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The Georgia Theatre record: Venice is Sinking's third album on vinyl!'s video poster

In May of 2008, we recorded an album at the Georgia Theatre. The Georgia Theatre was destroyed in a fire. Let's make the record and save the Theatre! Read more

Athens, GA Indie Rock
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This project was successfully funded on September 13, 2009.

In May of 2008, we recorded an album at the Georgia Theatre. The Georgia Theatre was destroyed in a fire. Let's make the record and save the Theatre!

Athens, GA Indie Rock
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UPDATE: On the morning of June 19, 2009, the Georgia Theatre was very nearly destroyed by a fire that gutted the whole building. It was a beautiful, historic building that had just gone extensive renovations, and it was an important landmark to the Athens music scene.

Obviously, we are emotionally (and financially) tied to the building because we recorded our third album there, the one that we are raising money for right here! Wilmot Greene, the owner of the Theatre, helped finance this project, so we feel beholden to him. Details are still very sketchy about rebuilding the Georgia Theatre and if it's even possible, but we want to do whatever we can.

We still want to make this record. In fact, we want to make it now more than ever! It stands as a document of the wonderful acoustics of an old building that will never be heard again. You can hear the Theatre in our album. It's as much a player on the recording as we are!

So, let's consider this a fundraiser for the Theatre and not for us. We're not gonna make a penny off this. All of the rewards still stand, and we'll still make the album, but let's try to go way over the 3000 bucks! Every cent of profit from this site will go toward the Wil, the Georgia Theatre, and the staff who treated us with such kindness and professionalism while we engaged in our experiment there. It's not just about the building; it's about the jobs of the people who work there, too.

We don't know how much we can pull in or what kind of difference these efforts will make, but we owe a lot to Wil and the Theatre. We don't even know if this is the appropriate response, but it's what feels right.

We'll keep you updated with our efforts.

All the best,
Venice is Sinking


Hi! We're Venice is Sinking, a five-piece band from Athens, GA. We need help pressing our third album onto vinyl, so we are coming to y'all for financial support. See, we just released our second album AZAR a few months ago, and we're a bit tapped out as far as money goes. However, we always thought it would be neat to release two albums in one year, like Bruce Springsteen's one-two punch of "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town".

We recorded this as-yet-untitled third album at the Georgia Theater here in Athens for a week last year. It was recorded by David Barbe, who has worked with all sorts of folks like The Drive-By Truckers and Son Volt. He was also in Sugar, one of our favorite bands ever. Super-engineer Andy Lemaster also helped out for a few songs. The album was recorded live to 1/4" tape with only live mixing. We used two omnidirectional microphones only, in much the same manner as the Cowboy Junkies recorded "The Trinity Sessions", though our record is significantly more rocking. There was not mixing after the fact and no tweaking in ProTools or anything beyond mastering. What you hear on this record is exactly what happened. It was a tough experiment, and it required a lot of takes and a lot of scotch to get through the process, but we think you'll be pleased with the results. We certainly are! It's not like a lot of records out there. It's not exactly live, but it's not exactly studio either. We can't wait to hear what people think!

This is where you come in. We think it will take around 3000 bucks to press 1000 of the album on vinyl (based on estimates we've gotten), though it might be a tad more. Better to reach this goal and get extra than miss out on the entire shebang! We've decided to forego CDs for this one and stick to the ol' fashioned stuff. The album really demands to be an album. This would be our first vinyl record!

We've got lots of great rewards for you. For $20, you can basically pre-order the album. We'll ship it to you as soon as we get them in! For $75 you can have our entire catalog plus a Velvet Doodle colored by a band member! You heard that right! A Velvet Doodle! And for $10,000, we'll name an album after you. And kiss you on the mouth! We are not kidding!

Once again, thank you so much for your support. Check back here for updates!


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    Satisfaction of a job well done. And access to all updates on this site!

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    All of the above plus a good quality digital (320 MP3 or similar) version of the album two weeks before release date. But, of course, you should probably listen to it on vinyl.

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    All of the above plus the album on glorious vinyl, shipping included. It will be shipped to you within two weeks of the release date.

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    All of the above plus one of our old albums and a t-shirt. Oh, and we'll sign whatever you want.

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    All of the above plus a Velvet Doodle hand-colored by a member of the band.

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    All of the above, plus the rest of our catalog, including the rare Chinese version of "Sorry About the Flowers", which has extra songs and a Chinese lyric sheet.

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    All of the above (while supplies last on the Chinese CD), plus we open up the vaults to you. You get all of the live material and alternate takes you desire. Think of it like the Beatles Anthology, but BETTER. Also, we'll put your name in the thanks section of the liner notes!

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    All of the above, plus you get to name a song on our next album (not this one). Nothing filthy or naughty unless it's a funny, Grandma-don't-get-it kind of naughty. We need some options here, too. If you want to call a song "Mr. Mittens", we're probably not going to allow that. Okay, actually, "Mr. Mittens" isn't so bad. But you get what we are saying. Come up with a number of options and we'll pick the one we like the best.

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    You get all of the physical stuff above, plus we will learn a cover song of your choosing and post us performing it on YouTube, just for you. We'll send you an MP3, too, if we can figure out how to do that. You will have rights to this performance and distribute it as you see fit.

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    You get all of our catalog, the merch, the name in the liner notes, etc. PLUS, we'll come play a show within 8 hours of Athens, GA, just for you and whoever you want. We'll even learn a song or two you might want to hear.

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    Pledge $1,500 or more

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    You'll get the physical stuff, the vaults, the name in the liner notes, etc. and we'll play a show for you, AND we'll come to your house (within 3 hours drive of Athens, GA) and do lawn work for you. Jeremy is a landscaper, so he knows what he's doing. Also, Daniel's a landscape architect, so he can offer planting suggestions or something.

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    All of the physical stuff and the media above, and we will write and record a song about whatever you want (within reason). We'll send it to you, too, and we'll release it as a digital single. No limit on this! Buy more than one!

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    You get all of the tangible stuff above, plus we will etch your name (or some Grandma-safe phrase) in the vinyl itself. That means your name will be on the plates used to make the records. Your name will live on in perpetuity in people's record collections (and subsequent yard sales).

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    Pledge $10,000

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    Okay, pretty much, you'll get everything and we will name our next album after you or something. We have no idea. We will play a show for you. We will make you sandwiches. Someone in the band will probably kiss you on the mouth. Certainly someone will faint. Let's talk!

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