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This project is a file/PDF for a high-resolution, printable map in both old school module blue and white, as well as, parchment color.
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Basically, this is a continuation of the first S'rulyan Vault which funded on Kickstarter just over a year ago:

The S'rulyan Vault II is more of the same... but different.  Obviously, there will be a totally new dungeon layout with lots of interesting things going on.  The files can be printed off so you've got one massive map or four quadrants in order to easily mix and match them with each other and the previous S'rulyan Vault.

This is the DriveThruRPG product listing for the original S'rulyan Vault:

Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design will be doing the cartography, layout, and file preparation.

As for the accompanying PDF full of useful random tables and such for creating and running your own damn megadungeon!  On the fly, if you wish.  Here's an example from Draconic Magazine:

Yes, I'll be providing easy, fun ways for making any existing dungeon or one that you have inside your head, more...

1.  Interesting

2.  Awesome

3.  Weird

4.  Gonzo

So, what's different about this mega-map?  It's older!  You can see the effects of massive age, what's happened to it over the aeons... tectonic planes shift and dungeons built over fault-lines crack, break, and start to disintegrate... and that's before dark magic of insane sorcerers affects the dungeon!

The S'rulyan Vault II will also be more dense, more going on - both crumbling and occasionally jagged dungeon walls and tunnels/caverns with viscous, chartreuse subterranean lakes.

Want to know who I am?  You can see a snap-shot of Venger As'Nas Satanis, the High Priest of Kort'thalis Publishing, here:

Any questions?  Please ask!

Fulfillment provided by DriveThruRPG, though backers preferring Dropbox will be accommodated.


Stretch Goal

$2,000  -  All backers will receive a separate 5 - 7 page PDF called The Purple Islands.  I'm working on several "lost world" kind of jungle hexcrawl random tables for helping the GM run jungle exploration.  

Here's a rough draft of just one table I've been working on:

Risks and challenges

Glynn and I have done this many times before, so we're old pros and won't let you down.

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    Just This One (Vault #2)

    You get the files to print out your own dungeon in both white/blue and parchment color. Additionally, you'll receive a 10 - 12 page PDF containing several random tables for making your dungeoncrawl even more awesome!

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    The S'rulyan Vault I & II

    At this tier, you get both the original S'rulyan Vault files and this new one.

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