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In this holy decopunk world goodness reigns supreme and you are either evil (tearing it down) or good (preserving and protecting it)!
In this holy decopunk world goodness reigns supreme and you are either evil (tearing it down) or good (preserving and protecting it)!
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Killer 1st Week, the Book of Celestial Heroes [Backer Goal], and Mad Scientists!

Posted by Mike Myler (Creator)


What a great first week! We’re 70% funded and sure to start knocking down stretch goals thanks to the 95--ninety-five!--of you that have pledged! Thank you all so much! 

Since we’re getting up close to it, I think it’s high time I announced the first backer goal: 120, an appropriately holy number to talk about the Book of Celestial Heroes!


(D&D 5E; Publishing Date Q3 2018)  

The Celestial Heroes vanquished corruption and built a holy utopia with their spoils but now after centuries of rule their immortality wanes--they are finally succumbing to both old age or the last agents of true evil in the world, felled by the plots and schemes of mad scientists that have finally seen machinations that have been in play for decades bear bloody fruit.  

The adventurers are charged with protecting these luminaries of civilization and to do what must be done to supplant their majestic works, the 9 Spheres of Askis, insuring that prosperity continues well into the future while stamping out the last of the malevolence plaguing the world! As a new age dawns, the party will rise to become the new Celestial Heroes.  

What you’ll find in the Book of Celestial Heroes:  

  • THE HOLY DECOPUNK UTOPIA OF ASKIS and its three continents: contiguous Ouranios, Samovi, and Zakuthombo.
  • THE 9 SPHERES OF ASKIS, great workings of the Celestial Heroes that rule over the world. By undertaking epic quests the PCs will solidify these global magics, making certain they last long after their creators pass away.  
  • INAEQUA EQUIPMENT like automobiles, blimps, and even jetpacks!  
  • CELESTIAL CHARACTER OPTIONS with the new hero class (adventurers with a deep connection to enchanted items that better define them, a touch of godhood, the love of the people, or a slayer of monsters), class archetypes, feats, spells, divine paths for the truly devout, and magic items to give holy PCs an edge in their fight against evil!  
  • MAD SCIENTISTS AND VILE MONSTERS for the party to hunt down and fight against!  

For every bit iniquitous, nefarious, and wicked the Book of Exalted Darkness is, the Book of Celestial Heroes is just as illuminating, redeeming, and uplifting. Etch out your heroes’ place in history by protecting the divine gifts blessing the world, achieving a true utopia for the rest of time!    

Why is the release date so far away?  
(TLDR; Originally this was a stretch goal but I’ve moved things around so we can reach it as a backer goal--earlier in the Kickstarter rather than later.)
Many people have been asking for a "good" version of Book of Exalted Darkness that they can pledge to and I hate to disappoint so I reviewed the art schedule and think there’s a way to make it happen with the budget as it stands, it just won’t be soon because all the non-illustrative work (conversions, new material, layout, etc.) is on me and not as a contract gig (ie payment up-front for bills and such). While I’m not afraid of doing work, I can’t reliably predict the job market so I might get 20 hours in a month to work on Book of Celestial Heroes, I might get 5. On top of that my RPG work availability is going to shrink in October as I move to a new country and take on a new job.
I have no doubts whatsoever that I can maintain my regular output and get this new book done by the second half of next year (even with disaster and other terrible things stopping me from getting to it) so that’s when the release date is set (although to be honest I expect to deliver it far earlier than that). Oddly enough, the more funding the project has (including stretch goals) the more time I’ll have to work on it, and before June 17th I will have a more concrete (closer) release date. 

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to make a PDF to preview Book of Celestial Heroes, but I’ll try and polish the Hero class enough to get copy worthwhile for you all to take a look at. Until then though, I’ve got a Simon Belmont (Castlevania) D&D 5E build over on my website (using the “slayer” heroic archetype as opposed to the enchanted warrior, mythic, or people's champion). I do have something on deck though--read onward! 

When the project has reached 120 pledges, we're going to open up the pledge levels for this book and make it available as an add-on!


There’s another build on my website worth taking a look at--The Joker statted up as a mad scientist! I’ve finished the copy for this class (which, thanks to all the chirurgical procedures, is really too big for a freebie thing) and after a couple of passes editing it myself, some peer critique, and getting some art assets sorted I’ll get this through layout. 

That’s it for now though folks! 

Please share the project on Facebook (maybe like the BoED Facebook page!), Twitter, Google +, friendly local game stores, or wherever else you hang out, and let your friends know that there will soon be an option for backers that want Askis without all the evil--and they can help bring it to fruition with a $1 pledge to increase later when the backer goal is unlocked! 

THANK YOU for pledging to the Kickstarter 

This was an exciting week and I cannot wait to reveal all the awesome things we’ve got planned for the rest of the project! You are all great! :D

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