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In this holy decopunk world goodness reigns supreme and you are either evil (tearing it down) or good (preserving and protecting it)!
In this holy decopunk world goodness reigns supreme and you are either evil (tearing it down) or good (preserving and protecting it)!
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WE ARE FUNDED! :D Stretch Goal #1 - Shadow of the Demon Lord!

Posted by Mike Myler (Creator)


We have reached the funding goal for the project! With 3 days left to unlock stretch goals, Linrandir is the 137th backer and the pledge to put us over the edge! Thanks to you folks we are over the biggest hurdle and the Kickstarter is going to be a success! THANK YOU ALL! <3 

BoED/BoCH Playtest

I felt like today was going to be the day and this morning set up some tasks for the design team to get to work on elements of the playtest we know they want to write. Michael McCarthy is polishing some of the Spheres of Askis, Savannah Broadway is working on the heresy paladin, rebel bard, and evil spells, and Luis Loza is getting into the dark transformation prestige classes--and last night I put most of the Book of Celestial Heroes' mechanics down though they still need polished. In short, the first version of the playtest will be ready next week. :D

Design Meeting on Twitch

Next we'll get a design meeting and I think I'd like to do it on Twitch so you folks can be more involved. We know most of the details of the world already but the production team needs to get together to discuss the themes and so on for mechanics, the focus this or that section should have, potential quests and other specifics for the spheres. So long as all of the crew is comfortable with it that's what we'll be doing for this book--stay tuned in to project updates if that sounds like a fun time!

STRETCH GOAL #1: Shadow of the Demon Lord conversion

 Also a bit fortuitously, earlier today the Mists of Akuma conversion for the Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG was released as a PDF! I really enjoy the game that Robert Schwalb has made and with its bent towards evil, there's no better candidate for where to take the Book of Exalted Darkness (and Book of Celestial Heroes) next! After this stretch goal we're going to go after some content but anyone out there hoping for a Pathfinder supplement should keep an eye on this project because with enough of the Demon Lord's minions with us we may yet get to that! 

THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN! I am SO EXCITED to get to work on this book and order a truckload of artwork from Indi! You are all great! <3

That's it for the project update! Tomorrow I'll include some details on another Sphere of Askis but until then, let's all take a second to bask in the awesomeness that we now know is coming down the line and imagine the great evil escapades soon to grace our tables. ;)

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