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Cha'alt is an OSR / D&D 5e science-fantasy, eldritch, gonzo, post-apocalyptic campaign world focusing on The Great Pyramid megadungeon.
300 backers pledged $10,736 to help bring this project to life.

Beneath Kra'adumek

Posted by Venger Satanis (Creator)

Since the KS funding is an uphill battle at the moment (Wisconsin is right in the middle of that polar vortex you might have read about), schools shut down and I'm in full-on Dad mode, I'm doing something unexpected...

Glynn suggested releasing Beneath Kra'adumek for all (that means all the backers and non-backers, too) in hopes of gaining some ground.  I think that could just be the purple ticket we need.  If Cha'alt doesn't fund, I don't think my wife is going to let me take another pass at it.

Without further ado, here are the files...

Colour                                   :     !Asryxq7YIiBZhMsAAq1vvfh8Y2ojkQ

Print-friendly                     :     !Asryxq7YIiBZhMsDmE2BPiCcvhx8Zw

Map (numbered)             :     !Asryxq7YIiBZhMofSHFU3Alra3uomQ

Map (un-numbered)      :     !Asryxq7YIiBZhMogs8HmX2TKm5ea2w

The whole stat-block debate hasn't been finalized, but we needed to get a version down on the document in order to make it happen at all.  So, it's version #3.  Give it some time and... assuming we somehow reach our 10k goal, let me know in a couple weeks how you feel about it.  



p.s. It should go without saying that these last few days are crucial regarding KS funding.  So, anything you can do to raise awareness and get people excited about Cha'alt would be much appreciated.  Thank you!  I very much appreciate all the support I've already received.  You guys are TEH AWESOME!!!

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    1. Venger Satanis 17-time creator on

      Awesomeness works in mysterious ways, hoss. The Duke of Dork hath spoken! Also, thanks. Glad you like it. I'll try to work in a few improvement tweaks over the weekend, based on backer feedback. ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Lionheart on

      DORK!!! You should have released this Day 1 on the First Page! It's awesome! I am so glad its there now. It's EXACTLY what prospective backers want to see. And its very cool stuff. I would absolutely hack this into Dead God Excavation!! In fact, DGE is PERFECTOMUNDO as the gateway for PCs to wander into Cha'alt. But your still a dork dork dork dork!!!

    3. Venger Satanis 17-time creator on

      Yes, all the maps will have a player-facing version! Thanks, guys. I'm still expecting this to go gang-busters in the last 36 hours. And I've got lots of work to do!

    4. Dorsey Bisel

      Venger, I put in an extra $100. Luck! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Marc Gillham on

      And I expect VTT/player friendly maps in the PDFs for that. ;-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Marc Gillham on

      Okay, balls to wall it is. I'm going to throw in an extra $25 to get this bad boy over the line.

    7. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      This looks great. Thanks for sharing.

    8. Venger Satanis 17-time creator on

      I'm afraid I can't do that, Marc. It's now or never, do or die, all-in or fold!

      @Thilo: Glad you're pleased. I agree!

    9. Missing avatar

      Thilo on

      Key-less maps! Praise be to the elder ones!! :D You made me a very happy backer! If the complex has secret doors, please make sure that there are walls there in the player-friendly maps.

      And took a gander at the content you shared...oh BOY! It looks frickin' amazing!!! This.Needs.To.Happen!

    10. Missing avatar

      Marc Gillham on

      Venger, you mustn't let this not fund. That looks not good in the future. You must cancel the KS before you get to that point, that looks a lot better on the record. Also just scraping over the line sounds like you will end up in trouble both financially and with Mrs Venger.

      Better to regroup and retry later in the year, after you have some sample material to share and have done the charm offensive and spent
      a couple of months building awareness. The bottom line is this was not the best choice of time to spirng something no one had any idea was coming. Most people are strapped for cash at this time of year.