edition game and turns it into an adrenaline-filled cyberpunk superhero fantasy game!
158 backers pledged $8,073 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Woooo! I used Kathmandu in the end of Heroes of the Hypernet (the big backer campaign) and it worked great. Being able to spontaneously open portals to spill monsters onto the map = awesome (also their reaction to the "elemental police" was pretty excellent). Keep us informed on how it goes!!! :D

    2. Jamie Van Lengen

      Got it! Thank you for your help. Looking at Kathmandu for a first adventure. I may use a couple of the operators for NPCs. Keeping notes since this will happen next spring after our current DM is done with their Pathfinder adventure path book.

    3. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Jamie -- I'm told a PDF has been sent to you! :)

    4. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Darnation -- I've sent a request up to Legendary Games to get you a PDF sent and it should be along soon (I transferred the file ownership back to them about a week ago so can't send it myself).
      I am uber happy you like the book! ^_^
      Where are you thinking about taking them? One of the locations in the Hyper World chapter or elsewhere? Any plans to use various operators?

    5. Jamie Van Lengen

      Still looking through the book, but already have plans for a campaign. Looking good so far.

    6. Jamie Van Lengen

      I got a Primer that was only 21 pages and the other four books, but not the full Hypercorps book.

    7. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      WOOO! How do you like it? As awesome as you expected? More awesome? Slightly less awesome but more cool? :D

      Hrm -- you *should* have gotten several e-mails a while ago from DriveThruRPG for all the PDFs (Thrillville or Killville, Specimens in Centralia, and the Hypercorps 2099 rulebook) sent to the e-mail address on your Kickstarter account (which is the same as it is in my records). Check your spam folder (and any instances of DriveThru RPG or "hyper" maybe) and if you still can't find them, e-mail me at and we'll put a request in queue to Legendary Games.

    8. Jamie Van Lengen

      I received my hardcopy yesterday, but I cannot find that I ever received the pdf. Would it have a different title or did I read the description wrong on the level I backed at, Infamous Operator?

    9. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Woowoo! Enjoy it sir! :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Bernie Rominski on

      Received my copy yesterday. Anxious to get into it. Congratulations, folks!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Nick pater

      Every word truth. Thankful

    12. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      LG has jumped on top of fulfilling rewards and you should have PDFs waiting for you imminently if not already! E-mail me at if you can't find them. :)

    13. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Sorry about the wait Nick!

      I thought were were all ready to go and that Legendary Games had given me the thumbs up about distributing the PDFs last week, but apparently there was some miscommunication or interfering force majeure -- I have e-mailed them and asked for a concrete day when they'll be sending out PDFs. When I hear back I'll post right here.

      My apologies.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nick pater

      Sorry mike
      Nothing turned up over the weekend. Do I just be patient as I can do that, thanks

    15. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Not at all, Nick! Thank you for backing Hypercorps 2099. :D

    16. Missing avatar

      Nick pater

      Thanks Mike

      If things don't turn up I will contact you on Monday. Thanks and good weekend.

    17. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Also, Nick: I found out why that might be! The e-mail address I *had* for you ended in ".me", not the current e-mail address in your Kickstarter profile (I may have recorded it incorrectly or it could have changed since I first compiled backer info). Again, sorry about the delay!

      60 folks have responded to the second survey, all that information has been analyzed, and Legendary Games has received what they need to start fulfilling digital rewards so -- BE READY FOR A HYPER WEEKEND!!!! :D

    18. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Sorry for the inconvenience Nick!

      Where are you sending emails to? The address for Hypercorps 2099 is

      $25 level backers just had their adventure surveys processed and you'll get your PDFs (for you I have the Hypercorps 2099 5E and Specimens in Centralia for 5E) within the next day or two -- the higher level backers are doing their surveys now (sent invites to it yesterday) and we begin fulfilling those rewards tonight or tomorrow (two months ahead of schedule -- probably tomorrow so more people have time to answer the survey). :)

      Sorry for any confusion!

    19. Missing avatar

      Nick pater

      Emails keep bouncing back. Never received any PDFs from the 25 dollars level- any help please

    20. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      He is not alone, Patrick! I'm looking into a post-KS pre-order thingy but it won't be up and running until the end of October, I reckon. You will get a message from me whenever it is available! :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Patrick Trapp

      Hey, a friend missed the deadline but wants to back the project. How can he participate?

    22. Adam Matherly

      Well of course they avoided rules treatment thus far, they don't call it a Ghost Drive for nothing. ;) I didn't give much thought to a paladin in this setting. Poor pally. But indeed congratulations are deserved. This is going to be worn out at my table. Lol

    23. Michael Schell on

      Ya still made the $8K threshold in the end. Congrats, Mr. Myler, I look forward to seeing what is going to be the final product regardless of how it turns out.

    24. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Thanks! James Lewis swooped in at the very last minute and pushed us back over $8k so a huge thanks goes out to him! We're going to have an awesome (hyper) campaign. :D

      But thanks goes out to the 156 other backers as well! You folks are fantastic and we are going to make an AMAZING book!!!

    25. AAW Games on

      Congratulations Mike!

    26. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      10 MINUTES LEFT!

    27. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Ah, so sneaky they've avoided rules treatment so far? I'll give it some thought and see how much space we have after I've got all my numbers but we'll definitely put it into queue (and remember those ideas, I think you're on to something there), along with explanations for how to interpret traditional classes and races for Hypercorps 2099 (aka "Plight of the Paladin" ;D).

    28. Adam Matherly

      Can't wait to use these rules to their full potential! :) As far as the Cyber Ninja goes, droping poison use for a drone or some technological device. While altering or adding ninja talents that would compliment a ninja for a future setting. Something that opposes the Cyber Samurai but if have to, they can play nice. Perhaps the piece of tech can be a "Ghost Drive" that in conjunction with their ki can give them an edge in situations. Perhaps like a cloaking device or something to alter their apperance. Cyber Ninja don't exist because they make sure they don't stand out.

    29. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Speaking of art, Nathanael's been making progress with some of his pieces!
      Metronome (a member of Soldier Corps):
      Proletariat with more color:
      Torius (nearly finished):
      Lady Atom (Marie Curie, nearly finished):

    30. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      One of our top tier backers has removed their pledge but we aren't abandoning Claudio's cover art - I will do my very best to come up with what we are short out of my own funds in order to make that happen.

    31. Chris Zank on

      I only added the inserts. ignore my comment before.

    32. Chris Zank on

      I just added the phone app and the inserts to my pledge. What does the app do?

    33. Mike Myler 7-time creator on


    34. Michael Schell on

      Just a few more hours till it funds and then the d20 version of Shadowrun I've dreamed for will come true.

    35. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Also I forgot to show some love for the 5E crowd in the last update! My apologies, folks; you can get your 5E Murderball rules right over here -->…

    36. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      We're only 2 hours away from the last day of the Kickstarter and $100 away from Claudio's cover artwork! I am so excited to unlock that and get our robodragon!

    37. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      @Adam: That's a good question! I think that a cyber ninja is already extremely close to a ninja ninja. What would you think it needs? Right now I'd just suggest a little bit of Hyper Score but I'm open to other ideas. Maybe drop a class element (many ninja talents, likely) for a single drone or something? Leave some comments in that google doc! Stoked that you like what is there so far!

      @Michael: I knowwwwwwwwwwwww! I WANT THAT ROBODRAGON SO BAD I CAN TASTE METAL IN MY MOUTH! McCarthy's prepping the hyper magic chapter (which I reckon we're going to hit) but if we don't get there now we'll make that his first item in the product line. :D

      @Russel: I'm certain it will! Here's hoping it brings in a whole truckload of them. ;)

    38. Russell Ventimeglia

      The 48 hour notices go out soon. Hopefully it brings in a wave of pledges!

    39. Michael Schell on

      OK, a little more than $300 till the next stretch goal.I hope some of the stretch goal return as splatbooks. A magic book would be entirely appropriate for this. And if this takes off post campaign it will be nice to see if there will be a M&M conversion although I may have to look at what I have for M&M do my own conversion first.

    40. Adam Matherly

      Dang it, I missed the Q&A. I was going to ask if Cyber Ninja archetype will make it among other things. lol Though the current three archetypes are just plain awesome.

    41. Michael Schell on

      Heh, I am purposefully avoiding the next two APs due to the location and subject matter but I am looking forward to Strange Aeons and what it can offer to, ahem, enhance this setting. But if nothing else I am a huge Lovecraft fan.

    42. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      Aye between Ultimate Intrigue and the horror stuff we are in an extremely good place for synergy with the current and upcoming Paizo lines. Savannah Broadway's locale and Kathmandu will fit very nicely indeed! :D

    43. Michael Schell on

      I'm sure he would at that. I can only imagine what will go down next year since Horror Adventures and Strange Aeons were announced at GenCon this year. But I'm a big Lovecraft fan.

    44. Mike Myler 7-time creator on

      @Steven: Awesome! Thank you! Also check your KS inbox sir -- I've got the ball rolling on your other (secret!) question. :)

      @Adam: Don't be bashful with the questions! Remember that we *are* doing that LIVE Q&A on Friday night (October 2nd!) at 8 PM EST!!! :D
      1) You can play a psionic class but a sidebar about granting powers and power points seems like a spot on idea for the hypernaut (or parallel) or possibly an additional hyper route. I'll definitely keep that in mind when the dust has settled, but to be 100% honest I think it is in sidebar territory (because making it integral means there's pressure on the GM to own or be familiar with psionics from the get-go, not as a possible addition to the game; with the Spheres of Power there'll be reprinting but we can do that in far more economical fashion than we can psionics).
      2) Occult Adventures has some interesting stuff, much of which I bet we'll find use for in here!
      3) Those sound cool! I feel like I've seen some of LAIN (right? I feel like it had capital letters in the title) and BPP sounds familiar. Should make for a good campaign!
      4) Spheres of Power is excellent! If you don't spend that on more Hypercorps 2099 it is a great addition to the game and a wonderful way to approach non-Vancian magic. :)

      @Michael: You know Edgar Allan Poe is getting some levels in occult classes. You know it.

    45. Adam Matherly

      I've been racking my brain about making a horror setting with this system. I was teetering between Occult and Psionics but Occult would be a better fit since it too doesn't require materials for spells so to speak. The two things that came to mind about the horror campaign were two animes. One called Serial Experiments Lain and the other being Boogie Pop Phantom. Just something like a mind bender. As a band of strangers try to figure out what connects them to a slew of murders(or suicides, haven't decided yet) and the mysterious ghost girl that seems to appear after said events. Might add an individual into the plot proclaiming to be from the future and tries to help the PCs the best they can without altering the time line too badly. Random thoughts that have started to form somewhat of a cohesive whole over the past few days. lol

      I was wondering about Spheres of Power. I've seen it around drivethrurpg but always put it on the backburner of books to get. I have a couple of bucks and was thinking on my next purchase. I imagine it would be a worthwhile investment. Just haven't talk myself into yet. lol

    46. Michael Schell on

      Occult Adventures would be interesting. I know I am looking into doing something with that myself by converting some of the classes to Spheres of Power.

    47. Adam Matherly

      Actually thinking about it, maybe on the line with occult adventures.

    48. Adam Matherly

      I was wondering if there would be alternative rules for replacing the words of power with the psionics rules from Dreamscarred or even a fabled psionic eighth path that deals with machines and or manipulating the hypernet not just with hacking. Kind of like a ghost in the machine sort of thing if that makes sense. Sorry for all the questions lol

    49. Missing avatar

      Steven Caron on

      Awesome, thank you! Pledge upped to $119 for both versions then!

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