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Recipes for the Dead: An Indie Comic Book Project's video poster

Recipes for the Dead is a independent mini-comic that can be funded by you if you like steampunk, cookies, and gorgeous manga art. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 3, 2010.

Recipes for the Dead is a independent mini-comic that can be funded by you if you like steampunk, cookies, and gorgeous manga art.

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Issue 1 will be funded! Thank you everyone who made this possible (and in such a short amount of time)! I'm overwhelmed with appreciation and happiness at the prospect of this project going live! Thank you all!

From now on, anyone can pledge with trust that they will be accepting their rewards soon. And all extra money will go into making extra copies of the comic. If, by some miracle, we collect an extra $500, that money will go into the funding of Issue 2. So keep spreading the news about Recipes for the Dead and thank you again!

--- Hi! I'm Vera Greentea and Recipes for the Dead is a mini-comic written by me. This story will be my first self-published comic book.

Recipes for the Dead is a story about a shy girl named Veronica who bakes her way into the heart of a demon. In this first issue, Veronica takes a recipe cookbook from the recently inhabited old house down the road. After realizing that the recipes aren’t exactly kosher, (and actually they’re from a whole different world altogether), Veronica throws all caution into the wind and starts on a journey to cook each recipe with disastrous results.

Ein Lee is a talented manga artist who evokes the macabre and darkness at will. She will be using her powers for good and evil when drawing Veronica, her delectable recipes and her malevolent foes. She's going to create all new art for the book!

I hope to self-publish the 16-20 page story by October. The $750 will help me pay Ein and cover some of the printing costs. The goal is to have the PDF at the printer by early September and have the books in hand by October. I will post sketches, updates and notes from the story on Veronica's blog to which anyone can get the password just by donating $1.

In October, I will be going to the comic con armed with Recipes for the Dead books and Veronica’s fresh baked cookies. I hope to see you guys there! If you see me there, just mention that you know me from the kickstarter page and I will happily give you a cookie and talk to you.

Thanks so much for reading this! I hope you decide to contribute!

Yours sincerely, Vera Greentea


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    This contribution grants you access to Veronica’s blog, who will fill you in the details of her life, err... book.

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    Pledge $5 or more

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    I will give you the previous reward and a full-resolution cover-to-cover PDF of the book.

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    Pledge $10 or more

    20 backers

    Guarantees your signed copy of the comic book as soon as it's available, as well as the PDF and blog access!

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    Pledge $30 or more

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    All the previous awards plus your generosity will be acknowledged in the credits of the book. Send me a name and into the book it goes!

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    You will receive a unique necklace displaying a RftD character and a personal hand-written thank you letter from me!

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